Interior Wall Repair: Can You Still Repair Finished-Painted Wall?


PaintMany people ask this common question. Usually, when problems like this take place it is too late to repair it altogether. The truth is you can still repair your wall problems. Though it may consume some time, it is better than starting all over again.

When repairing wall cracks or painted wall, you are going to apply the primer, the paint and sufficient adhesion in order to do the DIY repair on your wall. To make things easier for you, here are several ways you can follow to repair your already-painted wall:


Use a damp cloth soaked in detergent and lukewarm water to wet the wall. Trisodium phosphate, a detergent material, can help remove oil and dirt because of its ability to clean gloss paint and dirt.

Next, take off any unwanted dry wall cement layer on the surface. Remove any bubbles that have accumulated on the tape. Take the paper and cut it using a knife. Clean your brush off from any leftover cement and dust.


Apply the dry wall primer around the particular area. You can use a roller or brush and wait a few hours until it is dry before pursuing with the next step. Apply a layer on where you have removed the tape using four-inch dry wall blade. Wet the paper, place it on the tape on the cement and flatten it.


Remove any nails on the wall and switch to drywall screws with 1 ½ inch in size. Then, hide the head screws with small pint of compound and flatten it. Also, spread a layer of compound on surface that is uneven or you can scrape off the uneven cement with a sharp knife. Wear safety equipment because it procedure may injure you.


Let the main layer of compound dry at least one night and then you can proceed with another layer the next day. If you wish to reapply for the third layer, let it dry for another night until you can proceed. Once the compound is dry, use a 120-grit sandpaper and smooth the areas you have mended. Make sure to use protective mask to avoid the dirt getting into your lungs.

Finally, even if you are doing a DIY repair or repairing an already-painted wall, never forget to put texture to the wall that will match the other texture. Let it dry and apply another primer to the wall area and you are good to go. With just that, you have saved hundreds of dollars for wall repair service!