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What to Do if Your Car Won’t Start

a woman inside a silver carBreakfast is done. Your children are finally out the door and ready for school. You’re also ready to go to work. But then you find that your car isn’t ready yet because it just won’t start. What are you supposed to do? Consider these easy tips to try and get your up to speed.

Check the Hood

It’s usually a battery issue when a car won’t start. If you think this is the case, inspect the hood and check for the following:

  • Is your battery mounted correctly?
  • Do you see corrosion or rust surrounding the battery’s terminals?
  • How about the connection of the cable clamps?

If you could move your battery or cable terminals even a smidge, the electrical connection might be weak so your car won’t start. Experienced auto mechanics in Salt Lake City adds that you should tighten all cable connections and clean corrosion (if any) to create a stronger electrical connection. If your car still won’t crank, try calling a neighbor for a jump start.

Do You Hear a Click? Try Cycling

If you hear a distinct click rather than the roar of your engine upon turning your key, you could try cycling the key to help start your engine. This could help warm up the starter, terminals, and the battery. To cycle, put the key in the off position and then the start position consecutively for about 10 times. Wait a couple of minutes and then start your car. If it doesn’t work, try cycling two more times.

…or Shifting

If you don’t hear anything when trying to start your car, consider doing a subtle shift. Shifting might work because when you move the shifter around, it might reestablish electrical connections in the transmission range sensor or selector. To do a shift, put pressure on the brake pedal, shift your car in to neutral, and then start your car. If you succeed, then go about your day. If not, however, shift it to park and try starting your car again.

If you managed to start your car and dropped your children off at school with no further incidents, the next thing you should do is to head over to your local mechanic to have your car inspected. It’s possible that your car might not be willing to work with you the second time around, so it’s best to head straight to your mechanic.

How to Choose a Car Mechanic

a man fixing the car engineYour car giving up on you in the middle of a busy road while you are on your way to an appointment is not something anyone would wish to encounter. However, such unfortunate events happen. The bad news is, no one knows when it will happen and to whom. The good news? There are ways to handle the situation to lessen the burden and stress. The answer? Find a mechanic.

Choosing a mobile mechanic is not something that should be done when your car starts acting up. Instead, it should be done BEFORE you notice something is wrong with your car, or before you get into such misfortunes. Finding one is not that hard. Here is a guide to help you.

How to choose a car mechanic

1. Referrals

Asking your friends and family for referrals is often effective. Because they have personally used their services, they can give you a direct opinion on how a mechanic does their work and what to expect from them.

2. Shop around

Once you have the leads, do not be afraid to shop around. This will help you understand the market better, as well as compare the services of one shop to another. Doing so can help you gather information that can help you make a better decision.

3. Ask many questions

While shopping around, make sure to ask as many questions as possible. Technically, there are no right or wrong answers as it will all depend on your needs and preference, but asking will help you know more about who you are going to possibly entrust your car to.

4. Know the warranty and policies

Different companies have different policies. Before committing to anything, make sure you understand the scope and limitations of such policies and whether or not they will work for you in the long run. Any changes agreed upon should always be done in writing.

Use these four simple tips to find the right car mechanic. Start your search now before it is too late.

Ways to Get the Best Deal When Buying a Car

man planning to bu a new carJudging by the rising car sales here in Auckland, it may seem that many people do not have a hard time buying one. But some people dread the moment they must walk into a dealership to get their new car, while others view it as a chore.

In most cases, the mistakes they made with their present vehicle are still fresh in their mind. However, this does not always have to the case as you can avoid some costly mistakes that could ruin the car-owning experience.

Be smart about the money

Prospective car buyers are so caught up on the buying price that they make one oversight that costs them a fortune. You should not put too much effort to get the salesperson to lower the price then opt to finance with no money down.

While knocking a couple of hundreds of dollars over the top might feel good, you will lose thousands over the life of the car loan. Most people often make the mistake of not shopping around for an affordable car loan.

With a little negotiation, you can bring down the interest rate from about 6 percent to an affordable 4 percent.

Go for that test drive

It is easy to get enamoured by the immaculate body, and a sparkling paint job that you forget to peek under the hood. Again, it is not enough to rev the engine while the car is stationary. You need to spend some time behind the wheel to get a feel of the car before making a commitment.

Take the car through a wide range of conditions to be sure. From the smooth highways to the bumpy back streets, you want to be sure that the vehicle can handle them well. You certainly do not need to discover that the car rattles and shakes when you hit 60 miles an hour after taking delivery.

Buying a car is a huge financial decision and, as such, you need to approach it with all the seriousness it deserves. You certainly can afford to make a mistake that will lead you to incur hefty losses after sealing the deal.

Understanding Credit: Things to Know About Auto Loans in Australia

private loan in AustraliaAside from a house, a vehicle is probably one of the most costly purchases you’ll make in your life. However, you can’t get carried away with all the excitement because you have to decide how you’re going to pay for the car you want.

