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Set Up a Home Office, Earn Big From Small Spaces

Work from Home in UtahIn recent years, social media and Internet marketing have increased the demand for people who can work at home. This factor gives you another reason to work from a computer in your home, instead of the usual 9-to-5 grind in the business district. However, you need to set up a home office to be productive, especially if your house has limited space.

The Divider – No matter how compact your room or residence, there is always that nook no one uses. Take advantage of its obscurity by installing a curtain or divider to separate it from your other home areas. Look for vacant spaces under the stairs, inside large closets and vacant corners that you can convert into a working office space. This may require a little creativity and even expert design, but it can truly be a worthy, aesthetic and profitable investment.

The Yard – If you happen to have a compact home on a large lot, take advantage of your yard space. The most affordable option is to set up an office tent. Also, there are available cabin and shed DIY kits. You can also choose to contact an expert contractor to set up the shed or cabin kit for you. Go even further and have a construction firm design a granny flat to house your office.

The Extension – You can convert breakfast rooms, patios and sunrooms into an office that connects to your home. You can wall up a portion of your open area without worries. Main Street Office Furniture recommends that you purchase used office furniture and modern business equipment. You can install them in your Utah home office without any fear of exposing them to the elements.

It’s still a better option to segregate your workspace from your domestic areas. This is especially true if you have children or senior family members with you. After all, setting up a home office can only be effective if you actually have enough privacy to complete your work. Make that work at home dream come true and start planning your own home office.

4 New Home Office Furniture and Gadgets to Own This New Year

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According to Gallup, more people are telecommuting. Working at home does have its disadvantages, but usually, the pros outweigh the cons. It offers time flexibility, savings, and a better work-life balance. For you to feel like working, you need a home office. This requires unique office furniture and a few awesome gadgets that can help make your telecommuting life easier:

1. Epson’s EcoTank Printer

At first glance, the new Epson EcoTank printer looks like the run-of-the-mill types: wireless and includes other functionalities like a scanner. The difference lies in its ink. It lasts for an average of two years and saves you the hassle of buying multiple ink bottles a year and helps you take care of the environment better.

2. Chroma Aviator Desk

A beautiful and unique home office furniture, the Chroma Aviator Desk combines vintage and chrome. It looks minimalistic and industrial, adding some edge to what could have been a boring, run-of-the-mill home office. Urban95 noted that this furniture has enough workspace for your items, including a printer and a phone.

3. Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

There’s more to the Microsoft Surface Studio than its dial; it also has a nifty keyboard. Ergonomic, it includes a palm rest and modifications on the keyboard shape. These changes are necessary to reduce musculoskeletal injuries due to long hours of typing.

4. Mount Airy Pendant Lamp

If you have a small home office, you can do away with a floor lamp that only takes more space. Instead, invest in a Mount Airy Pendant Lamp. It diffuses light overhead, illuminating your work surface well. The cloud-looking dome is charming.

An awesome home office requires a great balance between function and aesthetics. By investing in these furniture pieces and gadgets, not only do you maximize your space, but you also achieve both.