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Essential Wound Care Guidelines for Venous Ulcers to Promote Healing

chronic venous leg ulcerA healing wound needs ideal conditions to resolve completely, and promptly. Venous ulcers are some of the most difficult to manage. As such, medical research has focused on studies on how to improve the prognosis for healing.

Nonsurgical methods such as ultrasonic stimulation have been shown to improve healing in the experimental group. Nevertheless, local wound care and appropriate use of dressing still play an important role in the care of leg wounds due to venous insufficiency.

Local wound care for venous insufficiency

Debridement converts a chronic wound to an acute injury to enhance the healing process in an extremity suffering from poor circulation and stasis. Debridement also lowers the risk for infection. After debridement, you dress the cleansed wound to protect it as it heals.

In cases of venous insufficiency, you place the dressings under compression bandages. Multilayered bandages are often used to promote the return of venous blood to the circulation.

The main use of wound dressing is to protect the healing tissue from adhering to the compression bandages. Dressings keep the patient comfortable while lowering the amount of exudates to a minimum.

Types of dressings

Slow healing wounds could give rise to complications when managed inadequately. Dressings remain essential to the management of injuries characterized by exposed flesh under skin breakage due to venous problems.

Dressings come in different types and their use depends on the needs of the patient. Some of the typical kinds of dressing used in venous stasis are acetic acid dressings, Hydrofiber, calcium alginate, proteolytic enzyme, and synthetic occlusive dressings.

Other types of dressings used are extracellular matrix dressing and silver-impregnated dressing. In some cases, venous ulcer management here in St. George involves the use of state-of-the-art skin grafts to promote healing faster.

Chronic leg ulcers also benefit from dressings that deliver growth factors, which facilitate wound resolution.

Optimized compression bandage systems are available, and dressings now offer more than relief from pain and protection. They also facilitate healing by a provision of essential substances that promote the process on a microscopic level.

Why You Need Spine Surgery to Relieve Pain

Spine SurgeryStress and tension add up to a lot of health concerns for any person. Pressure in the office that includes time in traffic going to and from work does not help the situation. Some jobs have less tension, but those that offer the best compensation packages usually have the most work-related stress.

It is not a secret that you are being paid primarily to do a job and also to handle the stress that comes with it.

And if the pain you are experiencing is related to a spine injury, then you should read on.

It May Not Be Worth It

The result of all the stress and pressure is a buildup of strain within the body. A person can only take so much weight. When under lots of stress, the muscles tense up in a “fight or flight” stance, and the adrenaline starts pumping.

Also, the long work hours spent sitting in front of a computer or driving a vehicle can cause painful problems. When you are relaxed, you are more conscious of your posture. Otherwise, when there is a lot of stress or if there’s fatigue, good posture goes out the window.

This results in all kinds of body pains, from painful shin, knee problems, ulcers, back pains, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain syndrome and neck pains. Some people take their back problems in a cavalier attitude, hoping that it will all go away once they get to bed.

Finding Relief

The worst that can happen would be a slipped disk, but other back pains are directly caused by bad posture. This is the same thinking that often leads to muscle spasms. Worse comes to worst, you might be forced to have some form of spine surgery.

This is not as painful as it was before.

Today, the procedure is not as painful and does not take as long to recover. Experts such as Executive Spine Surgery use modern tools and techniques so spine and back pain can be addressed effectively with pain management solutions.

Why Counseling is the System to Help With Your Struggle

Group of teens on a counselling sessionAt various stages in life, every person goes through times when he needs addressing issues that may be causing emotional stress, or help. Such difficulties can make you feel like you weak, and simple advice wouldn't be the solution you need. For what you need now and in the long term, it needs to be a little more formal and systematic

Counseling is that system that people need in these times of grief and struggle. These are the purpose of places like CFHCare.org; they are there for when people are at their lowest. But if you need convincing, here are some practical benefits of their assistance:

Improve your physical wellbeing

Your health could be affected when you are in an emotional stress for a long time. Counseling may help ease you from such situations by making you avoid emotional stress and hence improving your physical wellbeing. Furthermore, today, palliative care services in Indiana have been fully improved to ensure you live a happy healthy life.