Many banks and private lenders in Australia offer auto loans and they’re strictly regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA). This means that you could be certain you’ll be subjected to fair fees and charges:

How Auto Loans Work

Like other loan types, you’ll have many options depending on your specific needs and eligibility. You could choose which features you need, keeping in mind that you have to repay the entire loan — on time in a predetermined period. For instance, you might go for a fixed interest rate to know exactly the amount you need to repay each month. If you’re looking for an auto loan that you could make additional payments at your convenience, you have to make certain that you won’t be penalised for doing so.

When and How to Repay

Auto loans have to be repaid over a shorter time period than other loans like mortgages, but you could discuss your preferred loan term with lenders. If you have enough savings, consider putting it towards your car deposit. If you’re in the market to replace your existing car, Boettcher Motors and other well-known dealers say that you could consider trading it in. The lower your loan amount, the easier it is to repay.

All loans, regardless of the type, carry their own rewards and risks. Although your loan gives you the power to buy the car you’re eyeing, make sure that you could afford the monthly loan repayments or else your lender might repossess your car.

Be on the lookout for potential hidden charges that would add up over the life of your auto loan, and remember, a larger deposit typically means a lower interest rate.

Car Troubles? Try These Car Care Ideas

Mobile Locksmiths in AucklandEver had the experience of oversleeping then rushing to get dressed for work, only to find out your car won’t even start? There are many ‘horror’ stories like this. Most of the time, the problem could have been avoided had the driver taken better care of their vehicle.

Especially if your car is old, regular maintenance and care can go a long way in preventing problems, which have a tendency to happen during the most inopportune moments. Here are some ideas that might save you from such an experience.

Have a Regular Mechanic

Find a default shop to bring your car to for repairs and regular maintenance work. When your mechanic becomes familiar with your car, they know where to look immediately if something goes wrong. If the same problem persists after a while, however, it might be time to bring it to another shop. Choose a mechanic who will give you some basic troubleshooting advice.

Have a List of Numbers on Hand

In addition to your mechanic or shop, save the number of a towing company and your insurance provider on your mobile phone or in a notebook you keep in your car. It’s important to be able to call them immediately if your vehicle stalls or you get in an accident. Other people whose numbers you should save include a traffic lawyer, mobile locksmiths in Auckland (in case you’re locked out) and your next of kin or a friend who can help.

Drive with Care

Apart from doubling the risk of accidents, speeding may shorten the life of your car. It definitely wastes more fuel. Even a minor accident may damage your car and put you in danger. Speeding over potholes or rough roads may damage your car’s underside. High-speed cornering is both dangerous and bad for your vehicle’s tyres, suspension, differential and other parts.

Keep Your Car Clean

Caked mud may cause long term damage or rusting. Watermarks are impossible to remove when they’ve been there too long, especially on your windshield. Leaks may form if dirt piles up in seams and openings. Keep your car clean and you’ll enjoy it for a longer time.

Buy a New Car

The expenses of maintaining a very old car can pile up. Buy a brand new or a newer used vehicle when you can afford it. If you really want to save, buy a make and model that’s known for reasonable pricing, longevity and practicality. You may also check out leasing rates in your area.

These are some of the ways to avoid problems with your car. The more care and respect you give your vehicle, the more years it will serve you well.

3 Myths about Car Insurance Oklahomans Refuse to Debunk

Car InsuranceLike the rest of the country, the Sooner State requires you to carry liability insurance to cover the costs related to injuries, death, and property damage due to accidents you cause. The minimums are $25,000 for injury or death per person, $50,000 for injuries and deaths per accident if more than one person is hurt during the incident, and $25,000 for property damage.

But outside liability coverage, Oklahomans are quite divided when it comes to other things. The state’s auto insurance laws may end there, but your knowledge of other forms of insurance shouldn’t.

More often than not, your assumptions in terms of the types of coverage you should hold when driving around Oklahoma are in touch with reality.

Uninsured Motorist Insurance Is Mandatory

Contrary to popular belief, you’re actually not required to add uninsured motorist insurance to your policy. As optional coverage, you can not carry it at your own risk. It may not be the wisest decision, as not having this insurance may put your finances in jeopardy should an uninsured driver hits you.

Nobody Can Force You to Buy Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

The law may not require you to pay for these two, but it can be impossible for you to secure an auto loan or lease a vehicle without getting collision and comprehensive coverage.

Because it’s often part of the loan or lease agreement, the only way to escape paying these types of insurance is to buy your own vehicle cash and pay for it in full.

You Only Need Gap Insurance When Buying Brand-New

Gap insurance is generally linked to new car sales in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman, and other major cities, but it’s also applicable to used vehicles, says Hudiburg Nissan.

Especially if you’re trying to buy a pre-loved vehicle that’s less than three years old and going to log a lot of mileage on it, carrying it for a few years makes sense.

