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Positive cancer patient

Fighting Cancer with a Positive Outlook

Being diagnosed with cancer is most likely one of the most devastating news any person can receive. Most patients suffering from this illness feel like it’s a death sentence since chances for survival are at a 50/50.

But despite the odds, some people refuse to let their illness take hold of their lives. Some of them even go as far as joining cancer camps for adults with the goal of living their life to the fullest.

Enjoy life by going camping

Living with cancer does not have to be dreadful all the time. You can even use this to motivate yourself more to enjoy life. One way is to be closer to nature, and there is no better way to do that than to go camping.

It is fortunate that there are many people who either survived cancer or knew someone who was stricken with the illness have had a place where they could find peace. Many campsites around the country cater to cancer patients, and if you visit these places, you will find so many activities to enjoy. These include rock climbing, overnight camping, trekking through the forest and fishing.

A positive outlook helps

Smiling cancer patientThe idea behind opening campsites for people with cancer is to improve their outlook and help them develop a more positive view of their lives despite their illness. Scientists say that having a positive outlook will not necessarily cure cancer, but it can help these patients deal with their situation more effectively and be more at peace with their selves.

Having a positive outlook can help with some issues, as well. For example, positive thinking can help lower patients’ blood pressure, therefore relieving stress and making it easier for them to live each day. Also, it makes it easier for the cancer patient’s family to manage their loved one’s illness.

Living with cancer is difficult for any person, but it is just as difficult for the family and loved ones. It is they who would have to deal with the fact that their loved one may not be with them for long. It is they who would have to face loss and grief. Here, depression could then easily sink in.

But if the cancer patient has a positive outlook on life, that can help their family and friends manage their depression and anxiety much more effectively. That can also lessen feelings of frustration and anger that someone they love had been diagnosed with such a life-threatening disease.

Also, if you have a positive outlook, you will have more energy to compensate for the fatigue you will often feel. Most people with cancer feel exhausted due to their chemotherapy sessions, but a positive outlook can help your body release more endorphins, which can compensate for your feelings of exhaustion.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, do not let it take hold of your life and drag you down. You still have a life to live, so live it to the fullest and let your positive outlook lift your spirit to the highest heavens.

woman with the flu

How Flu Affects the Respiratory System

woman with the fluOne of the deadliest natural disasters in the world is an all-too-common disease: flu. Back in 1918, Spanish influenza infected more than 450 million people and eventually wiped out about 3 percent of the global population.

In spite of the vaccines today, flu continues to kill men, women, and children. Most of these deaths, though, were associated with complications, such as respiratory infections.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), up to 650,000 people die each year due to respiratory diseases that can accompany seasonal influenza. These include pneumonia. The risks of death are higher among certain groups such as children.

Unlike bacterial infections that can disappear with antibiotics, flu is viral. The most practical approach is to deal with the symptoms as early as possible to reduce the complications. If a child suffers from flu with wet cough (it has phlegm), it’s best to provide them with a mucolytic agent.

What’s a Mucolytic Agent?

Medication such as a Fluimucil sachet is mucolytic since it targets the buildup of mucus on the lungs and throat. It’s normal for people to produce mucus. In fact, the body needs it since it helps trap the pathogens that enter the nasal cavity. The body, though, has the mechanism to get rid of it without the person knowing it.

When a person contracts the flu virus, the pathogen can attack the respiratory system, particularly the lungs and airways. As an immune response, the body can produce more mucus.

woman sick on her couch

To remove the buildup of mucus, the body tries to expel it by coughing. The problem is, when there are excessive amounts, mucus can become viscose or sticky. It becomes more challenging to get rid of it. A lot of mucos can trap more viruses and bacteria, which can still multiply in the respiratory system.

A mucolytic medication can help provide breathing relief and decrease the likelihood of infection by thinning out the mucus. In the process, it becomes easy for the body to cough it out.

The Challenges of Giving Mucolytic Medicine on Children

Depending on the age, a child with flu and cough might have to take a mucolytic medication, which can be a tablet, syrup, or drops. There are pros and cons to each option. Syrups and drops are the easiest to administer since they’re liquids. Those meds for children usually have a fruity or sweet flavour to make them more appealing. These drugs, though, are ideal for little ones only.

Older children might have to take the tablet form, and it can be challenging for the parents. One, they typically don’t have the best flavour. Sometimes they even leave an aftertaste. Some children have difficulty in swallowing pills. They have a condition called dysphagia, or they might have had a negative experience with medication. In these situations, parents can consider effervescent tablets or granule sachets, which they can dissolve in fluids such as water.

