Quad Bikes: The Newest ATV Trend in Farms

Quad bike in the mountains

Quad bikes are also known as all-terrain vehicles (ATV), and they serve as useful farm and service equipment in many industries today. While they are not originally meant to replace the traditional tractors, quad bikes serve the same purpose and more in many farms and ranches.

For those in the service industry, quad bikes serve as support transport for emergency and maintenance personnel, especially in areas where the terrain is difficult. But many people do not know what these special vehicles look like or even what purpose they serve.

What are quad bikes?

Quad bikes are small open motor vehicles with four wheels. They are popular because they are versatile and highly durable. Farmers use quad bikes to make transportation and other duties easier and more convenient. Many farm quad bikes for sale come in different models, makes, sizes, and features. If you think you need one in your farm, you need to know the features that would suit your needs when buying a unit.

What should I know when I want to buy a quad bike?

Quad bike sunrise

If you want to make the most of your farm quad bike purchase, you need to be a well-informed and smart buyer. You need to consider the engine and transmission of the unit you want to buy. This usually depends on the amount of work you intend for your ATV. Quad bikes are powered by single or twin cylinder engine ranging from 150 to 800 cubic centimetres (cc). Go for a one with a larger cc if you need the vehicle for heavier farm duties or expect to use it in difficult terrain.

Furthermore, you should think about your comfort when using an ATV. If you are using the bike as an everyday transport in an area with rocky and difficult terrain, check the ATV if the bike has an independent coil for added comfort to the rider. Comfortable seating is also important. Go for one with a well moulded seat with thick pads.

You should also check if the vehicle has good brakes. Navigating through different kinds of terrain require a powerful engine as well as an efficient brake system. Many people use these vehicles for entertainment and recreation, and in such cases an efficient brake system can help you get through steep and slippery slopes. Check the foot or handlebar for the brake control. A handlebar operated brake will give you convenience and control because it is as easy as a park brake.

Safety is a key priority when choosing a quad bike whether for farm use or recreation. Remember that ATVs are open vehicles and many injuries and accidents are associated with its use. Make sure to ask your dealer about your bike’s safety features. In addition, learn about the proper attire and gear, as well as the safety measures when driving the vehicle.

Lastly, look for a reliable and certified dealership of quad bikes. Choose one that gives a wide range of options. Ask if they have the parts, accessories, and services you might need. Ask  the dealer about these things so you can get the best out of your quad bike purchase.