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USED written on a car plate

Critical Steps to Buying a Used Car

When buying a pre-owned car, one of the most important things you need to do is to look out for possible mechanical problems. Below is a list of the essentials so that you will not face any unpleasant surprise when you make the purchase:

Perform a test drive.

When buying a vehicle from used car dealers in Jacksonville, it is imperative to take it on a test drive on both the highways and local roads. On your local roads, you will feel how the vehicle responds and shifts when turning sharp corners. On the other hand, if you take a trip down the highway, you will know if the engine is running smoothly or not.

Taking your prospective car on a ride under different environments will allow you to hear and feel how the vehicle responds. Remember to listen keenly and look out for strange noises and reactions.

Perform a leak test.

A car that is leaking fluids is a general red flag for failed repairs. During your test drive, park the car in a clean spot and let it run for a few seconds. After some time, move the vehicle and inspect the spot for any fluids.

A black fluid is indicative of an oil leak while green and pink are signs of anti-freeze and a leakage in the transmission respectively.

Review the car’s history.

A used vehicle history will give you an insight into title problems, if any, service points, and ownership, as well as previous accidents. You can also check the VIN decoder chart to see if the information matches with the vehicle title and records.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, never rush into purchasing a used car for sale. Instead, take time to do extensive research on the vehicle. Also, be assertive when negotiating the price to ensure that you get a good deal.

5 Tricks to Keep Your BMW Running Forever

A Sports CarA car’s primary function is to take you from point A to B in comfort, convenience, speed, and relative safety. It can also be a status symbol. This is why some would rather drive a BMW even if there are many more affordable vehicles like Corollas and Civics.

A car can also become a source of headaches if you don’t take good care of it. To prevent that from happening, here are some tricks that can make your car run the longest time possible.

1. Don’t force your car to run on bad tires.

Wear on tires can lead to additional problems. The suspension is forced to work harder, the rims get damaged, and your safety is compromised. A worn-out tire may also start leaking air. It’s best to drive on good quality tires inflated to the right pressure at all times. Buy a tire gauge so you can check your tire pressure anytime. The right psi is written on a sticker in your driver’s side door jamb.

2. Replace your motor oil according to schedule.

Don’t wait for your BMW to inform you that the oil is due for replacement. Shadetree Automotive recommends taking it to a BMW service Layton station for an oil change. Check your owner’s manual for the schedule. It is also a good idea to replace the oil filter each time you change your oil.

3. Use a clean air filter.

The air filter prevents dust, sand, and debris from entering your engine and causing damage. A dirty air filter may not perform a good job any longer, and the dirt can affect engine performance and fuel economy. Clean or replace your air filter regularly.

4. Clean your car’s exterior and interior.

It’s great if your BMW’s engine is running like a dream, but you also want to protect its looks. Avoid eating inside your car, as crumbs and odors can stay in it for a long time. Vacuum and detail your car occasionally. You should also check your cabin air filter to know if it needs replacement.

Check your manual for its location (usually in or under your glove compartment) and how to remove it. To protect your paint from corrosive elements like rain, road salt, and bird droppings, wash your car regularly and keep it protected with a good quality wax.

5. Replace the spark plugs.

There was a time when cars required a tune-up. Modern cars, however, can go through without needing one. You still have to replace spark plugs and cables, though, to make sure that wear doesn’t affect performance. Ask your mechanic about when to replace them.

These five tricks may not seem like much. They are not expensive at all. But they can make your car last a lot longer.

3 Ways for You to Buy a Pre-Owned Car

Purchasing Pre-Owned CarsBuying a used or pre-owned car is a good option for people who really need their own vehicle but don’t have enough money yet to afford buying a new car. However, you must be vigilant about your purchase to avoid getting a lemon. Although you’re buying a used car, that doesn’t mean you have to expect problems about it. You can still get a high-quality car if you only know where to look and how to evaluate your choices before buying one. Here are three options you have.

Car Auctions

You can participate in government car auctions in Moorebank in the hopes of finding the car for you. Usually, brochures are given out before the auction date so the participants can know more details. If possible, go with someone who has extensive knowledge about cars to help you determine which car to bid for. Always check the reputation of the auction organiser before participating to have peace of mind that you’ll go home with a high-quality used car.

Accredited Dealers

Most accredited car dealers have both new and used cars for sale. Whether a franchise or independent car dealership, you can find a used car that fits your needs because they usually have a wide array of choices. Just like in auctions, you must also check the dealership’s credibility before buying from them. The good thing about dealerships is that some may offer financing options or limited warranties.

Private Sellers

Another way for you to find a used car for sale is through word of mouth. Tell your neighbours and colleagues that you’re planning to buy a pre-owned car. You never know, but they might coincidentally know someone who is currently selling their used vehicle and it happens to be a make and model you like.

Pickles.com.au advised that wherever you end up purchasing a pre-owned car, make sure you are secured and the deal is good. This way, you don’t have to worry about coming across hidden problems in the end.

Junk Vehicles

3 Ways Junk Vehicles Seriously Harm Earth

Junk VehiclesWorking or not, automotive vehicles can damage the environment. Despite the huge strides the industry have had over the years to reduce the pollution these machines produce, the problem is far from eliminated.

As even the latest generation of cars is detrimental to nature, just imagine the severity of destruction older models could do. To give you a glimpse at how junk vehicles are major hazards to both humans and the Earth, here are unquestionable examples they make the planet a less safe place:

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Compared to newer vehicles, old, run-down cars release more chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs, which effectively deplete the ozone layer. This layer is Earth’s natural shield against harmful ultraviolet radiation, which essentially makes life possible in the 3rd rock from the Sun.

As automobiles burn fossil fuels to create energy, they emit carbon dioxide (CO2) — the main offender in creating a hole in the ozone layer. This weakening of Earth’s shield results to global warming, paving the way for climate change.

Unless the excessive production of CO2 is significantly reduced, if not eliminated, the planet would undergo massive changes in climate and potentially lead to human extinction.

Fluid Leakages

Even if your junk vehicle is just sitting in the garage, it can still cause soil pollution. It still has engine fluids, which can seep into the ground in case of leakage. Coolants and engine oil amongst others can reach the underground, and contaminate the very water you drink.

Non-Biodegradable Parts

Many vehicle components, like plastic bumpers or rubber tyres, take forever to decompose on their own. This is why it’s better to sell them instead to Auckland or Wellington scrap buyers, such as Macaulay Metal Group, for their proper disposal. Metal recyclers experienced and adept at giving junk cars a new lease of life and disposing unusable parts the most eco-friendly way.

Selling your entire junk car or scraps is the most practical and responsible way to get rid of your old ride. While there’s no solution to the world’s problem with cars, getting run-down vehicles recycled is the least you can do for the environment.