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Getting the Best out of Your POS Solution: Securing Your Customer’s Data

Woman testing her POS systemPoint-of-sale (POS) solutions are a great addition to your restaurant or retail store. It gets rid of the traditional cash register and problems such as the pain of having to issue the right change and guard your cash register against theft. A POS solution not only streamlines your sales process. It also eliminates the risks that come with having too much cash lying around at the end of the day.

Even though your POS system cuts out substantial uncertainties, it’s still exposed to a highly dynamic pool of online criminals. They could easily wreak havoc if you don’t refer to Clover point of sale reviews and invest in the perfect solution. So, what should you do to deter hackers?

Use a Secure Platform.

Your POS system could easily run on Windows or Android, but statistics have shown that this would be a bad idea. Reports have proven that iPads and iPhones are less prone to attacks, thanks to the robust nature of the iOS. It reduces the chances of malicious code running in the background. A safer platform will guarantee you a safer POS environment.

Insist on End-to-End Encryption.

Encryption is one of the best tools in protecting your data against theft and session hijacking. Purchasing a POS solution that uses the best end-to-end encryption adds a layer of protection. Encrypting at the POS device and when communicating with the server means that any pilfered data is never in a plain format in case a hacker gets to it.

Be PCI-Compliant.

PCI compliance insists on a rigorous audit of IT assets and even business processes to identify and plug and vulnerabilities as soon as possible. Staying compliant with the guidelines will ensure that you adapt your POS to the latest security patches and practices as soon as possible.

POS systems are convenient but vulnerable to many dangers. Securing your POS solution is not only good for the business owner, but it is also great for customers. Every customer wants their personal information and banking details safe. It is up to you to guarantee that.

5 Qualities to Look for in Professional Beauty Salons

Busy day on a beauty salonBeauty salons do more than help men and women have gorgeous hair. These days, salons also offer rejuvenating day spa treatments and other relaxing services. If you are looking for professional hairdressers here in Tauranga, you should find a professional full-service beauty salon.

To help you find the right one, look for these top qualities.

Offers a Wide Range of Beauty Services

A good beauty salon provides a variety of services for clients. Aside from specialised hairstyling and colouring services, look for a salon that also offers other treatments like waxing, beauty therapies, and nail art services.

Instead of going to different places for a relaxing spa treatment and a haircut, you can go to just one place. It maximises your time, so you do not have to set an appointment for another day.

A Team of Highly Trained Experienced Stylists

Research online or ask your friends about hairdressers in different salons. Know how long they have been styling hair, and if they received training in beauty schools. Experienced stylists are more likely to understand what kind of look you are going for.

Take note of feedback from satisfied customers who also come back to the salon.

Polite and Professional Staff

It is always a pleasure to go to a salon with friendly and professional staff. After all, nobody wants to walk in a beauty parlour without feeling welcomed. You can feel comfortable with a hair stylist if they treat you well and actually go out of their way to provide quality service.

Clean and Organised Work Stations

It is very important to check if the salon is spotless and well maintained. If the place does not seem to prioritise hygiene and cleanliness, think twice. You do not want to catch any allergies or infections when you have your hair or nails done.

Moreover, going to a badly kept salon may not guarantee a relaxing experience.

Keep these qualities in mind the next time you look for a beauty salon. Aside from finding the right hairdressers in Tauranga, you can enjoy a quality spa and beauty treatments at a professional full-service salon.

Scrap Metal Recyclers in Brisbane

Making the Most of Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal Recyclers in BrisbaneWhen the need for recycled materials increases, one has to find enough good alternatives. For many businesses in Australia, the use of recycled scrap material is one of the most effective and profitable options in the market. There are a number of individual collectors and bulk buyers who will pay and reuse scrap metal for a good cost. Collection and recycling of scrap metal takes a lot of work. This is the reason arming yourself with the right information is important.

Appropriate Sources 

The first step involved in scrap metal recycling is finding the right sources. Businesses and homeowners both use metal scrap for various purposes. It may come from various sources such as from cars, old office equipment, office buildings that were broken down, used appliances, old piping and many more. According to the scrap metal recyclers in Brisbane, the right recycling techniques and right applications leads to proper usage of scrap metal. Collecting and recycling takes some amount of know-how, which goes without saying.

Basic Checks 

When objects are scrap metal, it’s important to perform some basic checks before determining if it is suitable for recycling and reuse. It should not be radioactive and it should not contain any harmful chemicals. There are also facilities, which focus on intake of certain kinds of scrap metal. For instance, most facilities look for aluminium and copper, while some others also look for tungsten and chromium.

With proper recycling, scrap metal companies can make the most of the money spent and accept different kinds of metals at the best price possible. This direct cash for metal is one of the reasons more and more people consider choosing to recycle scrap metal. Even for vehicles, which have been out of function or stranded in a road or garage for years accumulating dust, people will simply opt to have it towed away by contacting scrap metal recyclers. 


Play To Your Strengths: Reign Supreme in the Manufacturing Game

buildingAccording to the 2013 National CEO Survey by the Australian Industry Group, manufacturers constantly face multiple trials to reach their bottom lines. The survey reported the following growth concerns: pressures from general wages, import competition and high Australian dollars.

As a manufacturer, standing out against the competition proves to be difficult. Combined with these challenges, the struggle to increase sales and stay competitive seems like impossibility. How can your firm rise above the challenge?

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to improve your ranking in the manufacturing game.

Unique Manufacturing Methods

Set yourself apart from other companies through your method of production. Whether it’s the labour, material sourcing, or the production itself, your manufacturing methods must offer features that others do not. When you stay unique, you gain a significant advantage over competitors and move closer to potential clients.

For example, you can reinvent staid production methods or gain exclusive access to raw materials your competition cannot reach. Using technology to improve your game is also an advantage.

Use the Right Technology

Speaking of technology, this component is a relevant factor that aids manufacturers in their production process. OEE software, for example, helps manufacturing companies reduce costs and increase output at the same time. The system achieves better products with fewer efforts through automated and accurate real-time data collection.

Improve productivity and reduce costs by seeking technological help. Most Australian manufacturers enjoy the benefits of innovative help — you should too.

Stay Flexible at All Times

Apart from quality products, most consumers choose manufacturers that promise flexibility. Manufacturers should prioritise delivering versatile results whenever and wherever clients need them. Your scale production must meet flexible deadlines; also, remember that turnaround speed and your capacity for custom projects are crucial for your company.

When you combine all of these techniques, you bolster your manufacturing company’s image and define your firm. There are no guarantees that setting yourself apart will be easy, but pouring enough effort into it will make all the firm’s trials worth it.