The Many Forms of Dental Implants Available for You

Dental Implant Clinic in Salt Lake CityTeeth play a big role when it comes to our overall appearance and image. Missing teeth can be very uncomfortable. It not only prevents you from smiling, it can also make eating and drinking difficult. Nonetheless, with dental implants, you can have your confidence and smile back in a matter of minutes.

There are various manufacturers of dental implants. A dentist has to evaluate your case and determine the best type of dental implants suitable for your present needs. Dental implants feel and look like your natural teeth. This means you never have to worry about how you look anymore.

Different dental implants

Before you finally settle on any dental implant procedure, you need to consider all the facts since you have to live with the one you decide on for a long time.

  • Root-form dental implants: This is the common form of an implant due to its durability. Root-form dental implant is made out of titanium and it’s fixed into the jawbone. Your jawbone has to be strong enough to provide ample support. These implants are strong and provide your other teeth with extra support, that is why they come highly recommended by oral surgeons and dentists.
  • Sub-periosteal dental implants: Sub-periosteal dental implants are recommended for patients with a weak jaw bone. For you to get this dental implant, a model of your jawbone will be created and sent to a lab to customize an implant suited for you. Subperiosteal implants take a little more time and are less invasive.
  • Plate-form dental implants: These are considered a better alternative to the root-form implants. These implants are suitable for people with a weak jaw bone and those looking for a less invasive alternative.

Dental implants are a great way to boost your confidence and look great. Before deciding to get an implant, consult with your dentist to find out the right implant for your needs. Always look out for an experienced dentist who has specialized in dental implants.