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Senior woman after a dental implant surgery

Wave Goodbye to your Wobble with Dental Implants in Hampshire

Senior woman after a dental implant surgeryWobbly dentures can be so frustrating. Anyone who has suffered with them will know how they inhibit spontaneous laughter, and make the simple act of eating even harder than it already is with dentures. Dentists and their dental technicians spend a lot of time making sure dentures fit well to the gums. The gums provide the suction that keep dentures in place and this suction replaces the tooth root as an anchor. However, dentists cannot stop the gums receding and the jawbone melting away, which is what happens when there are no tooth roots in the jawbone and gum to stimulate bone and gum renewal. As the lovely thick, bouncy gum-covered bone melts away, the dentures have less and less to grip on to, and then they start to slide around. The movement of the tongue can knock the lower denture off their precarious perch and, gravity affects the upper denture. No wonder, people are keen to get their dentures stabilised with dental implants in Hampshire.

In Hampshire, dental implants stabilise dentures by giving them a strong anchor in the jawbone, just as natural teeth have. Unlike natural teeth, dentures stabilised with implants do not need a root for every tooth. Instead, usually four implants are strategically placed within the jawbone, two at the front and two at the back. The upper jaw needs more implants to counteract the effects of gravity. A number of dentists in Hampshire offer dental implants, including Dental Implants Hampshire.

Generally speaking, implants can be inserted under local anaesthetic. The surgery is not particularly painful, but it does seem daunting and patients are also offered sedation if they are nervous.

The dentist opens up the gum and drills a hole for each implant. After insertion, the titanium implants take several weeks to fuse with new bone growth before being ready for use. Then, the dentist inserts an abutment into each implant before attaching a bar across the implants. This is the base onto which the dentures are fixed, sometimes with screws, sometimes with tiny but strong magnets. Some people choose to get their current dentures customised to fit the implants, while others opt for a whole new set custom-made for the dental implants in Hampshire.