Cosmetic Dentistry – Is it Necessary?

Cosmetic DentistryThe word ‘cosmetic’ has a different impact on different people. For some a cosmetic treatment means one that is ‘unnecessary’ and simply for aesthetic reasons. However, when it comes to dentistry, many of the cosmetic treatments have a positive impact on patients’ health as well as their looks.

Essentially, cosmetic dentistry is a term that covers a range of procedures that enhance your smile. Treatments can be quick and straightforward or lengthy and require a high level of technical and surgical competence.

One of the most basic treatments in cosmetic dentistry in NW3 is a simple whitening of the teeth. This can be done using a professional cleaning technique such as the traditional scale and polish carried out by your dentist or hygienist. A more advanced technique involves lasers and a light-activated bleaching gel that is applied to the affected teeth.

Teeth that are uneven or discoloured can be given a new lease of life with the use of veneers or lumineers, ultra thin veneers. To fit veneers it is necessary to grind away a significant amount of perfectly healthy tooth before fitting the veneer. Lumineers, however, don’t require such preparation and can in fact be fitted with no preparation at all in some instances.

Cosmetic bonding is a technique that requires some artistic skill. It is when the dentist uses a mouldable substance called ‘dental composite’ to carry out jobs such as replacement of metal fillings, repair of chipped teeth, filling of dental cavities or closure of gaps between teeth.

One of the more exciting developments in cosmetic dentistry is something called CEREC. This is a system developed by a British company that enables dentists to design, fabricate and install a new false tooth in one visit lasting less than an hour instead of a procedure lasting at least two weeks.

With the newer, more comfortable treatment techniques, as well as an increase in people striving for physical perfection, cosmetic dentistry is really flourishing. More and more people are confident to visit their dentist and undertake procedures to look after their smile and their oral hygiene. It’s clear that most of these treatments are not necessary but are very desirable.