Influenza doesn’t have a cure, but the symptoms are manageable, especially with the right medication. To know more about how to fight the flu, the Ministry of Health provides more information.

Senior couple doing yoga outdoors

Ensure That You Age Healthy with These Tips

Senior couple doing yoga outdoorsGrowing older is a big challenge. One of your worries is your health. However, you can grow old while keeping your health in check. All it takes is dedication and vigilance and you should be able to enjoy your old age.

Here are some tips on how you can stay healthy as you age:

Have Regular Checkups

The first thing you need to remember is that you are going to need regular medical checkups. Doctors have the expertise and equipment to detect anything wrong early enough to do something about it. For example, radiology technicians in American Fork and other urban areas can help detect if there is anything wrong with your bones and internal organs via X-rays and other scanning technologies.

It’s not just your regular doctor that you need to see. Your teeth and eyes are probably feeling the effects of aging; you need to see your dentist and optometrist regularly to hear what they say about your condition.

Stay Active

One of the key things to keep in mind when growing old is to stay active. Don’t let the retirement blues take you down. You should do your best to remain able and mobile. Take a walk each day or even learn yoga or Tai Chi. What is important is that your body gets enough exercise. Regular activity helps maintain the health and function of your body systems.

In addition, there are several advantages to active living. For example, you can avoid falls better because exercise keeps your reflexes sharp. Other advantages include lowering the risks of diseases, such as diabetes and heart failure.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

When you hit the retirement age, you shouldn’t be obese or underweight. Both conditions will cause you problems as you age. If you are any of the two, then you need to get your weight to the right level. Not having a healthy weight can cause problems with your body that only get worse as you get older.

Eat Right

Happy senior woman cooking healthy foodPart of maintaining the right weight is eating properly. You need to binge on things less and start eating nutritious food. This is because you are going to need all the vitamins and minerals you can get to sustain your body’s requirements Calcium is one of the most important nutrients since you will need it for stronger bones, but others are just as important.

Stay Social

Staying healthy is not all about the physical aspect. You need to consider the mental aspect of it, too. That is why having social activities is important. It ensures that you don’t feel alone and depressed. Feeling bad can soon translate into sickness in your old age, so try to stay positive by going out and meeting your friends.

Take Your Prescription Medicine

Your doctor most likely prescribed you a variety of medicine. Don’t forget to take them as scheduled. They are important if you want to maintain your health. Do it regularly and it will soon become a habit.

Growing old is not a problem as long as you remember the tips above. They ensure that you will be enjoying your twilight years, so consider them when you are planning your retirement.

doctor examining petient's problem with earwax

Everything You Need to Know About Earwax

doctor examining petient's problem with earwaxCerumen, the medical term for earwax, is a shiny, sticky and oily substance that the wax glands in your ear canal’s outer area produce. Your body naturally produces earwax to help protect, lubricate and yes, clean your ears. Sometimes, however, your body can produce too much earwax that it builds up inside your ears and may need to be removed manually.

Earwax is essentially made up of 20% to 50% fat. Its main job is to coat your ear canal and moisturize it, keep dirt, dust and all sorts of debris from getting inside the ears, and ward off infection. Majority of individuals produce enough earwax, but if you don’t have enough of it, your ears will become dry and vulnerable to infection.

It normally falls out of your ears once it has done its job, migrating from the canal to your ear’s opening, where it will then dry up and eventually fall out. While the exact reason for this is unknown, some individuals naturally make more earwax than other individuals. In some instances, too much earwax could build up in your ear canal and lead to the following symptoms.

  • A sensation of fullness inside your ear
  • Ear pain
  • Hearing loss
  • Ringing in the ears or tinnitus
  • Itchiness
  • Discharge from the affected ear
  • Ear odor
  • Ear infection
  • Coughing

Why Do You Have Excessive Earwax?

Many different things could cause excess earwax, the most common being that some people naturally have more earwax than others. Age is also a factor because wax easily hardens as you age and accumulates inside the ear.

Also, those with narrow or hairy ear canals are more prone to excess earwax. In addition, wearing earplugs, hearing aids and the like can push earwax further in.

Can You Remove Excess Earwax Safely?

Earwax removal is a normal part of the hygiene routine for most people. Usually, they use cotton buds or metal ear cleaners to remove their excess earwax. Done incorrectly, however, this could push the earwax buildup deeper inside the ears, block the eardrum, lead to ear canal irritation, or worse, result in the eardrum rupturing.

