Types of SR-22 Certificates

Woman in plaid driving a van

Woman in plaid driving a vanAs you know, mistakes on the road are common. There are however some driving violations that can require you to get SR-22 insurance in some states. These include DUI, reckless driving, and driving with no insurance or a suspended license. Keeping your SR-22 updated and maintaining a clean record are the first steps towards getting your driving privileges reinstated. It’s usually when you’ve had a problematic incident on the road that the state will require this of you, to prove that you are keeping your insurance in good standing.

The SR-22 is not an insurance cover per-se though advanced by car insurance companies in Cicero, IL. This is a form which you fill out as proof to your state that you are sufficiently insured. You will file an SR-22 for several years after a driving violation to verify your insurance standing. Does this confuse you?

Are you familiar with what is commonly known as SR-22 insurance? You may probably have heard of it while applying for a driver’s license and auto insurance, but not entirely aware of what it is and what it’s for. Basically, SR-22 insurance is not really insurance. SR-22 is a form that your insurance provider has to fill out to prove to the government that you are adequately covered by an insurance policy. Commonly, SR-22 is a plan you avail of in which your insurance company files the necessary paperwork informing your state regarding your coverage. They will also keep the state updated about any policy changes or renewals you’ve made.

To get into even more details and clarify things further, here are the different types of SR-22 certificates you can get:

Operator Certificate

This SR-22 option is designed for drivers who rent or borrow a car but do not own one. At times an SR-22 operator’s certificate is called a non-owner’s policy. It is cheaper than other options since there are reduced chances of you driving. In most states, you will need an operator’s insurance to reinstate your driving privileges if your license is suspended.

Owner Certificate

Woman showing her car keysThis is the most common SR-22 certificate. An owner’s certificate is designed for those who own and drive a car. It is more costly compared to the operator’s certificate since you will use your vehicle frequently.

Operator/Owner Certificate

This is a combination of the operator and owner certificates. It gives you immense flexibility since you can rent a car when it is not possible to drive yours. An operator/owner certificate is, however, the most costly among the SR-22 options.

The requirements for filing the above SR-22 certificates differ among states. If for any reason however you allow your insurance to lapse, the insurance provider notifies the state. You could hence face more serious consequences compared to a driver with typical insurance coverage.

Be sure that you take the necessary steps to ensure that you keep your insurance in good standing. If necessary, get in touch with your insurance provider to make sure. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.