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What It’s like to Retire to Indiana

IndianapolisHow Indiana got the nickname of the Hoosier State is still up for debate, although you have probably encountered the term “Hoosier hospitality”. But will you really experience this famous hospitality if you choose to retire there? This article might give you a clue.

The Hoosier Hospitality

Sporting a median age of 37.2, it is obvious that retirees do not make up much of the population in Indiana. This is nothing to worry about though, because you might easily feel at home in the Hoosier State. Hoosiers pride themselves on being caring and polite. As a tourist or a newcomer, you might find that the people make sure that you feel welcome, especially in the smaller towns.

The cost of living in Indiana is also relatively low. With the median home price of approximately $114,100 (for comparison, the national average is nearly $280,000), you may say that it literally does not take much to find your home there.

The arts and culture scene

The small town of Nashville in Brown County, Indiana has dubbed itself the “artist’s colony of the Midwest.” You can see this justified by the galleries and artist studios that line the streets of this tiny town.

If the arts and culture scene is already large in such a small town, what more in the more in the bigger cities? Indeed, Indianapolis and the suburbs surrounding it have an opera company and a symphony orchestra. The Center for the Performing Arts, a three-venue performing arts center in Carmel, Indiana, also attracts musicians, performers and artists from all over the world.

The flourishing art scene of Indiana may be attributed to the numerous college communities in the state. Being the home to more than 50 colleges and universities, the state provides a wide customer base for locally-owned shops, ethnic restaurants and music events that some towns might not have.

retired senior couple enjoying breakfast

The climate

Winters in the Midwest are notoriously gritty. From December up until March, the normal temperature is normally below freezing point. There are lots of things you could do when the weather is nice enough though. Pete Dye, who is considered as one of the fathers of modern golf course architecture, has designed seven brilliant courses that you can enjoy at the Pete Dye Golf Trail. Indiana also sports miles of shoreline on Lake Michigan. If you want to go canoeing, try the Chain O’ Lakes State Park that features a cluster of eight beautiful lakes.

Healthcare and medical services

You may find the healthcare in Indiana to cost less than most parts of the US. Several hospitals that are renowned nationally are located in Indianapolis but, sometimes, the people who live in the northern part of the state prefer to head to Chicago for better medical services. The costs to avail of assisted-living and hospice in Indiana are significantly lower than the national average too.

Normally, people from colder states in the US prefer to retire someplace warmer. This might be part of the reason why the Midwest is not a particularly popular region for retirement. But if you are the kind of retiree who would not mind experiencing some real winter and warm, welcoming neighbors, Indiana is perfect for you.

Making Life Easier: 4 Good Reasons to Shop Online

girl online shoppingThe emergence of the Internet has revolutionized many things, including the way people shop. Consumers now have the option to purchase the things they need or want by simply ordering those online. But that is not the only reason many people are adopting this type of shopping. Online shopping, in fact, offers more advantages, including the following:


The biggest perk of online shopping is convenience. It takes off the hassles of queuing in line as well as going from shelf-to-shelf to find what you need. By buying online, you could comfortably do your shopping anytime and anywhere.


One great benefit of online shopping is you get to have countless options to choose from. You are not limited to looking at four to five brands and styles. You can search and browse as many brands, types, and models you want. If you are looking to buy women’s clothing online, for instance, you can practically find all – from classic dresses to basic office clothing to casual tops – on the net.

Good prices

Items in online stores are generally more affordable than those in physical stores. This is because most of the goods here come from the manufacturers themselves. They do not need to pay any additional fee, which is often required if the items are displayed in physical shops because of sales tax.

Monitor expenses

As you go and shop in a physical store, you may end up buying things that are not on your list. Because of this, you spend more and go over your budget. However, when you do it online, you may simply search for the items, order them right away, and avoid any impulse purchase since you are only searching for the things you need.

Online shopping has indeed provided people great advantages on their overall experience in getting and buying the things they need. However, as a responsible consumer, you must remain alert and careful when making transactions online to avoid frauds.

