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Rural Health Care in America: Two Positive Changes You May Not Have Heard

Rural Areas

Life in rural America means better air quality, a more laid-back feel, and a lower cost of living. Despite these numerous upsides, people living there may still struggle with having equal access to proper health care.

From sparse emergency room staffing to incomplete pharmaceuticals, rural health care leaves much to be desired.

In the rural areas, they tend to have fewer doctors and facilities. Many will have to travel long distances before they can receive the treatment they need. Response times are also longer, which is problematic, as every second counts in the event of an emergency.

To make up for these disparities, state governments are working hard to fill in the gaps. In recent years, they already passed two policies that made all the difference in improving rural healthcare.

Medical Supplies from the Skies

The delivery of medical supplies can be brutal: long, winding roads mean that supplies may take days before they finally reach their destination. Thanks to drones, days can be cut into hours or even minutes. Companies such as Zipline, Flirtey, and Matternet launched drones that can drop off not only medicines but also blood to remote and rural communities. Zipline, in particular, is planning to bring their drones to Washington, Nevada, and Maryland after successfully launching it in Rwanda.

Emergency Department Staffing

Some agencies and companies now provide emergency department staffing, which they may customize according to the needs of their facility and their budget. The staff is a mixture of doctors, nurses, and other medical providers, who specialize in providing health care to suburban and rural areas. They train specifically to adapt to low- to mid-volume facilities, which are common in remote communities.

The challenges of delivering quality health care to rural and remote areas in the country are far from over, but with these two developments, it may already be half won. Those living in the rural places can now look forward to a better quality of life.