Most drivers don’t see the value of auto coverage until the unexpected happens. The majority of insurance products may not be obligatory, the more you include in your policy, the more you protect yourself financially.

car maintenance

Car Maintenance for the First Time Owner

car maintenanceNothing beats the feeling of driving your own car — especially if it’s your first. Being behind the wheel can give you a lot of power, since you’re able to go to places on your own. But, as Spidey’s movie says, ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’

You may be good at driving carefully and getting to your destination safely. But having your own car is more than just steering the wheel — it’s about taking care of the vehicle itself. For first time car owners, here are some tips to give your ride an awesome life:

Always check your car’s tyre conditions

This advice goes to all car owners who want to ensure their safety. Particularly, check for signs of wear. That way, you avoid road accidents. To be sure about the safety condition of your wheels, it’s better to have help from experts from tyre shops. Perth car repair experts give you advice on when it’s time to change tyres.

Regularly clean your car

Cleanliness is next to godliness, they say — and that works with your vehicle as well. It’s not just so that your car has an appealing look from the outside, it’s to protect certain parts of the vehicle from corrosion as well.

Did you know that the longer your vehicle is under the sun, the more likely its paintwork will be damaged? Tinting your car windows may protect you from skin cancer, but what protects your car from sun exposure?

Monitor your engine oil

Engine oil is perhaps one of the most important components of your car. That’s because the oil acts as the lifeline of your vehicle. Check it regularly to avoid untoward incidents.

Keeping a car can be tiresome at times, but learning how to properly maintain one pays off. That’s especially true if you decide to sell it.

Car Loan in Utah

Don’t Get Scammed: Know Your Title Loan Basics

Car Loan in UtahAlmost all industries have been infiltrated with scammers, and this includes the car title loan industry.

Many consumers have already faced the unfortunate consequences of dealing with a shady lender, so it is a must to stay alert and know which ones are legit and which ones are just out to scam unsuspecting victims. Utah Money Center shares more information below:

Utah Laws Surrounding Car Title Loans

According to the Utah State Legislature, all title loan lenders should provide borrowers with a complete schedule with details about the interest rates and any applicable charges. They are also required by the state laws to have a phone number their clients can easily call if they have complaints or inquiries about the service.

The State of Utah, according to the Consumer Federation of America, has no cap set on the amount borrowers can apply for. The lenders are responsible for determining how much their minimum or maximum loan amount is.

Reputable Title Loan Lenders Have Physical Addresses

To make sure you are dealing with a reputable lender, confirm its physical address. This applies to all lenders, even those that also operate online. When you choose to apply for a title loan online, check the portal and make sure it has not only a phone number you can call, but an office address you can visit as well.

Legitimate Title Loan Lenders Explain Everything in the Contract

To make sure their clients understand all the terms and conditions of the title loan, legitimate title loan lenders provide a detailed explanation about them. This includes the interest rates, the repayment terms, the possibility of renewal, and the consequences of defaulting on the loan. With this, borrowers know what they should and should not do, if they want to maintain a good loan record and keep their car.

Just keep in mind these pieces of valuable information, and you will surely find the best title loan provider.

Equipment & Car Trailer for Hire in Perth

The Right Way to Hire Equipment & Car Trailers

Equipment & Car Trailer for Hire in PerthDo you need equipment or car trailers for residential, commercial and industrial use? Have you thought of hiring?

There are many companies for hire out there that claim they have the best range of equipment and trailers. Not all of them, though, can provide the best service to all customers, especially in the Bay of Plenty.

Whatever you are looking for – be it air compressors, lighting towers, jacks, hammers, gardening and landscaping tools, trailers, access equipment, lighting machines, scaffold, bobcat or Compactors – look for a company that goes beyond your ordinary rental.

Here are a few things you should look for:

Competitive rates

Choose a company with no capital outlay and can give you immediate access to modern equipment and  trailers. This will help you save on labour costs and avoid registration problems. Renting companies like ClassicHire.net.au has the perfect solution for all your budget requirements.

Updated line of equipment

The reason you are hiring equipment is because you want the latest model and type. Choose a company that gives you the latest equipment.

Well-maintained and law compliant equipment

Equipment does not only have to be new, but it also need to well maintained and compliant with the latest legislative requirements. This will ensure your equipment is of the best quality and will never cause problems in the future.

Computer-based processing

Efficiency is a requirement when it comes to customer satisfaction. The emergence of big data or the IT software helps businesses streamline their daily operations. Choose a company that uses software to cut the confusing paper trail and simplify the procedures in your renting transactions.

Large supply

Find a company that can supply your equipment requirement during the busiest time of the year. A car trailer hire in Perth with a range of equipment should be able to satisfy your demands even during peak seasons.

An ideal company can provide you all these and more. Stop making any mistakes and choose a company that will cater to all your needs.