Driving in Daylight: Ways to Reduce Sun Glare

Family on a roadtripIf you’re always driving at times when there is plenty of sunshine, its bright glare is likely to impede your vision. Whether you’re driving at dawn or dusk, the sun can be distracting and may sometimes cause you to squint.

Extremely bright light, furthermore, can cause temporary blindness, making it much harder to see the vehicles around you and other road hazards. If driving during very sunny times of the day is unavoidable for you, it only makes sense to take extra measures to protect yourself.

Here are a few things that can help you stay safe while overcoming the sun glare.

1. Tint your car’s windows

The first and most obvious solution to problems related to sun glare is tinting your windows. Quality window tinting can greatly improve driving comfort by reducing or in some cases completely eliminating sun glare and enhancing driving visibility.

Arizona car tint experts note that this offers a host of other benefits, such as preventing the leather from fading, concealing valuables, and offering skin protection to the people inside the car against the harmful UV rays.

2. Wear polarized sunglassesDriver wearing polaroid sunglasses

These sunglasses are made with a special filter can block reflected light and help reduce sun glare. Polarized sunglasses are also helpful when you’re out in the sun, especially during outdoor activities. They can also prevent you from squinting, so you can drive with ease and see the road the ahead.

3. Leave more room between other vehicles

It pays to take extra cautionary measures when the sun glare is at its worst. When the sun is shining bright, it can be a little hard to see what the vehicle in front of you is doing. This is why it makes sense to leave more room between you and the other cars.

In the event that a car in front of you reverses without warning, or makes sudden turns, you have extra safe space in between you and them and hence avoid incidents.

4. Use your sun visor

Sometimes, the tools you need are already right in front of you. The built-in sun visor in your car helps block out direct sunlight and reduce the glare effect of the sun. Other benefits of using your sun visor include lowering heat buildup inside the car and protecting your electronics and car’s interior.

If your sun visor, however, obstructs your view, it is better to invest in a new one or try other sun glare protection tips.

5. Keep your windshield clean

Dirt and dust on your windshield can scatter light and compromise your visibility. Be sure to clean your windshield (inside and out) before your head out and don’t forget to get it checked for pitting and cracks.

Sometimes, it is you can’t avoid driving during the sun’s glare is its most unforgiving. Luckily, you can minimize the risks associated with sun glare by keeping mind the tips mentioned above. It also makes sense to drive a bit slower and use more caution when the sun glare is causing visibility issues.