Important Considerations When Choosing an Internal Door

Interior of corridor

Internal doors play a significant role in creating and designing the interior of your home. Aside from their primary function of providing for your family’s safety and security, internal doors can change your room settings. They can increase space and help create a style that is uniquely yours. For their maximum functionality, great care should be considered in choosing an internal door.

Here are some factors to consider in choosing an internal door:

1. Door types

Hollow core doors can stand the heat and changes in humidity. They are made of plywood exterior panels with a cardboard honeycomb between them. They cost less and feel lighter. However, they provide less insulation and are damaged when smashed by a heavy object. Solid core doors are made of plywood filled with wood fibres. They have a fire resistance rating higher than hollow core doors. They provide the same level of heat and sound insulation as that of solid wood doors but cost less.

Furthermore, solid wood doors provide extremely good heat and sound insulation. They last longer, look great, and feel heavy in the hand. They are the most expensive. If you are looking for wooden doors for interior use, there are various hardware shops in town that you can visit. They sell high-quality internal doors for all your needs.

2. Door styles

Your door style will depend on your home décor. If you prefer a modern touch, flush doors are the best. They are well-polished and simple yet more attractive. If you prefer a traditional décor, panelled doors are great. They create intense depth and dimension. In addition, glass panels create a brighter and more spacious atmosphere. Remember that the style of your door is vital to your home’s interior. You should also consider the size of your room when choosing your door style.

3. Door swing

The direction a door opens matters. Make sure that there is no wall or furniture that can interfere as the door swings when it is fully open. In relation to that, the door should not obstruct traffic or access to other rooms in the house. Furthermore, choose between a right-hand and a left-hand door swing. Then decide where to put the hinges and handles.

4. Door frames

white door

Door frames can increase or decrease your door’s value. Cheap framing materials can damage your door. A pre-hung door has a frame with hinges that are attached to the doorjamb, while you still need to install hinges with a slab door. Consider using the same materials used in skirting or wooden board along the base and the architraves or the moulded frame around the door.

5. Door sound ratings

Sound transmission class (STC) measures the sound loss through the door. Normal speech can be heard in a door with an STC of 25 while it is almost soundproof if the door has an STC of over 60. A higher STC means that less sound will pass through your door.

Internal doors can greatly affect your home’s interior. Because of that, you need to consider the door type, style, swing, frames, and sound ratings when choosing internal doors. To purchase the finest and highest-quality products, make sure to buy only from trusted dealers.