Personal Retreats: A Space to Call Your Own

living on your own

Whether it’s called a she-shed, man cave or hobby shed, having a personal retreat in your home creates a respite from everyday stresses and gives you a place to mould and furnish to your heart’s content.

Superman has the Fortress of Solitude. Batman had the Batcave. Iron Man had Stark Tower. With a little space, a little work, and a lot of creativity, you too can have your own personal lair and sanctuary to you and your hobbies.  Be it a man cave, she shed, hobby shed, or whatever you’d like to call it, a personal retreat within your home can be an excellent way to express yourself through a space you can truly call your own.

Having this personal space to yourself lets you experiment with your own sense of style and comfort Although usually placed in a room within the house, this retreat can be built or placed within an outdoor shed or prefabricated backyard studio unit. The common thread to this space is that it’s dedicated to you and your interests—and when it comes to decking the place out, the sky (and the budget) are the only limits.


Home Interiors

This personal retreat can be as simple or as complex as you desire. It’s your space, and you’re free to furnish and decorate it as you wish. At its most simple, your sanctuary could merely be a place for your hobbies—and allow you to take your passions to the next level. Your man cave or lady lair can become a workshop or artisan crafts space with equipment on call. Or it could be a visually interesting place to have a spot of tea with the ladies or crack a beer with the gents. If space permits, you can even add a full bar.

Or perhaps your space is more to show off what you already own but have no other place to put? Collections can be taken out of storage and displayed proudly in your personal sanctuary. Your space could be a shrine to your love of football or a temple dedicated to your favourite films.

Indeed, sometimes your personal getaway could be just that—a no-frills place for you to unwind.


Your personal sanctuary can take on any aesthetic you please—and it can vary significantly from the overall look of the rest of your home, to boot. When designing this personal room, you should consider making this space a true place of escape from the humdrum and the stressful. Choose an aesthetic that feels like a getaway.

With a little time and effort, you can make a lot of fantasy spaces come to life in your home, shed, or studio. Not a few people have turned their personal lairs into a relaxing sports lounge, a rustic tavern, or personal library. Collectors and gamers can turn their man-caves into private museums or throwback arcades. Fans of fantasy and science fiction can even bring their imaginations to tangible reality with a lot of work.


While your space is usually ultimately reserved mainly for your enjoyment, sometimes you’d want to have friends and family come over. When sharing this space, it’s important to add accommodations for mates coming over when planning your personal lounges.

At the minimum, you would need a space that accommodates the needs of your personal past-times. The space for your personal lair should be big enough to fit most of your pre-existing collectibles or equipment plus a few places to sit and lounge about. You would need slightly more space to accommodate and entertain guests, who would need extra elbow room and may appreciate an entertainment system. Add a few mini-fridges for snacks and cool drinks and you have yourself the perfect space to hang with your mates. Space permitting, you can even add a daybed or sofa bed to turn your personal retreat into a spare bedroom for guests.