To clean your ears safely, use a wet washcloth to wipe your outer ears and wash them when showering, but never put anything inside your ears. If your earwax buildup is particularly hard, you can put a couple of drops of baby oil, mineral oil, glycerin, carbamide or hydrogen peroxide to soften and get rid of the buildup.

When Should You Get Professional Help?

doctor examining patient's ear

Visit your local ENT doctor in Denver if you have excessive earwax, hardened earwax buildup, and you’re experiencing the symptoms mentioned above. Your doctor will inspect your ears using a lighted device known as an otoscope and then safely remove the earwax buildup using a suction device, water irrigation, eardrops or other methods. If you’re prone to earwax buildup, it’s best that you have your doctor examine your ear and remove any buildup at least every six months.

Tooth Decay on a Child's Teeth

Tooth Decay Development Process and Treatment Options on Every Stage

Tooth Decay on a Child's Teeth

Most people who experience tooth pain owe it to tooth decay. The process starts when your enamel starts breaking down to form pockets on the tooth surface. Bacteria accumulate in the pockets and produce acid that eats into the structure of the tooth and causes decay.

There are forms of decay that one may treat with proper hygiene, but others need a dentist. It is essential to visit an emergency dentist in Townsville when one begins to notice signs of decay. The first thing one is likely to see is white spots on teeth.

These occur when teeth lose calcium and plaque builds up in a process often referred to as demineralization. From there, the below steps follow:

The decay of the enamel

After white spots form, the enamel starts to break beneath the surface of the teeth. When a person has gotten to this stage, remineralization may not help to restore the lost minerals in the enamel.

Soon, the enamel develops lesions. When decay continues, the tooth surface can start to break. One should not wait until teeth begin to break to pursue dental attention.

The decay of the dentin

If tooth decay is not taken care of during the second stage, acids and bacteria continue to eat at the enamel, forming lesions that later reach the dentin. This is the part between the pulp and the enamel. Immediately decay reaches the dentin; one begins to suffer intense pain.

Often, this pain will be a sharp one, experienced at intervals, or in response to stimuli like cold beverages and hot foods. When the enamel weakens enough, it collapses and results in the formation of a cavity. Here, one is likely to need a filling.

Involving the pulp

dirty brown teeth

The pulp typically forms the center of the tooth. It consists of live cells and tissue called odontoblasts. It is these cells in the pulp that create dentin, and that connect the pulp and the enamel. If decay gets to the pulp, pus begins to form.

Consequently, it kills nerves and blood vessels in the teeth. One will experience toothache and constant and unyielding pain. To treat this decay, one may need root canal therapy.

The formation of an abscess

This is the last stage of decay and comes with the most pain. When infection gets to the tooth’s root, the nearing bones stand the risk of disease. At this point, the tongue and the gums will swell, and one’s speech may be affected. Here, oral surgery is necessary.

Every stage of decay will demand a different type of treatment. If decay becomes too severe, extraction becomes necessary. The one way to prevent decay is to have a proper regimen for oral care. For instance, use mouthwashes and toothpaste alongside suitable brushes regularly.

One must also watch what they eat, avoiding high sugar diets. Keeping hydrated also helps to produce saliva that nourishes the enamel and cleans the mouth. Finally, one must never substitute regular visits to the dentist with anything else.

patient being sedated

Sedation Dentistry: Staying Calm in the Dentist’s Chair

patient being sedatedDoes going to the dental clinic give you the shivers? You are not alone. The sound and smell of a dental office can give anyone chills, but there is a simple way to beat this fear. Sedation dentistry may be able to help you the next time you visit your dentist in Highlands Ranch.

What Is Dental Sedation?

Dental sedation makes use of medicines to help relax patients during dental procedures. Patients are given anesthetics to make them numb from the pain. In most cases, patients are awake during the whole procedure. However, there are instances when patients are given general anesthesia that puts them to sleep. This is the reason dental sedation is also sometimes called sleep dentistry. The sedation levels are:

  • Minimal sedation. Minimal sedation will make you relaxed but still widely awake.
  • Moderate Sedation. You are awake during the procedure, but you are less aware of what’s going on.
  • Deep sedation. When in deep sedation, you are asleep but can be easily awakened.
  • General anesthesia. Under general anesthesia, you will be completely unconscious throughout the dental procedure.

