Don’t Skip It: Why Jumping Bail Isn’t an Option

Bail Bonds Sign After getting out of jail by paying bail bonds in Wake County, the next step would be to build a strong case and show up for court. While violating your bail terms can be tempting, this can make things worse as this does not exonerate you of your charges. If you’re thinking about not showing up for court, these should convince you to do otherwise.

You’ll Get Arrested Again

Skipping bail is a criminal offense. The court will eventually find out that you jumped your bail, so expect charges for skipping bail along with the crime that got you arrested for when the law catches up. Avoid facing multiple charges and longer jail time by simply showing up on the agreed upon date.

Any Future Bails May Be Denied

Your chances of being able to post bail again in the future decreases if you run away from bail agreement even once. A judge may think twice about setting future bails if you do not hold up your end of the bargain, after all. Thus, it’s best to keep your word and follow what the court tells you to do.

Your Co-Signer Will Get in Trouble

This applies to those who arranged bail with the assistance of a co-signer. If you run away, your co-signer will be responsible for paying your bail bond and put him or her in a bad financial position. If you don’t want your co-signer to land in hot water, do the right thing and show up for court.

You’ll Lose Your Collateral

Bail collateral comes in many forms. It can be cash, jewelry, property, or other valuable assets. If you fail to appear for court, the bail bondsman or the court itself may seize the collateral you used to post bail. You can get your collateral back once the court finds you innocent or if the court drops the case, but to avoid all that, it’s best to show up for your court date.

Failure to show up for court can get you arrested again, deny you of future bails, get your co-signer in trouble, and make you lose your collateral. Instead of running away, take advantage of your temporary freedom by hiring a lawyer to help you escape jail time in a proper and legal manner.