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The Most Common Types of Drill Bits

man building a metal fenceVarious construction jobs involve drilling of some sort to connect things. It is vital to use the right kind of drill bit to get satisfactory results. The type of task at hand will determine what type to use.

You can opt to buy drill bits online from vendors such as Herrick Industrial Supply, or visit a hardware shop to make the purchase, with the online option being more convenient.

Since drill bits come in different sizes and shapes to fit their functionality, it is important to look at some of them in detail to know that which will suit your preferences.

With that said, check out the various kinds below.

Twist Bits

They have a front edge used to cut the material and spirals that aid in clearing the fragments, creating a smooth hole. The high-speed steel bit can withstand high temperatures, making it quite suitable for drilling metal.

On the other hand, a carbon steel bit makes a good bit for drilling through wood. Its small size also makes it quite suitable for drilling small holes.

Masonry bits

People use these to drill into concrete, bricks, and heavy material. It is no wonder that they require a power drill to function. Tungsten carbide is used to make the cutting tip, and the rest of the body is spiral. You can still use them manually, though they will require a lot of effort.

Tile Bits

As the name suggests, these are ideal for glass and tiles. They are quite effective when used with a power drill. However, you should maintain a slow speed while drilling. When drilling glass, the tungsten carbide tip is often bound to get hot. For you to keep it cool, you will need to use turpentine or white spirit.

It is essential to take great care of drill bits, as they are costly. This involves constant sharpening since a sharp bit will give better results. Storage is also crucial, and you should not leave them lying around. Instead, people should keep it safe in a case and cleaned up regularly.

3 Reasons to Let a Pro Sink Your Borehole When Securing a Water Supply

Water Supply Freshwater remains a precious commodity that it is becoming scarce. As such, people often go to great lengths to secure their freshwater supplies. Some create water dams from rainwater or rivers to beef up their supply, while others choose to sink boreholes. The latter makes a good choice since it taps into the copious ground water reservoirs. As a result, you have a steady supply of water that lasts you a long time.

To make the best of your well, Carlyle Drilling and other experts in the industry recommend hiring the services of a credible well driller:

Provision of a superior service

Drilling for water is a delicate process that requires a considerable amount of skills and knowledge. Other than having the right kind of machinery, a credible company picks the best drilling site for your well. Ground water occurs in different forms, requiring different methods of extraction. An expert service first inspects your land to determine the level of the water table and other intricacies. This enables them to use the best drilling method for your particular case. A professional approach ensures good results while saving on costs.

Provision of water quality advice

Despite the ground water gathering over many years, it is not entirely free of contaminants. Often it contains dissolved minerals and other toxins that could prove harmful after consumption. An expert service boasts all the necessary skills to test the water if fit for domestic use. If the water falls short of ideal quality, they can recommend the best treatment and filtration system to use for cleansing. As such, you can achieve the best results from your well.

Provision of safety advice

Ground activities including farming and irrigation bear a considerable influence on the water quality in your well. Dangerous chemicals in pesticides and fertilisers can find a way to the well. An expert service ensures that your well is properly sited and offer guidance to keep your water safe at all times.

Drilling a well is a delicate process that is best left to the professionals. Hiring an expert service ensures that you get the best results to secure a steady supply of clean water always.

Importance of Using Cost Estimation Software

Using automated application benefits every business in a huge way. The Cost Estimation Softwareconstruction industry is not lagging behind technology because most companies are now using cost estimation software with their projects. The applications are beneficial in terms of increasing sales, reducing expenses, and also winning new bids.

All companies that have embraced the construction cost estimating software are enjoying the following benefits:


If you are not using any software or you are using an unreliable one, then you are missing great opportunities. You need to start using a construction software that can give you detailed information on costs expected on different jobs with figures. This will help you to choose jobs that are profitable as per the estimates provided by the software. Here, you are saving time and money by not getting involved in non-profitable activities.


Using an electronic application helps you prepare your estimated data on construction jobs using a similar method, time and cost as well. And since the results are gotten the same way, it is very easy to compare the estimates with the actual costs and then use the comparison outcomes in the future. It will help you avoid some costly overruns by adjusting the estimates.

Better Projects Management

The construction software allows you to track projects from the bidding stage to completion closely. It provides you with the information involved such as subcontractor details, purchase orders, and change orders among others. Above all, you can keep this historical data and use it in future to prepare new bids.

User Friendly

These applications are very easy to use and arranging for a good training program can make it even easier. You won’t require employing new technicians so to use the software in your company.

Research revealed that most construction companies have embraced technology and are using software rather than doing all tasks by hand. This is because they understand the benefits that come with it.

4 Costly Home Renovation Mistakes You Need to Avoid

home renovationFor most people, renovating their home is a once-in-a-lifetime endeavor that requires time, money, and effort. It might sound appealing to you to grab a sledgehammer and start tearing your living room apart, but remodeling a house isn’t something you should take lightly.

