Why Your Office Design Is Important for Productivity

Office WorkplaceIn a study conducted by Thomas Davenport, Sue Cantrell and Bob Thomas at Accenture, about companies that had initiatives in place to support and improve the performance of workers critical to the mission of their organisation, the researchers found out that the value of the physical work environment was always high on the list. They also learned that these ‘high-end knowledge workers’ prefer closed offices but communicate better when they are working in open, collaborative spaces.

This is an example of how the location and design of an office may affect the productivity of the people working in it. Whiteleys Office Furniture shares some of the best reasons you should hire bespoke office interior design services to make your work areas more effective and supportive of your organisation’s image and goals.

Your Office Might be a Health Hazard

Offices with bad lighting, peeling paint, and lots of echo and noise are bad for workers. With enough natural lighting and a classy touch to the décor, your office may keep your employees away from sick days. Of course, cleanliness and the absence of clutter should be part of the package, as well.

Your Office Design Might be ‘Out of Touch’

Even if you build an office that looks modern and fun, if your organisation’s purpose is mostly serious and mature (a law office, for instance) the design may do nothing to help your employees, clients and business partners. When you talk to your designer, always have a purpose in mind that may be reflected in the office design.

You Might be Missing out on Great Talent

The savviest applicants typically Google the companies they are interested in. As a matter of fact, design might be one of the boxes on their checklist of prospects. Talent may be passing you by simply because your old office is turning them off. Design your office to look great for applicants, business partners, clients and suppliers. Whether you agree or not, people form conclusions based on first impressions.

Your Company Values may not be Represented Well

Even if you support working parents, if your office doesn’t have a place for their kids or is not at least kid-friendly, it does not matter. If you employ young talents, but they are kept in cubicles with a ‘Work Quietly’ sign in each one, your office is not inspiring them. Make your office design reflect the values that matter to you. If you support a green working environment but have nothing but white walls and fluorescent lights, that office does not exactly signify your true values.

It is not only about aesthetics for the sake of cosmetic purposes. It is about your office design becoming an extension of what you believe in and represent, and how it supports your people in being happier, more productive and creative.