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Replacing an Old Furnace with a More Efficient Appliance

a man repairing a furnaceKnowing whether to fix or replace a furnace is a question that has plagued many American homeowners. Choosing the wrong option often means unnecessary expenses (and a possible reason for couples to quarrel later on). How does one determine what to do, then?

The lifespan of a furnace

An average furnace could serve a homeowner for about 15-20 years. It can work effectively for as long as a quarter of a century if you invest in a high-quality appliance and keep up with its maintenance.

You may have probably heard, however, that a furnace that has been working non-stop for three-quarters of its projected lifespan is due a replacement. Here’s what 24-hour HVAC companies like Desert Star Heating and Air have to say about the matter.

Replacement considerations

You need to factor in several things before committing to replacing your furnace. For instance, ask yourself “what is the energy source of the appliance in your home?” Most homes have gas-powered furnaces. Some utilize an electrical system hooked to the rest of the house.

Efficient use of energy is a consideration, as well, and you may want to add a contemporary heat pump system. Changing everything up may cost more, but long-term performance is nothing to scoff at.

Moreover, if your home has the correct furnace size, you will see lower monthly charges on the bill. Speak to a local contractor about furnace size and fuel source, and remember to insist that you want the most efficient replacement furnace in the market.

Furnace efficiency

The annual fuel unit efficiency is a useful parameter to factor in when considering replacement. Old furnaces are not as efficient as newer models, which could raise your energy bills. However, a more efficient furnace can cost more to purchase and install. Weigh the expense of having a new furnace installed with projected operating costs. The most significant benefit of high-efficiency appliances is lower utility costs.

Are your HVAC repair bills are piling up? It might be time to get a new heating system.