Depression a Common Problem Among People with Hearing Loss


HearingHearing is an integral part of communication; the tone of voice helps you determine the seriousness or sarcasm of a person talking to you. These little things are what most people take for granted until they lose their ability to hear.

The Slow Deterioration of the Ability to Communicate

There are various causes of hearing loss, but the most common is age. As you get older, you slowly begin to have difficulty hearing.

Approximately more than half of seniors between 60 and 70 years old suffer from hearing loss. The incidence increases to 70{10568cefaa40ea8a7172e0c38c686ee7c7f6e07e3b9349e76f324dc051a3c9cb} for old timers over 70 and rise to 80{10568cefaa40ea8a7172e0c38c686ee7c7f6e07e3b9349e76f324dc051a3c9cb} for those over 80 years old.

The Hearing Care Shop agrees that although hearing loss happens as one ages, there are ways to remain connected to people through hearing aids.

Some aids fit snugly and comfortably in the ear, without detracting from the look of its wearer. Certain customised appliances also help people suffering from the different types of hearing loss.

Despite the advances in technology, a majority still refuse to use hearing aids, making the likelihood of depression higher.

The Separation from Hearing May Cause Depression

The loss of the ability to hear makes it difficult to speak to someone clearly as you fail to understand what the other person is saying. This lack of understanding leads to confusion and even arguments. Once a person suffering from hearing loss slowly removes themselves from others, they will begin to feel anxious and inadequate, leading to a lower quality of life and depression.

For some, the lack of communication and ability to express themselves properly make it difficult to get back into their social circles or create new ones. The perceived isolation makes it harder to treat the hearing loss and sends one further into depression.

The degree of hearing loss either improves or worsens, depending on one’s diagnosis and treatment. Hearing aids, to this end, help people stay connected to others to avoid a lower quality of life or even from falling into depression.