Know Your Wooden Interior Material Choices

Modern kitchen with wooden themeIf you are just wrapping up your new residential construction or you want to revamp the looks of your existing home, your choice of interior doors would matter a lot. You would want to pick the living room, bathroom, hallway, and bedroom doors whose style complements the overall appearance of your home.

If you are in love with the distinctive appearance of wood, here are the options you have.

Solid Wood

You should consider your personal taste and budgets before making your pick. Doors made from solid wood are sturdy and both crack and chip resistant. They also have outstanding aesthetics. The best part is that natural wood provides exceptional insulation and acts as a superb sound barrier.

Also, solid internal wooden doors you can get from suppliers such as Triline Quality Door Systems are very durable and could last for ages.


You can get solid core doors fabricated from moulded composite or plywood. Such options have the same expensive feel as solid wood doors because they have wood-fibre filled interiors that make them suitably sturdy. They also provide reliable insulation and serve as excellent sound barriers.

On the down side, they are susceptible to harsh weather conditions.

Hollow-Core Doors

Hollow-core doors are the most economical of the three types of wooden doors. They build them using hardwood or plywood; the only difference being is that they stuff them with firm cardboard. They are therefore lighter in weight and are not durable.

On the brighter side, they are best for homes that experience humidity and heat changes, because they do not wrap.

When making your pick from the three materials used in the construction of wooden doors, you must take note of the style you want to achieve. There are numerous types of wooden doors including, panel doors, bi-fold doors, flush doors, French doors, pocket doors and sliding doors.

Before making your order, you want to ascertain that your material of choice matches with your ultimate objectives.