The Dentist Behind Every Straight Set Of Teeth

Dentist and Patient

Behind every beautiful smile with straight teeth that has been created from something wonky and not so fabulous stands a dentist who really knows their stuff. Meet the orthodontist in Harley Street.

An orthodontist in Harley Street is a dentist who, after completing their undergraduate studies to become a general dentist, has gone on to complete 2-3 more years of postgraduate studies in orthodontistry. Ortho means ‘straightening, and ‘dont’ refers to teeth. In other words, they are a teeth-straightening dentist. Various dental practices, such as Harley Street Dental Clinic, have orthodontists working with them.

What does an orthodontist in Harley Street do?

There’s more to a beautiful smile than great looking teeth. They also have to line up well enough for them to work well as a team, the entire arch bearing the burden of the forces created when chewing. These are powerful forces. The average adult male chew can reach 97kg or 200lbs. If only 2 or 3 teeth in an arch meet up with their opposite numbers, they end up taking all the strain, and can crumble away before their time.

The orthodontist has trained to be able to realign not only teeth, but the jaws too. A misaligned jaw is not an unusual condition. Sometimes the upper comes in front of the lower jaw, sometimes the lower in front of the upper. Sometimes the jaws don’t meet up sideways. Or the jaw can be too narrow for all the teeth that need to come through, and needs to be widened.

A good orthodontist in Harley Street can carry out an examination of a child’s mouth, when they are about 5 years old, and predict how the teeth are gong to come through, and whether they will need help. The orthodontist will also be able to prescribe treatment to straighten up the jaws and make sure there is enough room for all the teeth.

Any work on realigning the jaws needs to be carried out when the patient is still young as, after the age of 18, the jaw sets hard and can no longer be manipulated.