Industrial Doors 101: Basics in Choosing the Right Door Type

WarehouseWhen looking for doors that you can use in industrial applications, it is important that you consider whether they are sturdy enough to withstand frequent and fast opening and closing, as well as fires.

Whilst you may be determined to get doors that will only function as fire shutters, which is a brilliant idea, you will find it useful to consider whether they have high-speed functions, especially if you are to use them in your warehouse.

Fast and safe access is a critical element for efficient work processes in warehouse management, and that will also depend on your choice of doors.

Critical Features

Even when choosing your high-speed industrial door systems, it is important that you consider the characteristics to look for; they are a faster version of the conventional roller, sectional and shutter doors. However, to operate these doors at such high speeds, look for lean designs that will fit the spaces in which you use the doors.

In addition, recommends choosing doors made of stronger materials than those of the typical doors to ensure an extended service life.


Using high-speed type door systems will require you to invest in efficient and uninterruptible energy sources to keep the doors running effectively. That, however, does not mean you can use any door. Look for doors with a high rating for energy efficiency and reliability, so you can save more on your utility bills.

Whenever you are choosing high-speed type door systems, confirm that they integrate easily with all traffic movements in your warehouse, including those from workers, moving equipment and vehicles. That will require you to consider the design of the doors and the systems that control them. This will help you determine if the door systems match the requirements of your warehouse.