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Best Tips for a Stress-Free Office Move

Office RelocationMoving your business could significantly get in the way of your day-to-day operations. But if relocation is necessary, you can minimize operations downtime by preparing for your move. Here are some practical tips to help ensure a stress-free and efficient office relocation process.

Begin Planning as Early as Possible

Start planning your office relocation at least three months before the actual move date. Begin by making a checklist of all the tasks that need to be done months, weeks, and days in advance, as well as tasks to be done during the moving day and the days to follow.
Do a Thorough Inventory

You have to conduct an inventory of every single piece of equipment and appliance that you’re bringing to your new office. Print out copies, and then give these to your corporate moving service provider and insurance company. When doing inventory, check which ones are worth bringing with you, donating, and recycling.

Prioritize Moving Your IT

At the very least, back up all crucial data and transfer everything to the cloud so that everyone in your organization could access them from anywhere. Tell your IT department to start necessary installations at least a week before the relocation date so that every workstation would be up and running when you finally move in.

Communicate Your Plan with Your Staff

Make sure that everyone is always on the loop, especially those who you’ve designated important moving tasks to. Also, assign someone to contact your vendors to tell them about the impending move.

Get Everyone Onboard

Have your staff pack their own workstations and do inventory. Leave the packing and moving as well as disassembling and reassembling of expensive or heavy items to the professionals you hired.

Moving your office takes significant planning and time. To make sure that everything goes according to plan, you need to prepare properly and well in advance—three to six months if possible. This would give everyone ample time to complete their tasks, reduce stress, and reduce downtime of your business operations.

Tips to Keep Your Home Office in Tip-Top Shape

Man on his laptop while holding a laptopWorking from home has become popular these days. It is difficult to concentrate, however, if your workspace is unclean. Here are ways you can sure your home office stays clean so that you can focus on getting your job done:

Protect your floors.

The casters on your office chair can cause damage to the floors in your home office. They can also track dirt, dust, and grime across the floor as you roll around. Even if you have carpeted flooring, it makes no difference.

In fact, if you do not have anything to protect your carpets from the damage caused by casters, it might void any warranty you have. Luckily, you can protect your floors with a plastic office chair mat.

Snack elsewhere.

Your home office should never be a place where you eat or drink. Instead, treat your at-home job just as you would your regular job. Take regular breaks so you can step away to eat.

Bits of food and drink that fall into the keyboard can make the keys sticky. Also, traces of food particles can make you sick to the stomach. So eat elsewhere and clean your keyboard regularly with a can of air.

Remove clutter.

It is common for people to want to decorate every room of their house. Perhaps you enjoy wall hangings, figurines, or even plants. All of those things are fine, of course, but you should make sure you do not go overboard with your home office.

The space should remain free of clutter so you can concentrate to the best of your ability. If the room appears too busy, it may distract you. A few wall hangings or a plant or two is perfectly fine, but leave the rest of the clutter and decor to other rooms of your home.

With all of the tips combined, you can keep your office clean and clear of any distracting messes and clutter. Thanks to your clean office space, you will have no problem concentrating and getting your work done quicker and easier.

Office Windows: How to Show Business Professionalism

Woman looking out through the windowThey say that the eyes are the windows to one’s soul, and for businesses, this literally means office windows. From the outside, they are some of the first things that people – including your potential and existing clients – see.

From here, they allow onlookers and passersby to see what is going on at the workplace; from the activities that people here do, to how organized its contents are.

With all these things already visible from the outside, you can already see just how important it is to keep these specific structural components of your office clean and sparkling.

With the help of professional Ogden window cleaning services such as Simply Right Janitorial, you can maintain utmost professionalism and credibility at all times.

Office windows and their impact on a business’ image

As mentioned above, the windows are some of the most visible areas of an office. Because of this, your clients, whether they’re still prospects or you already have a relationship with them, can already form perceptions about your organization just by seeing the state of the windows.

Since you want to wow your customers the first chance you get, you should definitely expend resources on maintaining the cleanliness of your windows. Just put yourself in the shoes of consumers: would you want to transact with a business that cannot even spend time and resources on cleaning windows?

Definitely not, this is why you should not expect your customers to do otherwise.

The state of your windows and how productive your people are

More important than your brand’s image is the productivity and the health and safety of your talents. Always keep in mind that the environment people work in can contribute to how their mind and body perform.

With fresh air, clutter-free areas, and dust-free conditions, you help maximize your employees’ productivity. On the other hand, making them work in filthy and messy environments results in the exact opposite.

Why Your Office Design Is Important for Productivity

Office WorkplaceIn a study conducted by Thomas Davenport, Sue Cantrell and Bob Thomas at Accenture, about companies that had initiatives in place to support and improve the performance of workers critical to the mission of their organisation, the researchers found out that the value of the physical work environment was always high on the list. They also learned that these ‘high-end knowledge workers’ prefer closed offices but communicate better when they are working in open, collaborative spaces.

This is an example of how the location and design of an office may affect the productivity of the people working in it. Whiteleys Office Furniture shares some of the best reasons you should hire bespoke office interior design services to make your work areas more effective and supportive of your organisation’s image and goals.

Your Office Might be a Health Hazard

Offices with bad lighting, peeling paint, and lots of echo and noise are bad for workers. With enough natural lighting and a classy touch to the décor, your office may keep your employees away from sick days. Of course, cleanliness and the absence of clutter should be part of the package, as well.

Your Office Design Might be ‘Out of Touch’

Even if you build an office that looks modern and fun, if your organisation’s purpose is mostly serious and mature (a law office, for instance) the design may do nothing to help your employees, clients and business partners. When you talk to your designer, always have a purpose in mind that may be reflected in the office design.

You Might be Missing out on Great Talent

The savviest applicants typically Google the companies they are interested in. As a matter of fact, design might be one of the boxes on their checklist of prospects. Talent may be passing you by simply because your old office is turning them off. Design your office to look great for applicants, business partners, clients and suppliers. Whether you agree or not, people form conclusions based on first impressions.

Your Company Values may not be Represented Well

Even if you support working parents, if your office doesn’t have a place for their kids or is not at least kid-friendly, it does not matter. If you employ young talents, but they are kept in cubicles with a ‘Work Quietly’ sign in each one, your office is not inspiring them. Make your office design reflect the values that matter to you. If you support a green working environment but have nothing but white walls and fluorescent lights, that office does not exactly signify your true values.

It is not only about aesthetics for the sake of cosmetic purposes. It is about your office design becoming an extension of what you believe in and represent, and how it supports your people in being happier, more productive and creative.