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Minimalist office with black and white motif

Three Important Considerations When Renovating an Office

Minimalist office with black and white motifIn cities like Singapore, office renovation is a serious business. Environmental concerns are taken seriously, which means that you cannot pull a thing off without thinking how it may affect the environment. Another consideration would be how it would affect the employees.

Here are a few things that you can do to make your office renovation project in Singapore smoother:

1. Gather Input From Employees

Your employees will be affected by the changes that you are about to make in the office. Remember that the office layout can set the standard for employee productivity. So it stands to reason that you have to get your workers’ input. Talk to them about your goals and how it will affect their work process. It would also be good if you can gather their suggestions and incorporate their ideas into your goals.

2. Minimise Intrusion as Much as Possible

Tearing down existing walls might seem a nice idea to create space and provide an open design concept, but how much would it cost? If you can keep existing infrastructure in place and minimise intrusion, not only will it cost less, but it would also preserve the familiarity that your employees have with your workplace.

3. Provide a Realistic Timeline

What are the specific areas of the office you are going to change? What needs to be moved somewhere to complete the renovation? Take these questions in mind when you think of the completion date of your project.

If you are in charge of the renovation process, you have to set a balance of what should and can be done. It is easy to find ideas online and develop a huge plan, but you have to take into consideration your budget and the time you have in your hands.

3 Most Common Problems People Encounter in the Workplace

businessman is worriedPeople spend more than a quarter of their adult lives in their office, which can cause several issues to become the leading sources of stress. Although some professionals, such as lawyers, are always available to provide personal attention to address employment disputes and issues, it is still important to understand the most common reasons these problems happen.

Freemanssolicitors.net outlines some of the most common workplace problems and the ways to address each.

The hour and wage disputes

One of the most common issues that employers need to address is the hour and wage disputes. Experts say that using a self-service timekeeping software application can help avoid wage and hour violations and even help address the possibility of a dispute with your employees’ paychecks.

This type of software application allows workers to clock in and out by just using their smartphones. It helps encourage employees to track and manage their schedules as well.

Lack of training

Some companies often throw employees onto the workforce without equipping them with proper training, forcing them to learn on their own. Doing so can be detrimental to their performance and can cause a lot of stress on their end. Formal training is a must and should be related to the employee’s job description. It should also be able to address the employees’ position objectives and help them to accomplish their tasks.

Poor job performance reviews

Job performance reviews are a great way to let employees know how well they are doing when it comes to their performance. It is important to spend time planning how you can discuss an employee’s performance since it will affect the way he or she thinks and does for the next few months.

These workplace problems can be addressed if you spend time developing your employees and identifying their challenges. Doing so will result in better work performance and employee satisfaction.

What You Can Do To Make Your Office Safer

Man monitoring a surveillance systemYour most valuable assets – your employees –spend 40 hours a week in the office. For the benefit of your workers and of the business as a whole, safety program development with an expert like sheffieldsafety.com should be a priority.

For example, here a few safety concerns you should definitely look into:

Food Storage and Disposal

Good housekeeping is an integral part of any health and safety procedure. Clear out the fridge every two days to keep leftovers and dripping food containers from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. Moreover, keep your pantry sanitary and stocked with cleaning supplies. Doing so reduces their likelihood of contracting an illness while in the workplace.

Electrical Hazards

Wrong installation and misuse of electrical equipment can cause shocks, burns and fires. Work with a licensed electrician in making sure that electrical devices and connections are in order. Remind your employees about guidelines on how not to overload circuits and when to unplug electrical gadgets.

Trips, Slips and Falls

Blocking pathways with filing boxes is more than just an inconvenience. It poses a great safety risk. Tripping from an object out of place will sometimes leave you with a bit of a bruise, but they can also lead to something more serious. Evaluate your workspace for poor lighting, slippery flooring, the absence of warning signs, spilled liquids and office clutter.

With your employees putting all their focus on completing their tasks for the day, they might forget to mind their surroundings. Developing safety programs and training your employees on them ensures that everyone adopts standard safety practices while at work.

Work Green: How to Maintain an Eco-Friendly Workplace

The interior of a workplace Actual, physical workspaces aren’t going anywhere, even in this era of cloud-based collaboration and office-less offices. Millions of people still go to the office year-round, which means millions are still consuming energy and leaving large carbon footprints.

A conscious decision to go green is a good start, and you could try enlisting your colleagues (better yet, the entire company) to take these steps towards eco-friendlier office spaces.

Use Reusable Supplies

Think of the environmental impact of that cute stationery set, and suddenly it’s not so cute anymore. Scratch highly disposable products off your supplies shopping list, and go for more re-usable/recyclable ones.  Stock up on refillable pens and markers, and keep an eye out for 100{10568cefaa40ea8a7172e0c38c686ee7c7f6e07e3b9349e76f324dc051a3c9cb} post consumer paper. These sheets have significantly smaller carbon footprints compared to regular, recycled ones.

Working late into the night? Avoid using disposable coffee pods at all costs, as its foil and plastic packaging recyclability are seriously in question.

Invest in Durable, Sustainable Furniture

Bargain basement office furniture isn’t a real deal. Their flimsy, disposable nature only serves to pile up on landfills, and Bishop Interiors agree that investing in longer-lasting quality pieces are the best way to go. Look for companies that offer eco-friendly furniture and supplies in their catalogue.

Purge Digital Inboxes

Paper-based correspondence is slowly going out of fashion in the age of email. Little do you know, letting your digital inbox pile up in the thousands (or millions) can have adverse environmental impacts too. Cloud storage isn’t entirely emission-free, as it’s still a physical storage space somewhere in the world, consuming energy by storing and managing your digital files.

Thus, computers, servers, and routers still produce greenhouse gas this way. Make it a habit of purging your inbox of unnecessary stuff, so cloud systems can ease up on bearing all that digital load.

Going green requires quite a bit of habit-breaking, but just the effort on display can inspire others to follow suit. The more we invest in eco-friendly solutions, the better our chance of having space to work with at all.