Prevent Plumbing Leaks: Reduce Stress on Pipes

Plumbing Services Most if not all homeowners will experience plumbing leaks every so often. Unfortunately, replacing worn and leaky pipes could set you back thousands. But with the right preventive measures, you could easily avoid leaks in your home. How do you do this exactly?

Reduce your Water Pressure

Although hard water is responsible for causing leaky pipes, it would actually take a significant length of time for all those minerals to corrode and accumulate in your pipes. This means that majority of plumbing leaks are due to high water pressure. While this extra strong pressure is perfect for showering, every single time that you turn on that shower or tap is a step closer to a leaky pipe.

The reason for this is simple. When your water pressure is higher than it should be; everything functions significantly harder, from your appliance valves to your pipe joints. If you’re not sure if your water pressure is off the charts, purchase a hose bib gauge and connect it to a spigot. In general, normal water pressure is around 40 to 85 psi, which means that anything higher is not good, says an experienced plumber contractor. Install a pressure reducer to resolve this issue.

Make Your Water Softer

Hard water, or water that’s high in minerals, might taste better than softer water, but is immensely harder on your plumbing. These minerals include calcium and magnesium that accumulate inside your pipes, corroding fittings, building pressure, and restricting proper flow. To combat this, invest in a water softener.

Older models use sodium for counteracting mineral buildup, but the latest electronic models use electromagnetic pulses for dissolving mineral buildup, without having to add sodium to the water. While investing in a water softener could set you back several hundred dollars, depending on the size of your home, and the unit’s model, it’s much more cost-effective than having to constantly repair or replace your pipes.

Take note however that although preventing plumbing leaks is an excellent way to cut costs in the long term, if you notice a leak in your pipes, even if it appears to be inconsequential, have it repaired right away before it gets worse.