Get a whole new perspective on your thoughts and other people too

A talking therapy will help you understand more about yourself. Maybe, you could be passing through an issue that you think is too tough to solve. A professional therapist will help change these thoughts because every problem has a solution. Furthermore, a professional will help understand about how to deal with people and solve issues in an effective way.

Feel less alone with your problem

After you visit a therapist, you will surely agree with the fact that sharing a problem you could be facing makes you feel relieved. At various occasions, small issues become big simply because you are not sharing them. Furthermore, a therapist will be concerned in ensuring your problem is fully solved.

These are some of the benefits of getting counseling services from a professional. Therefore, it’s time you need to consider getting counseling services so as to live a healthier life free from stress.

4 Best Practices to Prevent Dry Skin During Summer

Woman drinking a glass of water

Extreme summer weathers can take a toll on your health and appearance. It itches and dries the skin and can even cause wrinkles, one of the most common signs of premature aging. The sun’s ultraviolet rays, as well as the humid climate, prevents us from enjoying having a plump and soft skin. In worst cases, it results in breakouts on the face and dryness on other parts of the body.

Don’t let summer get the best of you. Here are some practices to prevent dry skin:

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Water is always the answer. Drinking lots of water moisturizes the skin from within, keeping you healthy inside out. Consume eight to ten glasses of water daily, especially if you’re always under the sun. Coconut water and cucumber juice are also great sources of water.

Don’t Forget to Moisturize

For the face, a good skin care routine consists of three steps — cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Never miss the last step, especially during summer. Moisturize your skin to prevent it from flaking and drying out. Use a natural and gentle moisturizer with ingredients like turmeric, calendula, and aloe. For intense moisturizing, using avocado oil for your skin care routine is advisable.

Always Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen isn’t just for the beach. Using it on a daily basis protects your face from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, which can cause wrinkles on the face. Apply a generous amount of sunscreen all over your face and body before leaving the house for work or play.

Eat Well

You may have heard this before, but it’s true when they say that “beauty comes from within.” A healthy and balanced diet do wonders for your skin. Load up on fruits with high water content, such as watermelons, strawberries, and peaches. Tomatoes, oats, carrots, and sardines are also great for keeping your skin bright and glowing. Include these in a balanced diet consisting of protein, dairy, and carbohydrates.

Keeping your skin healthy and radiant exudes a different kind of confidence. Follow the above-mentioned tips to prevent itching, flaking, and drying skin during summer.

Perfectionism and Eating Disorders

An unhappy woman staring at the bathroom scales Eating disorders may have a bigger impact on those who want things to be perfect all time. In fact, people with anorexia usually describe themselves as perfectionist and being hard working and motivated. They always want to do things right and want to meet or surpass their goals in many aspects of life. The sad part is, they also suffer with low self-esteem and are anxious and depressed.

Some may believe that an eating disorder can give them a sense of control or an activity that they are good at. EDCare and other centers for eating disorders note that this can be a way to coping with their problems while also providing a source of self-worth. Those with anorexia, for instance, believed that being able to restrict or reduce their food intake is some kind of achievement. The same is also true to counting calories and losing weight.

Control and Unrealistic Goals

Those with eating disorders always feel to need to have complete control over their weight. This is why most of them set unrealistic personal goals. With impossible standards, they usually feel distressed when they fail to achieve them. They strive perfection and take control on their school or work performance, cleanliness, slimming down, and body shape.

Feeling Of “Not Good Enough”

The sad thing is, even though they excel in many things like having good grades or being a part of sports team, they may still feel not good enough. They may only feel like they have advantage by having anorexia, especially if they see others struggling to lose weight or maintain a diet. The ability to restrict themselves and lose weight fast can make them feel proud.

The Need for Punishment

Perfectionism may also lead to punishment, with many sufferers believing that they don’t deserve enjoyment. They may punish themselves by refusing to eat and see it as a form of discipline. Some of those who believe that they have eaten more than enough will restrict their food intake, do household chores, exercise too much, or purge.

Getting treatment like therapy is important to help those with eating disorder deal with negative thoughts and feelings. A well-rounded treatment program is also necessary to treat other medical issues and help sufferers set realistic goal and develop realistic body image.

Understanding Diabetes

DiabetesAccording to the American Diabetes Association, 29.1 million Americans have diabetes and it is the seventh-leading cause of death in the United States in 2010. These numbers are alarming, but what do we really know about this disease?

