What Colours should Your Office be In?

office space interior
There is no denying colour is a very personal experience. This is exactly why everyone has his or her own favourite colour and corresponding reasons behind liking it. While an amount of research says that engulfing people in blue can make them more productive, blue is not the only colour worth considering.

It does not have to be limited to the walls either. Brightly coloured furnishings like those offered by commercial furnishing outfitters like Zilo Furniture are great ways to incorporate colour into interior design. First, however, it is important to know what the different colours stand for:


The colour connotes many qualities you would want in your office, including intelligence, trust, efficiency and calmness. This is why it is a top pick for colours in the workplace. Calm, collected but smart sounds nothing less than the ideal office mood.


Is your office extra stressful? Green objects can help restore calmness. This colour is reminiscent of nature and leads the mind back to peace and harmony. If this colour is not appropriate for the entire office, painting relaxation areas green can definitely bolster their effect on tired employees.


Is your office involved in making people happy? Then this colour is perfect. The right shade of yellow on walls will remind people of the sunlight. Furthermore, it can trigger happy memories and turns of mood in the office. This is a great colour if you are looking to make your office a more positive, happier place.


Purple traditionally denotes royalty and this follows in the workplace. Instead of a traditional form of royalty, purple will mean a higher level of thinking. A meeting room is a great spot  to paint in the shade of intelligence.


The colour red is not about being calm and collected – instead, it invigorates and fills people with energy. This boost is great for a pantry or the office kitchen. After a nice lunch, the gleaming red colour will definitely minimise those sleepy afternoon yawns.

Whether it is a full-on office renovation or just an update of some furnishings, using these colours as a guide will definitely help turn people’s moods. Modern office design has gone a long way from its industrialist and boring past. With just the right amount of colour, offices will not just look pretty but can result in better output from employees.