Hiring Case Managers to Boost Hospital Bottom Line

Medical StaffImprovement is important for hospitals, as it can mean a great boost to their bottom line. Even small to medium-sized hospitals in rural areas in America can benefit from this boost. How can you achieve such an improvement in your own hospital?

You can use case managers who serve two functions: ensure every patient receives the appropriate care and make sure the hospital receives payment for the care and service provided. Case Management Innovations outlines the benefits of case management outsourcing for a hospital.

Better Patient Outcomes

Case managers can improve patient outcomes by reducing readmissions. Reduced readmissions mean reduced care costs on your part. Case managers can bring this about by coordinating and providing the right hospital services according to patient needs.

No More Gaps in Care

The previous coordination of hospital care also helps eliminate gaps in care received by patients. Studies show that when patients receive the right amount and type of care they need without any delays, they tend to be readmitted much less. This way, you can achieve a higher level of patient satisfaction.

Measure ROI

To measure ROI, you can look at length of stay (LOS) of patients. Did the case manager reduce unnecessary days in the hospital for a patient? Did the patient receive a timely discharge because of the case manager? Other than LOS, you can look at reimbursement, patient outcomes, and quality of care.

By measuring the ROI of the work case managers accomplished, you can see how much savings you have made due to the improved performance of the hospital. For rural hospitals, you can use case management outsourcing to improve your operations and the quality of service provided to patients.

Case managers can contribute to your bottom line in many other ways, and you can read about them online. Hire case managers and see how they can add value to your organization or medical facility.