Landing Page Hacks to Improve Site Conversion


WebsitesGrabbing the attention of your audience doesn’t immediately mean that it will turn into a conversion. You have to make an effort, convincing them to buy the products listed on your site. If the landing page fails to keep the interest of your visitors, they could leave and contribute to the bounce rate of your site. Here’s a guide to help you prevent this situation from happening:

Make a Compelling Headline

The headline is the first thing your visitors will read. If you make it boring, then who would want to read the rest of the content on your landing page? Show a promise, so they will continue reading. Make the headline informative and interesting yet concise. If additional words are necessary, use a subheading instead of making the headline go longer than three lines.

Write a Good Introduction

This is where you keep your visitors engaged. Don’t hard sell or mention any marketing line yet. SEOReseller says that the ideal approach is to build trust. Identify the concern, provide a general idea, and then go deeper into the problem.

A website selling healthy diet plans, for example, may identify the concern by saying that many people nowadays are not eating right. Then they can provide the general idea based on reports and statistics to make their statement more convincing. As the introduction goes deeper into the problem, it ends with a guarantee that there’s a way to minimize or solve them.

Give a Remarkable Solution

The succeeding content — preferably the last two paragraphs — is the right place to offer your products and services. Explain how your business can give visitors a remarkable solution. Talk about the benefits of your products and services, why they should be buying from you, and what makes you different from your competitors. Don’t forget the call to action.

The appearance of your landing page can make or break a site conversion. If you want visitors to buy, book, or call you right away, then you should convince and give them a good reason to do it.