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is commonly referred to by medical professionals as diabetes mellitus. Diabetes mellitus is often differentiated into two types. Type 1 diabetes occurs when your body cannot produce insulin. Insulin is a hormone produced by your pancreas that allows your body to use sugar or glucose from the food you eat for energy. This type of diabetes is less common and occurs among people below 40 years old. On the other hand, Type 2 diabetes happens when the body produces an inadequate amount of insulin or when the cells in the body cannot react to insulin and thus it cannot process glucose for energy. Both types of diabetes result in high levels of glucose in the blood.

What are the Risk Factors?

While it is true that diabetes is an autoimmune disease where the body’s immune system attacks the cells that produce insulin, the cause of this reaction is still unknown. With this in mind, researchers have determined that there are certain factors that increase the likelihood that a person can develop this disease. Such factors include a family history of diabetes. The risk increases if you have an immediate family member who has diabetes. Your weight can also contribute to the development of the disease, especially type 2 diabetes. Obese and overweight individuals are more likely to develop a resistance to insulin due to increased amount of fatty tissue.

Learning about this disease can help individuals understand what it does to the body, how to prevent or manage it. The disease can be debilitating but diabetes management in Provo clinics are well-equipped with the necessary know-how and tools to support the afflicted to live a long, healthy life.

Second-Hand Smoke and Its Effects on Children

smoking habitsNon-smokers are at a huge risk if they stay in places where secondhand smoke abound. These non-smokers may not know it but they are already inhaling a lot of these smoke. It is hazardous.

Everyone knows how dangerous secondhand smoke is. In fact, according to Cancer.org, secondhand smoke, which is also referred to as environmental tobacco smoke or ETS, is even more dangerous than smoking itself. With the higher concentration of cancer-causing chemicals that can enter an adult body, have you ever wondered how it can affect children?

What is it anyway?

For those who are not aware, ETS is the smoke that someone exhales after a drag on a cigarette stick. Believe it or not, such smoke contains about 4,000 chemicals, with many of them classified as dangerous to your health and about 50 of those have been identified as cancer-causing agents.

How can children be at risk?

If you have a baby at home or know someone who has a baby, try to observe them while they are sleeping. Were you able to observe that they breathe rather rapidly? Babies and children breathe more rapidly than adults do. This means that they could take in lots of secondhand smoke compared to adults, which also means that they have a higher risk of contracting related diseases. Furthermore, WebMD states that since the bodies of the children are still in development stage, the introduction of harmful chemicals to their system can have some devastating effects.

Can this be avoided?

If you are a smoker, you can try to quit, but if you cannot, then you can at least try to smoke outdoors or at least ten meters away from your kid. Then again, there is also what doctors refer as third-hand smoke, or the residual nicotine and other chemicals that got stuck on a number of indoor surfaces after smoking tobacco. Researchers claim that it reacts with indoor pollutants to produce a toxic mix. To be really safe, you can try to contact experts in air purification system in Utah and have them install good air purifiers and filters. These nifty gadgets can help remove secondhand smoke and residual chemicals indoors and eject them out of your house. With these devices, you can at least prevent your kids from inhaling secondhand smoke.

Secondhand smoke has been known to cause lung cancer to non-smokers. It is a good thing that the government has already recognized this problem and thus passed laws that ban smoking in some public places. But if you or other people smoke inside your home, it is better to implement some devices that could immediately expel secondhand smoke. Doing so would make your kids a lot safer.


It’s a Match: Single Tooth Crowns Must Match Your Other Teeth

dental crownsThe appearance of the front teeth is especially important to people, as it affects the beauty of your smile. As the most visible teeth, damaging them, whether through cavities or dental trauma, can be a terrible experience.

Though a single tooth crown is usually enough to fix the problem, it can still be a nerve-wracking experience for the patient. What if the dentist makes a mistake, and you end up with a fake tooth that juts out and is a different color from the other teeth?

This is why dentists like Kurt Schneider, DDS make sure that the new crown perfectly matches the other teeth. It needs to have the same color, shape, and size of the original teeth, and applied in such a way that it sits comfortably and discreetly against the gums.

Get the Right Look

Older styles of dental crowns tend to stick out like a sore thumb — some are made of conspicuous materials, such as gold capped teeth and silver amalgam. Other styles may also be tooth colored, but look completely unnatural as they do not blend in with the other teeth.

