Fruit and Vegetable Juices – A Healthier Option

Healthy Option

Healthy OptionA lot of juice products can be found and bought from supermarkets or convenience stores. Although flavours are replicated, these juices contain artificial flavouring that may endanger your health.

While it is true that organic or fresh products are more expensive, the cheaper processed foods or drinks may contain additives and sugars that may be harmful to the body. Sugar has no nutritional value and too much of it may cause diseases.

If juices are your favourite, juicing a combination of fresh fruit and vegetables is the healthier option. It is full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals which the body needs. Fresh juice has more concentrated colour and flavour allowing you to enjoy your drink until the very last drop.

Fruit and Vegetable Fibre

Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of soluble fibre, notes an expert from MorCo Fresh. When digested, the fibre reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood and reduces the risk of constipation. It helps your body detoxify and increases your ability to recover from illness. Although fibres are usually left behind when using the juicer, you can actually add some pulp back into your juice. Some leftover fibres can be used for cooking as well.

Nutritional Content

Fresh fruits and vegetables contain nutrients good for the body. For people who are not a fan of eating whole fruits and vegetables, juicing them is the best way in order to consume them. You may choose to combine different types to be able to get a good combination of nutrients. It also makes up a healthy balanced diet. The best way to consume fresh juices is to consume it as soon as possible. Having a vegetable garden in your backyard or having a fresh fruit supplier allows you to have a wide variety of choices for your juice.

Reduces Cravings

When you are craving for a sweet snack or other flavours, fruit and vegetable juices may be the answer to that. After all, natural sugars are better than processed sweets.

Although these fruits and vegetables are a good source of nutrients, you should always balance your diet because too much of everything is bad. Check with your nutritionist or dietician to make sure you are getting the right amount of calories. You can also check the products your vegetable and fruit supplier have that will allow you to make good juice combinations. Remember, always choose the healthier option for a better and improved you.