Wedding Checklist: Car Rental Mistakes to Avoid

Wedding Car

Wedding CarA wedding is one event that everyone looks forward to. It is a well-planned occasion and organisers expect it to be perfect up to the smallest detail – the church, reception, food, entourage, etc.

To add glitter and glamour to the occasion, why don’t you hire classic wedding cars? Sunshine Coast has companies like Noosa Woody Hire that offer car rental services for all your needs. Feel free to call or visit them for assistance. 

Meanwhile, here are some mistakes you should avoid when hiring a wedding car:

  • Focusing on the car while neglecting the service

Comfortability and appearance count a lot when choosing a wedding car, but you shouldn’t overlook the service that goes with it. Make sure the car comes with a licensed, experienced, and well-mannered chauffeur. An impolite and undisciplined driver can ruin your day.

  • Rushing a decision

Scout for possible car services at least a year before your wedding, so you’ll have the best choices. You can make the reservations six months before your actual wedding date. Ask for recommendations from family and friends before you finally commit to rent the car.

  • Making price as the deciding factor

Aside from the appearance, check the condition of the car before you commit to rent it. An expensive wedding car can actually be a better option than a cheaper one that looks shabby.

  • Asking a family member to drive you around

Every member of the family wants to be a part of the occasion but not as a chauffeur. Hiring a professional chauffeur is the best option. You’ll feel relaxed and comfortable; and you’ll arrive at the venue safe and without delay.

With weddings, every moment is to be cherished; that’s why it takes a year of planning and preparations to have it materialised. To make your wedding more memorable and meaningful, don’t hesitate to seek the assistance of professional wedding organisers. After all, it’s a once in a lifetime event; you should make the most of it.