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3 Things to Consider When Installing New Windows

Home WindowsWhether you are building or repairing your Palmerston North home, think through each material you pick, including windows. There are many options available that you can select for window panes and frames. The style you choose should not only complement your home but perform its primary functions correctly.

Windows must withstand heavy rains, thick ice, freezing temperatures, and strong winds. These severe conditions will take a toll on your windows over the years. You’ll need a glazier in Palmerston North to install durable windows that can withstand harsh weather.

Here are other things to keep in mind when installing new windows:

Energy efficiency

Modern windows come with insulated sashes, gas fills, spacers, low-E glass coatings, or even double glazing which help in improving energy efficiency. Double glazed windows prevent the sun from warming up the interior of your home, which might cause you to spend more money on cooling. Insulation, on the other hand, prevents heat loss during the cold seasons and lowers heating costs.


Your ideal windows should be resistant to rust, corrosion, peeling, and chipping. This way, your windows will retain their looks for a long time to come. You should also consider tilting windows that help you clean the sashes without a fuss.


Windows should complement the look of your home. When purchasing new windows, ask the company if they can provide windows in several colours, styles, and grid options. There are different styles that you can experiment with to make your home more unique and beautiful.

With windows being an indispensable part of a house, it is necessary to take the necessary precautions and make the right decision. There are many features and designs you can choose from when shopping for windows. You can ask for professional help to ensure that you end up with what is best for your home.

Office Windows: How to Show Business Professionalism

Woman looking out through the windowThey say that the eyes are the windows to one’s soul, and for businesses, this literally means office windows. From the outside, they are some of the first things that people – including your potential and existing clients – see.

From here, they allow onlookers and passersby to see what is going on at the workplace; from the activities that people here do, to how organized its contents are.

With all these things already visible from the outside, you can already see just how important it is to keep these specific structural components of your office clean and sparkling.

With the help of professional Ogden window cleaning services such as Simply Right Janitorial, you can maintain utmost professionalism and credibility at all times.

Office windows and their impact on a business’ image

As mentioned above, the windows are some of the most visible areas of an office. Because of this, your clients, whether they’re still prospects or you already have a relationship with them, can already form perceptions about your organization just by seeing the state of the windows.

Since you want to wow your customers the first chance you get, you should definitely expend resources on maintaining the cleanliness of your windows. Just put yourself in the shoes of consumers: would you want to transact with a business that cannot even spend time and resources on cleaning windows?

Definitely not, this is why you should not expect your customers to do otherwise.

The state of your windows and how productive your people are

More important than your brand’s image is the productivity and the health and safety of your talents. Always keep in mind that the environment people work in can contribute to how their mind and body perform.

With fresh air, clutter-free areas, and dust-free conditions, you help maximize your employees’ productivity. On the other hand, making them work in filthy and messy environments results in the exact opposite.

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Beyond the Covers: Why Shutters Make a Great Option

window shuttersYou may love the clear view of your neighbourhood when looking out your home’s windows. Whilst those views can be a remarkable sight for the weary eyes, you still need to ensure your home maintains its privacy. One of the solutions is to cover your windows with shutters.

Here are some of the things that make shutters a practical addition to your home:

Light and Air Shall Not Pass

Window shutters primarily control light and air that enter your home, as HalfPriceShutterswa.com.au explains. When the sun is radiating too much heat, or when chilly winds are blowing, shutters can reduce the light and air going into your home. With their features, you can maintain optimal temperature levels inside your home.

No to Peeping Toms

Shutters provide more privacy for your home. You can do whatever you want without worrying about people peeking from your windows. Apart from this, shutters can block off noise from the outside. Those peeping toms will see nothing when they come close to your home.

Different Choices for Your Home

You can choose the type of shutter you want to suit your overall home design. Some of the popular choices include aluminium and fabric roller shutters, as they are the most affordable and easiest to operate.

A Boost in Energy Efficiency

If you want to boost your home’s energy efficiency, go for plantation shutters. Whilst these cost more than other window treatments, their energy efficiency and durability make up for your purchase expenses.

Added Style and Easy Operation

When it comes to more control over light and privacy, Venetian shutters make a great option. These are also easy to clean and install. If you want something more appealing, Roman shutters are your best bet. These feature fabric covers that can match your stylish interiors.

You don’t always have to buy long drapes to cover your windows. Choose the right shutters, and you can enjoy more than just privacy in your home.

Window Shopping: Retrofit vs New Construction for Your Old Windows

windowDoes your home have old windows?

If you notice some air leaks, frost build-up, and window condensation — or maybe your windows just don’t work the way they did before, it may be time to replace them with new, energy efficient and cost-effective ones.

While that’s an easy decision to make, you also have to decide between retrofitting and new construction for your windows.

New Construction

If you want windows different in size from the ones you already have at home, then a new construction might be the better idea. This method involves experts removing the stucco or siding from the outer edge to expose the entire window — down to the studs and framework. According to window professionals from Above & Beyond Construction, this means you can replace any rotten or damaged wood, making your new window more secure and longer lasting.

With this option, you can install windows of any size since you will no longer be limited to the original opening.

The cost of a new construction is much higher than retrofitting, however, since there is more work involved in prepping and finishing the openings; it will also take longer to install the windows. Compared to retrofitting, though, a new construction is worth it.

Retrofit Installation

Retrofitting replacement windows is a good option if you are satisfied with the size and placement of your current windows. Since there will be no alterations to the frame, you won’t notice a considerable difference between your old and new windows.

Retrofit installation is a good choice as well if you’re working with a limited budget. After all, it’s a straightforward swap from one window to another.

You won’t have to worry about repairing or replacing the exterior finish of your home, too. That means when you don’t have a lot of time to finish the project due to a tight deadline, choose a retrofit installation since it’s a much faster method. Take note, however, that the size of your replacement window will be limited by the size of your original frame.

For a remodeling project this big, it’s always wise not to try to cut corners — no matter which method you choose. Simply choose the one that’s designed specifically for your lifestyle, time, and budget, and you will save yourself a lot of time, hassle, and probably money in the long run.