Old dental crowns also have the problem of slightly jutting out from the rest of the teeth. This is because older dental technology could not accommodate crowns using thinner materials.

Today, crowns match the shade of your teeth perfectly, thanks to new shade taking methods. The materials are also thinner, while still remaining incredibly durable. This gives you just the right look for your dental crown.

Plan Ahead if You Want Other Procedures Done

Since the shade of the crown is important, teeth whitening and other procedures should be completed before you get the crown. This way, you can be sure that your crown blends in with the remaining teeth.

A single tooth crown does wonders to improve your smile. Go to a skilled dentist, so that everything will be a good match.

Cosmetic Dentistry: The Secret to a Bright and Beautiful Smile

Cosmetic dentistryDiscolored, chipped, and crooked teeth can make people too conscious about how they look. In some instances, they may find themselves covering their mouth every time they talk, smile, or laugh. In other words, the appearance of their teeth affects the way they carry themselves.

Many people turn to cosmetic dental treatments to improve their appearance, confidence, and oral health. Glenlake Dental Care reminds patients that these procedures vary depending on the recommendations of their Wilmette dentist. The severity of the problem determines which approach would be the most effective for patients. Here are some of the cosmetic dental treatment options available today:

Dental Braces

Dental braces consist of a set of wires or brackets and bands, which are affixed around the teeth. These serve as anchors to correct misaligned teeth. They are among the most recommended treatments for patients with:

  • Crooked or Crowded Teeth
  • Crossbite
  • Openbite
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Special Fixed Appliances

These aim to control thumb sucking or tongue thrusting, which cause chipped or unusual development of the teeth. The treatment involves the attachment of teeth by bands. It can be very uncomfortable to the patient especially during meals, which is why most dentists only recommend this as a last resort.

Space Maintainers

These are often used on toddlers or children who have lost their teeth prematurely. It leaves out the space open until the permanent replacement tooth grows out to help maintain the proper alignment of the teeth.

Clear Aligners

Also known as invisible braces, clear aligners are a good alternative to permanent metal braces. These appliances are virtually unnoticeable because they are made of transparent materials. Clear aligners are removable, allowing you to eat, brush, and floss comfortably.


These jaw repositioning appliances are worn on top or lower jaw, or both. Their main function is to train and correct the position of the jaw. Patients who are suffering from temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ) are the most common recipient of this treatment.


This removable device holds back the teeth in place to correct, adjust, and fix the teeth and jaw alignment. Children or individuals who suffer from overjet bite are good candidates for this treatment.

Cosmetic dentistry can make substantial improvements to a person’s smile and overall health. Speak to a qualified and experienced dentist to receive professional advice and recommendations.

A Jaw-Breaking Problem You Must Know About

Jaw PainBe careful with your jaw. You have a joint called the temporomandibular joint, which connects your jaw to your skull. When you injure your jaw, you may get a problem called temporomandibular disorders (TMD).


There are a number of causes of TMD. A heavy blow, whiplash, or any trauma to your jaw can cause TMD. Arthritis in the joint itself is also an identified cause. The erosion and misalignment of the disk in the joint are other causes. In many cases of TMD disorders, exact causes are still unknown.


TMD can last for varying periods. Some are temporary, while others can persist for years. Either or both sides of your face can be affected. Doctors have observed that more women than men suffer from TMD. The disorder usually affects people between ages 20 and 40.


Now, you can identify if you have TMD by watching out for the pain when you speak, chew, or open your mouth wide. Swelling on your face, clicking or popping sounds from your jaw joint, and chewing difficulty are other symptoms, explains Tmj.com.


TMD can heal even without treatment given enough time. In the case when your symptoms continue, you can ask your doctor for treatment. Treatments include pain relievers, anti-inflammatory, and muscle relaxants. There are also therapies that use mouth guards, ultrasound, and cold and hot compress. Your doctor might even recommend surgery.


You can avoid TMD as long as you take care of yourself. You can eat soft food to keep pressure away from your joints. Relaxation techniques for the face can also be a big help. You can avoid injury when exercising or playing sports by wearing safety equipment such as a mouthguard.

You can consult your doctor or physician for more details on the matter. Remember to keep that joint healthy.