Guide to the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa Program

Visa Program

Visa ProgramIt is a known fact that the United States is a land of opportunity. Those who have substantial money to invest may benefit from the EB-5 visa program being offered by the Department of State. To qualify, applicants must be willing to invest either a million dollars into a U.S. business that will employ at least ten people or five hundred thousand dollars if the area in question is rural or underdeveloped.

Get Proper Guidance

If you think you are eligible to afford the hefty sum that comes with applying for the EB-5 immigrant investor visa program, it is in your best interest not to go at it alone. The category has one of the strictest requirements for eligibility. It is not enough that you have the money to invest, there are also other factors to consider. It is well worth your time and money to get expert advice on this matter prior to proceeding. If you attempt to apply on your own once and get denied, your chances of getting approved in the future are almost nil. More importantly, it is expected that you make the investments first and then just apply for a green card at a later date.

What You Need to Know

The USCIS is rejecting applications more in this category than any other due to the simple fact that the eligibility requirements are quite narrow. In the past, the category was abused or misused to cater to certain needs of individuals.
• If you have enough money for investment and can demonstrate to the authorities that you are in the process of investing in a lawful for profit enterprise, you do not need to show that you have any specific training or experience. There is also no restriction regarding applicants from some countries, but authorities are more careful to examine applications from countries that have a history of fraudulent applications.
• You can invest the money anywhere in the United States as long as the investment is for a period of three years and that you stay actively engaged in the venture you entered.