Energy Efficiency: 3 Factors to Consider for Your Window Upgrade

Window Installation in Minneapolis

Window Installation in MinneapolisEnergy-efficient windows don’t just become efficient by accident. All products may look the same at a glance, but there are features that make some superior in energy performance compared to others.

Apart from enhancing your home’s curb appeal, reducing your cost of comfort is one of the motivations of most Americans to invest in a home window replacement in Minneapolis, Houston, Denver, and other parts of the country for that matter.

As you’d most likely do this upgrade only just once, take note of these features to ensure you get the right set of windows for your local climate:


Beyond aesthetics, the material of your frame plays a role in your window’s insulating power. Some materials tend to prevent the natural transfer of heat around the house better than others.

For instance, wood has remarkable insulating properties, but it pales in comparison to vinyl. However, composite products combine all the winning qualities of wood and vinyl minus their downsides.

You have to know the pros and cons of every material choice on the market. This way, you can find the balance in beauty, security, and energy efficiency and decide which one best suits your needs.


The very glass technology of your window is key to minimize heat transfer. Even in areas without extreme seasonal climates, the standard choice is dual-paned windows. In double-glazing, there’s an inert gas in between the two sheets of glass, which counteracts the heat and cold conduction.

To block the sun’s undesirable heat without affecting the clarity of your windows, the application of spectral selective, low-emissivity coating is used. This innovative layer of only reflects the unpleasant infrared and damaging ultraviolet lights, letting the visible light enter your home.


Not all windows are created equal. Some styles are naturally less effective when it comes to preventing air leakage. The most airtight of all operating windows is the casement style. Its closing mechanism produces a tight seal, keeping air infiltration to a minimum.

A window upgrade may be straightforward, but there are actually plenty of considerations to take into account. You should do your research extensively, and work with an experienced window company to take your home’s energy efficiency to new heights.