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Tips to Keep Your Home Office in Tip-Top Shape

Man on his laptop while holding a laptopWorking from home has become popular these days. It is difficult to concentrate, however, if your workspace is unclean. Here are ways you can sure your home office stays clean so that you can focus on getting your job done:

Protect your floors.

The casters on your office chair can cause damage to the floors in your home office. They can also track dirt, dust, and grime across the floor as you roll around. Even if you have carpeted flooring, it makes no difference.

In fact, if you do not have anything to protect your carpets from the damage caused by casters, it might void any warranty you have. Luckily, you can protect your floors with a plastic office chair mat.

Snack elsewhere.

Your home office should never be a place where you eat or drink. Instead, treat your at-home job just as you would your regular job. Take regular breaks so you can step away to eat.

Bits of food and drink that fall into the keyboard can make the keys sticky. Also, traces of food particles can make you sick to the stomach. So eat elsewhere and clean your keyboard regularly with a can of air.

Remove clutter.

It is common for people to want to decorate every room of their house. Perhaps you enjoy wall hangings, figurines, or even plants. All of those things are fine, of course, but you should make sure you do not go overboard with your home office.

The space should remain free of clutter so you can concentrate to the best of your ability. If the room appears too busy, it may distract you. A few wall hangings or a plant or two is perfectly fine, but leave the rest of the clutter and decor to other rooms of your home.

With all of the tips combined, you can keep your office clean and clear of any distracting messes and clutter. Thanks to your clean office space, you will have no problem concentrating and getting your work done quicker and easier.

Do These to Make Your Home Cleaner and Safer

A dusty roomKeeping your house clean can seem like a challenge. In reality, however, you really need not use up a lot of your time and energy doing so. Of course, there are times that your busy schedule will not let you keep up with your daily or weekly cleaning schedule.

By doing the following simple tasks, you can make your home cleaner for longer.

Clean the drains

Most homeowners barely care about their pipes, until one day they find that the water just won’t drain from the sink or toilet. Usually, the problem is that the drains have become clogged, causing overflowing sinks and faucets. To avoid that, Whipple Service Champions recommends regular drain cleaning in Salt Lake City. This will also help prevent the accumulation of impurities.


Unnecessary items in your house only make your space look messy. Take the time to organize your home, put everything in its place, and remove things you don’t need. The lesser items you have in your house, the easier it is to clean and maintain.

Clean the air, too

Most of the dust you whip up as you vacuum settles on other surfaces. To prevent this, filter the dust by switching the thermostat on your furnace to the ‘fan on’ position. This makes your furnace’s blower turn inside, filtering the air even if the unit is not heating or cooling your home.

Organize your closets

Closets can reserve dust and tiny fibers. That means you whip up a lot of invisible particles whenever you open the door. While there’s nothing you can do to prevent your clothes from shedding tiny fibers, you can minimize this by boxing items before putting them in the closet. Keep clothes you rarely wear in slip garment bags.

Making sure your house is clean and inviting does not need to feel like a drag. The secret is adopting a few habits that you’ll eventually begin to follow instinctively.

Four Ways to Disaster Proof Your Home

Disaster Preparedness Natural disasters and external factors that can put your home at risk are inevitable. Storms, hurricanes, and poor home maintenance can damage your residence and harm your living.

Prevent that from happening by taking the steps below:

Tidy Up the Trees

Does greenery surround your home? If yes, make sure to trim them at least every two months to prevent them from flying and damaging your property in the event of a hurricane or typhoon. You can do this on your own or opt to hire a professional.

Ensure the Doors

Apart from providing additional aesthetic, your home’s doors — specifically the one in front — hold the foundation of your property. If you hear any creaking or see any signs of damage then it is time to replace your door. Choose one made of hardwood or steel to prevent it from falling during heavy winds or flooding.

Check for the Roof’s Foundation

Heavy winds and rains can easily damage a poorly-maintained roof, which is why it is important to always check your roof for any signs of breakage or decay. According to Tauranga roofing specialists and installers, it is important to check your roof for leaks, loose shingles, and rusty surfaces at least once a year. Doing this ensures its quality and your family’s safety during natural disasters.