Before you start the process, you need to put in a lot of careful planning to make sure you end up with a made-over house that is perfect for you.

To make sure this happens, you need to avoid doing any of the following:

1.  Hiring a contractor you can’t rely on

Hanto & Clarke General Contractors, LLC says that there are many general contractors in Pensacola, Florida, and you have to know how to separate the wheat from the chaff. Ask for referrals from family and friends you can trust. Once you find a potential contractor, ask for client references you can interview.

2.  Underestimating your budget

Have room for additional expenses, as you will definitely incur them. Let’s say you’re installing a backsplash and realize that part of the wall is damaged. You can’t renovate your home without having to address that.

3.  Not minding your furniture layout

Your kitchen cabinets, living room lamps, and other furniture will complete the look of the makeover. This is why you have to take into consideration where they will go once the remodeling is done. You don’t want to renovate your kitchen only to find out later your cabinets don’t fit anywhere.

4.  Insisting on what’s popular

Granite countertops and hardwood floors increase your home’s appeal, but they’re also costly and impractical. There are various granite and hardwood alternatives, such as laminate, that look and feel like the real thing without being as expensive or hard to maintain.

Many homeowners forget to have fun during the entire renovation project. Remember, the goal of giving your house a makeover is giving yourself a nice, comfortable place to live in. Don’t take the stresses of renovating a house too seriously, and make sure you have fun while doing it.

Upgrading Your Home: The Merits of Fiberglass in Construction

Fiber Glass WindowsYou may wonder why fiberglass is little by little gaining popularity and why more construction companies are now offering them. Well, considering all its positive traits, you would truly think it is worth its price. Here are the specific merits of fiberglass and the advantages it offers your home.

Fiberglass is Stronger – Fiberglass is around twice stronger than aluminum, 8 times sturdier than vinyl and more than 3 times stronger wood. If you consider these factors, there are few construction materials that can outlast fiberglass and they may not be even fitted to doors and windows.

Fiberglass is More Reliable – There is a recent rise in interest among construction companies in the use of fiberglass as more homeowners are requesting them as a replacement for their former glass or wooden windows. According to Abwindows.com, fiberglass replacement windows are popular as the material doesn’t warp, rot, corrodes, rust, dent, breaks easily, discolor, melt and is moisture-free.

Fiberglass is Resilient – Fiberglass can take extreme heat and very low temperatures easily, without breaking and melting. Because of this, you can use fiberglass to fit into doors, windows, panels, walls and even tabletop surfaces. It doesn’t matter if it will be used outside or inside, it will still stay in place and will not be affected by any change in the weather.

Fiberglass is Eco-Friendly Fiberglass is made from partly recycled materials. It can keep the heat and the cold from your HVAC more than aluminum. Also, it assures you of tighter seals to keep the heat in since it can withstand more than 200mph wind speed and it has zero rates of thermal expansion.

Once considered more of a novelty material, fiberglass have now risen in ranks as being a practical and affordable building component of your home. There are more benefits of fiberglass and all you need to do is ask your present renovations or builders company about it. Go ahead and try it to experience every benefit it can offer your house and household.

Window Shopping: Retrofit vs New Construction for Your Old Windows

windowDoes your home have old windows?

If you notice some air leaks, frost build-up, and window condensation — or maybe your windows just don’t work the way they did before, it may be time to replace them with new, energy efficient and cost-effective ones.

While that’s an easy decision to make, you also have to decide between retrofitting and new construction for your windows.

New Construction

If you want windows different in size from the ones you already have at home, then a new construction might be the better idea. This method involves experts removing the stucco or siding from the outer edge to expose the entire window — down to the studs and framework. According to window professionals from Above & Beyond Construction, this means you can replace any rotten or damaged wood, making your new window more secure and longer lasting.

With this option, you can install windows of any size since you will no longer be limited to the original opening.

The cost of a new construction is much higher than retrofitting, however, since there is more work involved in prepping and finishing the openings; it will also take longer to install the windows. Compared to retrofitting, though, a new construction is worth it.

Retrofit Installation

Retrofitting replacement windows is a good option if you are satisfied with the size and placement of your current windows. Since there will be no alterations to the frame, you won’t notice a considerable difference between your old and new windows.

Retrofit installation is a good choice as well if you’re working with a limited budget. After all, it’s a straightforward swap from one window to another.

You won’t have to worry about repairing or replacing the exterior finish of your home, too. That means when you don’t have a lot of time to finish the project due to a tight deadline, choose a retrofit installation since it’s a much faster method. Take note, however, that the size of your replacement window will be limited by the size of your original frame.

For a remodeling project this big, it’s always wise not to try to cut corners — no matter which method you choose. Simply choose the one that’s designed specifically for your lifestyle, time, and budget, and you will save yourself a lot of time, hassle, and probably money in the long run.