Getting Garage Door Spring Repair Services

Garage Door Repair in BrisbaneA common part of the house, the garage serves an important function of housing your vehicles and keeping your other items safe (if you’re using it as a storage room as well). With such an important role to play, it can become a very difficult situation to manage if the springs of your garage door give up! But don’t worry, the garage door repair company can help you.

According to Elite Garage Repairs, the garage door spring repair services company can make sure that the issue with your garage door is resolved as soon as possible and at the time which is most convenient to you. The service providers here understand the importance of personal life and time in each individual’s life, and hence, make sure that you are given a preferable service at all times.

What Types of Door Springs are serviced?

At the garage door spring repair services in Brisbane, all kinds of door springs are repaired and serviced. However, there are only two popular types of door springs that are used by the customers:

Torsion Springs

The torsion springs are mounted on a stationary metal shaft above and parallel to the top of the garage door. These are set at the centre of the door penal and work by twisting as the garage door closes as the cables on the side of the door are released. These springs must be adjusted when these are under tension and while the door is left open.

Side-Mounted Springs

The side-mounted springs are fitted along the side of the door panels and are much heavier than the torsion springs. These springs perform on the fundamental idea of a pulley, slightly differing in their working from the other type.

The garage door spring repair services in Brisbane are well aware of the working and construction of these two types of garage door springs and hence provide the best service solutions to you whenever you reach out to them!