Drivers’ Primer on Car Window Tint Care

Applying tint foil on a car window in a garage

Window tint has become necessary for drivers battling the daily commute in sunny and warm parts of the world. Protective car tint for Scottsdale, AZ residents reduce glare and improve road safety.

Is car tint necessary?

Some drivers manage to go by for years without tint, and they’re okay with it. However, in a warming world, and in time of the year when the sun’s rays hit the windshield without mercy, even the most stubborn car owner would start considering quality tint. Darkened glass looks cool and current. The best car tint material is scratch-proof and does not tear readily. When it’s time to choose remember there are legal restrictions as to how dark you can go. Make sure you are compliant to local and federal regulations.

When it’s time to clean the windows of your car

Along with the benefits described above, there is a downside. Tinted car windows come with precise cleaning instructions. No matter how well the tint has been applied it would have to be cleaned in time. After all, the thin film adheres to the inside surface of the windows, and are exposed to various chemical compounds and environmental conditions. Remember to refrain from cleaning a newly applied car window for the first 30 days. You may be tempted to do so, but trust us when we say you’d best leave the film alone.

Cleaners containing ammonia should be kept away from tinted car windows. Ammonia is harsh, and it weakens the tint. If you continue using chemicals with ammonia you’d be dealing with torn or scraped tint. When cleaning windows, you must prepare a dry cloth for removal of the cleaning compound.

Essential tools for window tint maintenance

Cleaning tinted window glass should be done with a soft rag or cloth. If you only have paper towels, head out to the supermarket, and look for microfibre towels. They’re not difficult to find. If you already have a sponge for the car, or a squeegee, abandon the plan of using them. You need a microfibre cloth and soap that does not contain ammonia.

When applying a cleaner solution, stay out of the edges. When wet cloth touches the edges, the fluid could seep into the microscopic layer between the glass and film. When this occurs, you’d see bubbles building up—a terrible sign. Bubbles will go away if the patch is rather small, and can still be addressed with a heat gun.

Watch out for a white film on the windows

Installing tint film on car window

The white film is the bane of many car owners. If you don’t follow window cleaning instructions, the while film will remind you of your filly. The film also arises from road salt, hard water exposure, and the action of pollutants. To avoid this unfortunate development and unsightly water spots, wash the windows under the shade.

Cleaning is an essential aspect of car tint care. If you are new to car window films, you’d better know how to maintain them properly.