Leveling Up Interior Design: Modern Ideas for a Hip Office, Home Space

Small modern living room with TV and couchIn this generation, rooms and spaces should be more than just appealing. There are a lot of reasons why you should level up your experience with your space, your own home, or office. People engage on how they could fill their space into a fantasy of creative art. This includes putting modern and stylish art pieces, proper lighting, and comfortable chairs.

More people have come to appreciate interior design because it has become a way to show personality and emotions. This is according to Robert Haddad, a researcher on interior design. More than that, this speaks about how a person evaluates the looks of his place compared with how he wants others to think of his character.

To satisfy some of your inner interior design cravings, here are some thoughts on modern and creative space:

Go Modern and Industrial

Most people are becoming more interested in achieving an industrial look for their place. Now that the hipster culture is in full swing, homes, offices, and even commercial spaces are turning to these themes for interior design. Wooden and steel lamps, chairs and couches, as well as geometric tables are common examples of industrial themed furniture. To order online and enjoy the perks of the digital age, you can look to unique outlets, such as Urban95.

Beyond Industrial and Hip

Ordering industrial themed furniture online has become possible and easy. You can now exhibit your personality without having to spend time and money looking for physical furniture stores. Try to splash some artistic colors with paintings, glass art, sculptures, and even caricatures on walls. These types of trendy choices add flavor and energy to your interior design. Your space will speak more about who you are, and you can choose among many options online.

What to Do When You Have Too Much Free Time

lifestyle choices
Life today is so fast-paced that it’s surprising to know there are people who find the time to get bored. If you’re one of those lucky individuals, you should know that life is too short to be wasted. Here are some suggestions if you’re looking for ways to be more productive during your down time:

Get another job

Why not get a job if you spend all day at home? People complain that there aren’t enough jobs to go around, but if you stop complaining and start doing something about it, you might just find one. There are many listings on local newspapers and online. Find one that suits your qualifications. If you don’t have any, then don’t be too choosy. Get a job that doesn’t require much, but is nevertheless important.

Get some education

When was the last time you went to school? There are ways to go back if you want to. For example, The American Academy explains that an online homeschooling high school or college can help get your diploma without even having to leave home. This is ideal for people who are uncomfortable going back to school because they’re older than most of the students. The same is true for those with physical limitations.

Learn something new

You can always gain a new skill. For example, learn carpentry or gardening. Some people start this way and eventually find their passion. It might even become a business opportunity. You might realize, for instance, that you have a knack for graphic design, which you can turn into a freelance job or a small business idea.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money just to kill boredom or become more productive. As a matter of fact, if you set your priorities right, you might even make more money out of it.

Denim Jacket

It’s in Your Jeans: Nailing a Look with a Denim Jacket

Denim JacketThe denim jacket is one of the most enduring pieces in every guy’s wardrobe collection—and for good reason. Denim jackets are iconic; they are pieces that stay relevant despite the many trends that have tried to penetrate the global fashion scene.

The denim jacket is versatile and tough. It transcends styles, from preppy to streetwear. You can use it any way you want. If you are looking for more ways to nail a well-dressed look with this piece, you have come to the right place.

As a Smart Casual Staple

When it comes to bulking up in style, layering is your go-to technique. Doing this will involve all your basics: a base shirt, a pullover, and a trench coat. If you want your smart casual to be more relaxed, use a thin denim jacket instead of a cardigan or a pullover. ShopDNA says a washed denim jacket will look amazing if topped off with a neutral trench coat. You can also use it as a substitute blazer.

Look of a Rock Star

If you want to rock that George Harrison or Brandon Flowers look, use your denim jacket as a final addition. Just choose a jacket in a deeper shade. Complete the look with a pair of leather or dessert boots. If you want a rebel look, wear a hoodie underneath it. It may look like a faux pas, but rock stars are supposed to be rebels, right?

Denim on Denim

Many fashion pundits do not approve of the denim-on-denim look, but style rules are subject to change. This is permissible provided that you wear two different shades. If you are wearing a pair of dark jeans, wear a stonewashed jean jacket. You may also wear colored jeans to create an interesting contrast.

Denim jackets are here to stay. Other than white sneakers, brogues, Oxford shirts, suits, a jean jacket is a must-have in every man’s wardrobe.