Not Just About the Weight Loss: Diet Changes for a Healthier Smile

Good Oral HygieneDieting is one of the most popular subjects in magazines, with topics concerning foods.

Today, most people want to achieve a fitter and healthier body. As a result, they turn to fad diets and struggle constantly. They often ask themselves, ‘Should I eat this or not?’ By watching what they eat and incorporating new food groups and supplements in their diet, they could possibly lose weight.

While weight loss is a popular focus, it is just one part. Any dentist in Potters Bar will agree that these diets might also make a difference in your oral health.

Do you want a fitter body and healthier teeth? Apply these diet changes:

A Nutritionally Sound Diet Plan

Diets should not just focus on weight loss sensations; instead, it should also prioritise a better way of eating. Adjust your diet by planning the food intake first.

For most people, a balanced diet filled with fruits and vegetables, as well as a healthy amount of dairy and protein, is good enough. And they are right. Your teeth and gums will remain strong and healthy with the help of a nutrition-rich diet.

Control Sugar Consumption

Sugar and other forms of carbohydrates are your teeth’s worst enemies. These food sources encourage bad bacteria in the mouth, which triggers dental diseases (e.g., tooth decay, cavities, etc).

To keep your pearly whites safe, it is important that you strictly monitor your sugar intake. Do not consume more than six teaspoons of sugar a day. Sugary treats in between meals are also inadvisable. If you cannot control your cravings, satisfy your sweet tooth with fruits instead.

Say No to Acidic Beverages

Fizzy drinks, sports and energy drinks, and fruit juices are popular beverage options. These are also high in acid, enough to damage your tooth enamel.

Keep your teeth healthy by drinking these only during meal times, and avoiding sipping over long periods. Rather than drinking these to quench your thirst, drink water instead.

A little tweak in your diet is enough to improve your oral health. Apply these changes for a fitter and healthier you, while maintaining a beautiful smile.