Inspect Walls for Cracks and Leaks

Whenever there is land movement, walls crack easily making a property more prone to damage. Apart from cracks, you should also check your home for pests and leaks, which could easily deteriorate its quality. Prevent this from happening by inspecting your walls every year and by improving its overall appearance through wall cladding and paintwork. Doing so will make your home durable in all weather conditions.

Disaster preparedness is important to your home and your family’s safety. Always keep your security and your home’s maintenance in mind, as it will veer your family away from calamity and injury.

Springtime Energy and Money Savings

Water Heater Repair in Eagle Mountain Once the winter frost starts to melt, spring will soon be here. As the new season approaches, it’s time for you to assess your energy usage in preparation for warmer months.

Water Heaters

Heating isn’t necessary during springtime, but you do need to use hot water for your showers or to wash dishes. After winter, you have to drain water tanks to clean out the sediments that build up over the season so that you can refill it with clean water.

Some problems you may encounter with water heaters include leaks, discolored water, strange noises, and water that’s too hot. For these issues, you may want to call qualified technicians to repair your water heaters in Eagle Mountain.


Your roof and your gutters are your home’s first line of defense against harsh climates. Right after winter passes, make sure that you unclog your gutters and clean your roof to remove any debris that may contribute to water damage.


Programmable thermostats will help you during winter and they will continue to do so in the springtime. Put it to a higher setting when you’re not at home, as this can help reduce energy costs by nearly 10{10568cefaa40ea8a7172e0c38c686ee7c7f6e07e3b9349e76f324dc051a3c9cb}.

Natural Ventilation

Instead of using your air conditioning units during springtime, why not open your windows and let fresh air into your home. You may also invest in ceiling fans to let the breeze circulate throughout the room.

Window Treatments

While it’s nice to let sunlight illuminate your home, its accompanying heat also seeps through, which is why you should consider getting window treatments, such as blinds, shutters, drapes, and curtains. Not only are these stylish, but they also minimize the amount of heat and light that enter your house.

While it’s fulfilling to do these by yourself, a little help from professionals wouldn’t hurt, especially when it comes to maintenance and repairs. The mistakes you do may cost you more than what you intended to spend.

Top Signs You are Dealing with a Good Plumber

Plumbing Services There is nothing more irritating than to have your daily tasks disrupted by plumbing problems in your home, especially when time is of the essence. Imagine this: you are rushing to get your kids off to school, or perhaps to head out the door to work, and your faucet suddenly springs a major leak. This scenario, and those similar to it, is a great annoyance, to say the least.  A good, skilled plumber can easily spot and fix the problem at hand and can save you a lot of your time and money. An inexperienced plumber, on the other hand, may even cause further complications, that might lead to a bigger headache – not to mention, bigger expense.

To avoid further hassles, here are five indicators that you’ve found a good plumber

A good plumber has a license

First off, check that your lumber is duly licensed for the job. In order for a plumber to receive his or her license, he or she should have two to three years of apprenticeship plus another two years of plumbing experience. Being licensed requires them to know the plumbing and local building codes that are necessary to protect your properties from penalties and assure you that your warranties are kept intact. Building codes govern the realm of plumbing, on account of safety considerations. Every state issues their own plumbing license by testing competency and conducting a background check of the plumbers.

A good plumber is referred by people in town

One of the qualities of a good plumber is that he or she has been professionally active in the community and has been the recipient of a lot of positive feedback. Ask around your community and your neighborhood for trusted plumbing repair in Salt Lake City to find a reliable professional with a good track record.

A good plumber will stand by the quality of his or her work

Plumbing requires experience to handle different kinds of situations and to fix all sorts of problems. A good plumber can handle any of these situations with ease and confidence and will vouch for the quality of his or her work. An incompetent plumber generally lacks the conviction in his or her work and may fumble on the job and potentially cause more damage.

A good plumber puts safety first

A good plumber will address your plumbing problems in a safe and effective manner. The approach he or she uses to resolve your plumbing issues will always be within the limits of safety procedures and guidelines.

A good plumber is always on time

A professional and competent plumber does not make his or her clients wait for them. Plumbing problems need to be fixed immediately so that the household members can resume their activities for the day. A good plumber recognizes and respects this urgency and will provide you prompt, quality service within a reasonable amount of time.

Knowing these tips can help you make sure that you’re in the hands of a good plumber and can give you peace of mind that your plumbing woes will soon be over.