These are the different dental sedation types:

Laughing Gas

This is considered as the most common form of dental sedation. It makes use of nitrous oxide, more popularly known as “laughing gas.” It is inhaled through a mask that is placed over the nose, which is why it is also referred to as “inhalation analgesia.” The gas does not make you sleep; it only helps you relax. It is very safe, and most dentists are qualified to administer this mild form of anesthesia.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation involves the use of anesthesia that is orally taken in either pill or liquid form. The level of sedation can be anywhere between minimal to moderate depending on the dosage given to you by your dentist. The pill will most likely make you feel drowsy, but not enough to actually put you to sleep. However, a larger dose may put you under moderate sedation, which can make you feel groggy. Some patients may fall asleep but can be easily awakened with a gentle nudge.

child dentist treat boy teeth under sedation with dental curing ultraviolet light equipment

IV Sedation

Intravenous (IV) sedation is injected directly into a vein. This allows dentists to provide deeper sedation in a more controlled environment because they can easily adjust the sedation level given to each patient. You will be awake during the procedure, but you are less likely to be aware of the whole procedure. You may also need to rest for a few minutes before you leave the office until the anesthesia wears off.

General Anesthesia

If you are given general anesthesia, you can expect to be deeply asleep all throughout your dental procedure. This type of anesthesia is administered with the use of medication that is directly injected to a vein. You may also need to inhale a gaseous anesthetic. While under this type of anesthesia, you cannot be easily awakened, so you will need to stay at the office until the anesthesia is completely out of your system.

Your dentist will know best which type of sedation you will need. However, regardless of the type of sedation you get, you will still probably need a local anesthetic or a numbing medication that is administered directly on the site where your dentist is working on. This will help relieve the pain should the procedure cause you any discomfort.

Fruits and Vegetables

Going Organic for the Sake of Your Family

In the United States, the organic fruits and vegetables being sold wholesale must pass certain standards. This particular classification of produce should be grown without sludge-based and petroleum-based fertilizers, as well as synthetic pesticides. Moreover, they must be grown without GMOs or bioengineered genetic traits.

The impact of our growing practices on human health

It has been shown in recent studies that there is a direct correlation between a person’s diet and his or her mental and emotional health. Aside from the impact of the quality of produce and livestock on physical health, it is becoming evident that the manner by which food is grown and produced can influence a person’s mental and emotional state.

Of particular interest is the huge benefit of organically grown produce. It has become publicly known that conventionally grown fruits and vegetables contain compounds found in insecticides and herbicides—chemicals with potentially dangerous effects on the human body.

Why more families are choosing organic produce

It may be a disadvantage to people in certain living situations that organic foods do not contain preservatives. But if you can use them immediately, you are gaining all the benefits of fresh food. If you can get them directly from small farmers who produce them, then you are also supporting farming practices that are sustainable, produce less pollution, and use fewer amounts of energy.

Organic fruits and vegetables are full of essential nutrients that make them an important part of the diet. They are also free from synthetic compounds linked to the development of certain chronic illnesses, such as cancers and autoimmune disorders.

Fruits and vegetables you should get fresh every time

Certain fruits and vegetables are most beneficial to health when grown in organic farms. When it comes to vegetables, studies reveal the presence of pesticide residues on a majority of spinach samples that are raised in a conventional manner. Frozen and fresh organic spinach is available not only from small farmers in your area but also in many grocery stores.

organic green leafy vegetables

You need to be careful when buying tomatoes, though. About four different pesticide residues have been detected on samples. The humble potato is perhaps the most notorious, with a long list of pesticide residues found on the skin. It won’t hurt if you take the time to find suppliers and grocers that offer healthier options.

Before you decide to fill the fruit basket with products that are in season, consider looking for items that are grown organically. Apples have thin skin and the pesticide residue found on a significant percentage of samples can seep into the flesh of the fruit easily. It has also been shown that grapes grown in a conventional manner can contain as many as five different chemical residues. The same results can be seen after testing peaches and nectarines.

It might be difficult to shift to organic produce completely, but if you can make adjustments on your budget, then make a change gradually. After all, the health and well-being of your family are on the line. Start by looking for sources of organic produce near you. Aside from small farms in the area, ask around for venues where organic produce is sold regularly. Supporting local producers will also help the local economy.

The Dentist Behind Every Straight Set Of Teeth

Dentist and Patient

Behind every beautiful smile with straight teeth that has been created from something wonky and not so fabulous stands a dentist who really knows their stuff. Meet the orthodontist in Harley Street.

An orthodontist in Harley Street is a dentist who, after completing their undergraduate studies to become a general dentist, has gone on to complete 2-3 more years of postgraduate studies in orthodontistry. Ortho means ‘straightening, and ‘dont’ refers to teeth. In other words, they are a teeth-straightening dentist. Various dental practices, such as Harley Street Dental Clinic, have orthodontists working with them.

What does an orthodontist in Harley Street do?

