How to Get More Students In Your Dance Studio

Dance StudioFew people are fortunate enough to realize their passion in life. The dream is to turn what you love to do into an income earner. When you love the art of dance, it makes sense to put up a dance studio.

In the Mood for Dancing

Now is a good time to get into the business of dance. Interest in the performance art has never been greater than it is today. Consider the popularity of dance shows on TV. Consider also the benefit of dancing as a fitness routine. Both have fueled demand for dance studios and classes. IBISWorld also expects dance studio industry revenue to increase in five years to 2021.

The growth and demand, however, do not guarantee consistent profits for your dance studio. You will still have to implement marketing and advertising strategies to ensure students sign up for classes. Once you have a substantial number of students, you need to maintain proper records, to keep track of your students’ progress, and acquire contact details for your future marketing efforts. How will you manage everything and still have time to teach a class or two?

Use software. If today’s gyms rely on gym management software, your modern dance studio can run on dance studio software, too. The right software will simplify your dance studio operations, and give you sufficient capabilities for sustaining a good business.

Now, how do you get more students in your studio? Try the following strategies:

  • Organize an open house, with a recital and free food. Entice registration with significant discounts for the first 10 or so people who sign up.
  • Alternatively, offer a free class on certain days. Choose popular styles, such as hip hop or ballroom dancing.
  • Explore opportunities for participating in charitable fundraisers. You can offer a performance during a live event, which should provide good exposure for your studio.
  • Create a short, engaging video about your dance studio and post it on your social media account and video distribution platforms. Make sure to include a call to action at the end of the video so viewers know the next step to take.
  • Finally, reach out to your community. Go to schools and offer to talk about the benefits of dance. You can set up a booth at neighborhood events, too.