Ways to Get Rid of Those Green Eye Sores from your Flat Roof

roofing service in Salt Lake CityFlat roofs are not totally flat. Although it is barely visible, flat roofs are a slightly slanted to prevent water stagnation. Despite its design, it is still prone to having dirt, moss, and algae more than other types of roofs. Here are some ways to keep your flat roof clean and at the same time keeping those green and slimy things out of your roof.

Ways to clean your flat roof (and keep moss and algae out):

Pressure cleaning

Using a pressure cleaner is the easiest (and safest) way to clean your flat roof. You simply need to point the spray wand tip slightly closer to the area you want to be cleaned (about six inches) to get better results. Your property is not the only one that has a flat roof in Salt Lake City, so renting a pressure cleaner if you do not have one won’t be much of a problem. Not only is it environment-friendly, but it is also cost efficient.

Chemical solution

Before using chemical solutions to clean your roof, sweep off lumps of debris, moss, and algae. You can purchase chlorine solution from the market. It takes a shorter time to rinse thus preventing wear and tear from long durations of washing and cleaning. However, one should take necessary precautions as this chemical can have harmful effects on nearby plants and even people. Mixing bleach and water and using it to clean your roof is also one effective way of removing moss and algae.

Manual cleaning

Manual cleaning using soap, brush, and water is among the safest methods to clean your roof, albeit more effortful and time-consuming. Spraying moss-killer on affected areas can make the task easier if you choose to use this method.

The frequently you inspect your flat roof, the easier it would be for you to clean it come autumn. Be observant and always keep your roof in top shape all year round.