There’s more to a beautiful smile than great looking teeth. They also have to line up well enough for them to work well as a team, the entire arch bearing the burden of the forces created when chewing. These are powerful forces. The average adult male chew can reach 97kg or 200lbs. If only 2 or 3 teeth in an arch meet up with their opposite numbers, they end up taking all the strain, and can crumble away before their time.

The orthodontist has trained to be able to realign not only teeth, but the jaws too. A misaligned jaw is not an unusual condition. Sometimes the upper comes in front of the lower jaw, sometimes the lower in front of the upper. Sometimes the jaws don’t meet up sideways. Or the jaw can be too narrow for all the teeth that need to come through, and needs to be widened.

A good orthodontist in Harley Street can carry out an examination of a child’s mouth, when they are about 5 years old, and predict how the teeth are gong to come through, and whether they will need help. The orthodontist will also be able to prescribe treatment to straighten up the jaws and make sure there is enough room for all the teeth.

Any work on realigning the jaws needs to be carried out when the patient is still young as, after the age of 18, the jaw sets hard and can no longer be manipulated.

Filling the Gaps with Dental Implants in Ealing

It happens to almost everyone at some point in their lives, and as people age, the likelihood of tooth loss becomes ever greater. Then the next question is how to replace these vital little bits of hard white stuff that play such an important role in eating, talking and looking healthy? Time was, people had only 2 options, neither of which was ideal. They could either choose dentures, which are removable false teeth or they could choose bridgework, which is fixed into the mouth. Both options have drawbacks.

For the last 30 odd years, however, there has been a third option. And, since they came on the market, dental implants in Ealing have become most people’s first choice for replacing teeth. Getting dental implants fitted requires the skills of a dental surgeon, such as those from the dentists at Ikon Dental Suite.

What goes on when people get dental implants

Getting dental implants in Ealing takes several appointments. How many depends on what state the patient’s teeth and jawbone are in. If they have been missing teeth for a long time, they need to have some preparatory work done to strengthen their jawbone. Jawbones lose strength and density in the areas around lost teeth; a process that can happen rapidly.


The first step is to have an in-depth consultation to assess the jawbone and plan the treatment. Patients can expect to have x-rays and scans to check the jawbone and also to plan where to insert the implants, to avoid blood vessels and nerves.

The surgery

This takes place under local anaesthetic, which is plenty to numb an area with few nerves in it. Putting in the implants can take a while, so anxious patients are also offered sedation to help them relax.


This long word describes the vital process of the implant fusing with the bone to create stability. It takes 2-6 months, depending on how fast people heal.

The crowns

Permanent, handmade crowns go on when osseointegration is complete. After this, people can eat whatever they want and generally act like their dental implants in Ealing are natural teeth, maintaining a diligent oral health routine to keep them in good shape.

a woman wearing Invisalign braces

Happy Smiles For Big Events

a woman wearing Invisalign braces

There are many reasons why people choose to have a teeth straightening treatment such as braces in Cheltenham, and one is that they want their smile to be perfect for a big event. Whether it’s a wedding day, graduation ceremony or a part in a film, it’s understandable that people want to smile widely with no worries about their teeth looking bad.

There are a number of practices offering braces in Cheltenham, including Cheltenham Dental Spa, who offer a range of braces systems for children, teens and adults.

Plan in advance

Braces take a while to adjust the teeth, with treatments ranging from 6 months to 2 years depending on the type of braces and the complexity of the misalignment, so it’s important to plan in advance. Most people plan their wedding upwards of a year in advance, so this shouldn’t be a problem. As soon as the date is set, it’s time to visit a dentist to talk about braces in Cheltenham.

That said, even if time is short, the idea shouldn’t be discounted. There are invisible braces systems that can won’t show in the photographs if treatment is still in place on the big day.

Cosmetic braces are fast and discreet

A number of cosmetic braces systems are available, many of which work fast and are unnoticeable to anyone looking at the wearer. Some systems concentrate on the front teeth only, which means they can work much faster than full traditional braces. Removable aligners can still take a while to work, but these clear plastic aligners are very discreet and can, of course, be removed for photographs.

Don’t be embarrassed

There is still a lot of stigma attached to the idea of braces in Cheltenham, but surely it is better to suffer a few months of wearing them, than to look at those photographs of the big day with regret? With the ultra-discreet invisible braces and aligners available, most people won’t even spot them being worn. It’s never too late to get a smile to be proud of, so anyone who feels embarrassed or self-conscious about their teeth should visit a dentist and find out how braces in Cheltenham could help.