The Must-Haves for an Effective Outdoor Classroom

School principal ready for the outdoor classroom builtHead of schools in the United Kingdom recognise the value of allowing children time to immerse in the physical environment. Outdoor play is an intrinsic part of childhood development that also improves learning.

Enhancing the learning experience of young students by exposing them to activities outside of the classroom requires careful thought and planning. It starts with an adequate setup that allows fresh air in while protecting them from harsh sunlight and sudden rainfall.

The Questions to Ask

When you decide to build an outdoor classroom, consider every aspect of the project. Ask yourself the following: Will you place the structure in an open lawn area or will set it up in the garden? Is it going to be attached to the wall of a building? Lastly, is the installation a fixed type or will the classroom consist of removable structural elements?

Metal Frames for Windy Locations

Metal-frame fixed canopies for outdoor classrooms are widely available in the UK. Your school needs a high-performing installation that can withstand strong winds. If your location experiences windy weather, perhaps you should listen to experts who recommend no less than metal canopies. This type of framing can anchor the entire structure better than other canopies. Lighter materials can easily be blown away or broken down.

Waterproofing is also necessary. Fortunately, fabrics that do not absorb water are easy to source nowadays.

A Room Without Walls

Outdoor classrooms should allow for exploration while still protecting the children from elements. Traditional classrooms have stable walls and a proper roof; outdoor learning spaces do not. It should also have a stable roof to protect the students and teachers from the sun, rain and a sudden gust of wind.

Outdoor learning must be enjoyable but also safe. Schools must prepare outdoor classrooms with extensions of the indoor provisions.

Now, are you ready to find the outdoor canopy that suits your requirements?