Working Visa: What the Applicant and the Sponsor Need to Know

Employment Visa in Utah

Employment Visa in UtahForeign nationals who want to live and work in the country need to obtain an employment visa. There are different types of employment visas and the right one depends on the type of work the applicant is about to undertake.

Qualifications for Visa

In most cases, the company or the employer will sponsor the applicant. It is important for the foreigner to maintain employment with the company to keep the visa or working permit valid. In case the business closes, the person granted with visa will lose the employment status.

The requirements for qualification, of course, depend on the type of visa the applicant is pursuing. The foreigner, for the most part, needs to meet specific employment descriptions. Work visa attorneys in Utah note that the main requirements include proof of employment, certification from the employer, immigration documents, and security clearance.

Sponsorship for Visa

Acquiring sponsorship from a company means that the applicant will enter the country with a sponsored visa, also known as H–1B visa. This permits a foreign national to work legally in the US based on the criteria set by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. It is also important to note that sponsored employees need to have at least a bachelor’s degree.

The employer may also sponsor an applicant for permanent residency based on the job offer. The process involved acquiring an Application for Permanent Labor Certification and Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker form (filed by the employer). The employer may sponsor an applicant who is inside or outside the country.

The applicant may also qualify for one of more EB visa or employment-based immigrant visa categories, such as:

  • EB1 – for priority workers (scientists, professors, researchers)
  • EB2 – for those with advanced academic degree
  • EB3 – for skilled professionals
  • EB4 – for religious ministers, media, and other professionals
  • EB5 – for investors

Buhler Thomas Law, P.C. says those applying for a working visa or sponsoring an applicant need to acquire legal help. This is because the qualification and process can be complicated to handle alone.