Teeth Whitening in Camden

pearly white teeth

pearly white teeth

In Camden, teeth whitening is one sure fire way to attract attention. Done right, by a trained dental professional, this simple cosmetic procedure can give the smile just the right amount of lift to turn heads.

Many high street dental practices offer teeth whitening in Camden, including Ace Dental. It’s a quick and easy procedure and a great way to prepare for a big event such as an anniversary party, a wedding or presentation at work. But it’s not only the dentist in the high street who provides teeth whitening in Camden, it can also be found in the chemist and at the beauty parlour. And while over-the-counter whitening kits certainly are cheap, they aren’t the best option for patients who want to brighten their smile and here’s why.

Does it work?

Not all stains can be removed with teeth whitening in Camden, and only a dentist can say which are which. Some stains are ingrained in the tooth enamel and ain’t going to budge.

Stick to the professionals

Shop-bought whitening kits are only legally allowed to contain 0.1% active ingredient. Dental professionals can use kits with up to 6%. So, at best, an over-the-counter kit isn’t going to make much of an impression compared to what the cosmetic dentist can do. It’s also illegal for a beautician to give a whitening treatment without a dental professional present to make sure everything is okay for the patient’s oral health.

Bleeding gums

At worst, a shop bought kit could cause the gums harm. Patients who go to the dentist for their teeth whitening in Camden wear custom-made whitening trays if they decide to do the treatment at home. The gel used is a lower concentration than if they were receiving it in the dental chair, but still above the level in the chemist kit. This is fine as they are under dental supervision for the treatment, and they have these trays that have been specially made to measure, just for them.

The risk with a shop bought kit is that, because the trays are one size fits all, the gel could leak and irritate the gums. Even with the low concentration of hydrogen peroxide, this can still cause problems.