Recommended Exercises for the Elderly in Singapore

Old Couple in Singapore

Old Couple in SingaporeExercise is for all ages. Kids, adults and the elderly should stay active for better health. Health care facilities know its importance, and they come up with activities for their residents.

These can be as simple as walking or dancing, or it can be a routine activity like aerobics. There are also activities for adults with limited mobility. In Singapore, one fitness plan that care homes use is STEP.

STEP (Strength Training Exercise Programme)

The Health Promotion Board (HPB) defines STEP as a group activity for people aged 60 and above. To be considered, a person must pass the readiness test.  Seniors need permission from their doctor.

Healthcare homes can also use the guidelines on physical activity for the elderly. The HPB suggests that 50-year-olds and above should do these regularly:

  • Take the stairs
  • Walk
  • Stand or move around to break sedentary periods

General Guidelines on Physical Activity

A moderate  aerobic activity such as jogging can increase breathing and heart rate. HBD recommends moderate-intensity aerobics for obese or older adults. The routine lasts 120-150 minutes per week, with calorie intake requirements factored in. Healthcare providers may plan for activities up to 250 minutes per week if needed.


Older people who want to become more active should take the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire. Aerobic and strength exercises should start with 5-10 minutes warm up. Individuals with chronic diseases must have a medical clearance before starting high-intensity physical activities.

Most importantly, they should aim to improve with these activities. Older adults need to be more active than younger people. An active lifestyle helps relieve symptoms of sicknesses, improves balance and strength, and enhances the mood. Even in old age, stresses the importance of joining physical and recreational activities, which allow the elderly to offer support to one another.

Old age is not an excuse to stop being active. Exercise, volunteer and do activities that encourage physical movements to be healthy no matter your age.