Three Ways to Make Your Minimalist Home Feel Warm

Minimalist living room

There’s no doubt that the minimalist interior design reflects so much sophistication. It’s not surprising that every luxury home or high-end hotel has touches of minimalist elegance. But as much as it’s praised for all its posh style, there’s one strong criticism about it: it looks so cold.

It’s so reminiscent of luxury spaces that it feels like you can’t sit on the couch or the bed because you would ruin its crispness. If you have a minimalist space, you have to add a little bit more effort in creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Here are some ways to pull that off.

Light it up

Light can instantly change the mood in the space. Your best bet in warming up the minimalist space and bringing the cheery vibe is maximizing natural light. Be smart in choosing window treatments. Roman shades may block off most of the natural light coming in, but sheer drapes or Venetian blinds can give you the shade, while still letting in some glow.

Such window treatments in NJ stores come in different colors, and it’s best to go for lighter hues. Choose ‘light’-weight as well in terms of material—avoid velvet and go instead for linen and cotton. Another way you can invite more light and warm up your space is to use mirrors. They reflect light that when you put them opposite your windows, you’d illuminate the space further.

Fill a wall with art

Minimalist styles are known for their use (sometimes, overuse) of negative space. This is one of the reasons a room could look lifeless and impersonal. To bring warmth to the place, fill up one empty corner with art, say, a painting, a series of photographs or a tapestry. The patterns and colors of these pieces would make the space more inviting.

So pick at least corner in your space for art. In the bedroom, you can use the blank space above your bed. In the living room, choose the one that’s farthest from the entrance. These are spaces most likely to be first seen by people entering the room, so keeping art there would instantly create the homey vibe.

Add texture

Modern minimalist living room

In a minimalist space that often tends to repeat crisp, clean elements to keep the visual clutter, the texture is very much integral. It doesn’t just introduce a new sight to see in the room, but also a new atmosphere. Texture refers to the perception of an element’s tactile quality, like the soft feel of the silk pillow cover or the ragged surface of hallway runners.

This principle makes the minimalist space inviting because it triggers the sense of touch, the sense of closeness and intimacy, especially when you prioritize textiles. So consider bringing this alive in your space. Add layered beddings, floor pillows, draperies and rugs. Or if that’s not your thing, go for nature’s elements: indoor plants. These can very well add texture also.

It’s good to have the minimalist place that looks straight out of an interior design magazine. But don’t make it too perfect that it loses the warm, welcoming vibe. Keep these tips in mind as you spruce up your home.