Extending Your Swimming Season with the Right Heating System

Heating SystemThere are several complex factors that may affect your pool heating that’s why it’s best to consult with an experienced pool builder. A professional pool builder can help and guide you and recommend the correct heating system or a pool heat pump that will best suite your needs.

Selecting The Right Pool Heater

A trained professional can do the proper measurement and analysis of your pool to identify the appropriate heater. Determining the right pool heat pump involves several factors. Generally, the heater is sized according to the area of the pool surface.

The level of humidity, exposure to wind and night time temperatures are some of the factors that may affect the heating of a swimming pool. Any pools situated in areas with higher average wind conditions, cool nights or lower humidity will require a larger sized heater. Only a professional pool builder can give you the proper guidance in sizing your pool heater.

Proper Pool Heat Pumps Installation And Maintenance

Look for a qualified pool professional that already has a reputation in manufacturing, designing, and installing pool heating in Perth homes. Pool Solar and Spa reminds swimming pool owners to make sure that their systems meet or exceed the standards for both the quality of material used in the heating system installation.

Different Types Of Heating System

When in the process of selecting a heating system, it’s wise to not just think about the size of your pool, but to consider about efficiency and cost as well. There are many cost effective heating systems that are not just efficient but could lengthen your swimming season. Your family will love you for it.

Heating Systems Types:

  • Electric Pool Heating
  • Gas Pool Heating
  • Solar Pool Heating

As far as cost goes, your best bet is solar heating. It’s an effective heating system that transfers the sun’s heat from your roof, then to your swimming pool. Solar heating is a widely used heating system and is very environment-friendly.

Family time while swimming doesn’t have to necessarily end when summer ends. With the proper heating system, you and your family can enjoy swimming even during the not-so-hot days.