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Filling the Gaps with Dental Implants in Ealing

It happens to almost everyone at some point in their lives, and as people age, the likelihood of tooth loss becomes ever greater. Then the next question is how to replace these vital little bits of hard white stuff that play such an important role in eating, talking and looking healthy? Time was, people had only 2 options, neither of which was ideal. They could either choose dentures, which are removable false teeth or they could choose bridgework, which is fixed into the mouth. Both options have drawbacks.

For the last 30 odd years, however, there has been a third option. And, since they came on the market, dental implants in Ealing have become most people’s first choice for replacing teeth. Getting dental implants fitted requires the skills of a dental surgeon, such as those from the dentists at Ikon Dental Suite.

What goes on when people get dental implants

Getting dental implants in Ealing takes several appointments. How many depends on what state the patient’s teeth and jawbone are in. If they have been missing teeth for a long time, they need to have some preparatory work done to strengthen their jawbone. Jawbones lose strength and density in the areas around lost teeth; a process that can happen rapidly.


The first step is to have an in-depth consultation to assess the jawbone and plan the treatment. Patients can expect to have x-rays and scans to check the jawbone and also to plan where to insert the implants, to avoid blood vessels and nerves.

The surgery

This takes place under local anaesthetic, which is plenty to numb an area with few nerves in it. Putting in the implants can take a while, so anxious patients are also offered sedation to help them relax.


This long word describes the vital process of the implant fusing with the bone to create stability. It takes 2-6 months, depending on how fast people heal.

The crowns

Permanent, handmade crowns go on when osseointegration is complete. After this, people can eat whatever they want and generally act like their dental implants in Ealing are natural teeth, maintaining a diligent oral health routine to keep them in good shape.

a woman wearing Invisalign braces

Happy Smiles For Big Events

a woman wearing Invisalign braces

There are many reasons why people choose to have a teeth straightening treatment such as braces in Cheltenham, and one is that they want their smile to be perfect for a big event. Whether it’s a wedding day, graduation ceremony or a part in a film, it’s understandable that people want to smile widely with no worries about their teeth looking bad.

There are a number of practices offering braces in Cheltenham, including Cheltenham Dental Spa, who offer a range of braces systems for children, teens and adults.

Plan in advance

Braces take a while to adjust the teeth, with treatments ranging from 6 months to 2 years depending on the type of braces and the complexity of the misalignment, so it’s important to plan in advance. Most people plan their wedding upwards of a year in advance, so this shouldn’t be a problem. As soon as the date is set, it’s time to visit a dentist to talk about braces in Cheltenham.

That said, even if time is short, the idea shouldn’t be discounted. There are invisible braces systems that can won’t show in the photographs if treatment is still in place on the big day.

Cosmetic braces are fast and discreet

A number of cosmetic braces systems are available, many of which work fast and are unnoticeable to anyone looking at the wearer. Some systems concentrate on the front teeth only, which means they can work much faster than full traditional braces. Removable aligners can still take a while to work, but these clear plastic aligners are very discreet and can, of course, be removed for photographs.

Don’t be embarrassed

There is still a lot of stigma attached to the idea of braces in Cheltenham, but surely it is better to suffer a few months of wearing them, than to look at those photographs of the big day with regret? With the ultra-discreet invisible braces and aligners available, most people won’t even spot them being worn. It’s never too late to get a smile to be proud of, so anyone who feels embarrassed or self-conscious about their teeth should visit a dentist and find out how braces in Cheltenham could help.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Need reasons to visit a cosmetic dentist in Barnsley?

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry has been in the spotlight in recent years. Unlike conventional dentistry, cosmetic dentistry not only focuses on improving oral health but also concentrates on improving the appearance and functionality of a patient’s teeth.

A cosmetic dentistin Barnsley, such as PDC Dental, will use various techniques and equipment to carry out different types of cosmetics treatments including – but not limited to – teeth whitening and teeth straightening. Patients can take advantage of these treatments on their own or combined in order to achieve the smile of their dreams.

Here are some reasons why visiting a cosmetic dentist in Barnsley should be a priority:

Whiter teeth

No one likes a dingy smile. Luckily, stained and discoloured teeth are easy to fix using professional teeth whitening. While some people reach for over-the-counter teeth-whitening options, only cosmetic dentists can perform safe teeth whitening.

A cosmetic dentist can whiten patient’s teeth using different types of procedures, such as laser teeth whitening, teeth whitening take-home kits, in-practice teeth-whitening treatments or even porcelain veneers. These treatments are safe and effective, and they last much longer than cheaper do-it-yourself teeth-whitening kits.

Straighter teeth without metal braces

Crooked, misaligned and gapped teeth can be embarrassing. However, many adults are self-conscious of their appearance and don’t want to wear metal braces. Modern teeth-straightening treatments allow patients to straighten their teeth without metal braces.

Invisible braces employ advanced technology to help move patient’s teeth into their right position over a specific period of time. These plastic aligners are custom-made, removable and very comfortable. Unlike metal braces, invisible braces do not require constant adjustments and can be taken out for eating and cleaning the teeth. Invisible braces are ideal not only for patients who wish to avoid braces, but also for busy individuals that do not want to alter their lifestyle significantly.

Improved self-confidence

Studies have shown that smile improvement can have a direct impact on a patient’s confidence and overall self-esteem. People with crooked teeth tend to smile less and their social life is compromised. This can be fixed with a few simple cosmetic dental treatments, which can have a radical impact on a patient’s overall appearance and self-esteem.

Dental check up

Thinking of Skipping a Visit to the Hygienist in Richmond?

Dental check up

A lot of people think that cancelling a routine dental cleaning won’t do much harm. Missing a dental examination and cleaning is a big deal, however, and people who fail to show up to their dentist consistently, are more likely to develop serious health problems, including gum inflammation and tooth loss. Not to mention that some dental problems are linked to health problems such as diabetes and heart disease.

A thorough examination and cleaning of the mouth are important preventive services provided by the hygienist in Richmond at Sheen Dental. But dental fear and a busy lifestyle, often mean that regular check-ups and cleanings in the dentist’s chair can easily become a non-priority.

Failing to visit the hygienist in Richmond for 6 months

Six months is a long time to go without dental care. At this point, a patient will likely exhibit signs of gum disease or tooth decay – no matter how diligently they brush and floss their teeth. Left untreated, these conditions can lead to tooth loss and costly treatments. As well as checking their oral health, bi-annual appointments are the great point in time for the hygienist in Richmond to look for signs of tooth decay and gum disease. Both these conditions are not easily traced without the help of a dentist or a hygienist when they start developing.

One year after

A year without a professional cleaning by a hygienist in Richmond may most likely result in gum disease, painful inflammation and visible cavities. The problems will get even worse if patients fail to book an appointment as soon as possible.

Understanding the importance of timely intervention

Human teeth are very strong and durable but they are also susceptible to many factors that could cause them to deteriorate over time. From excessive consumption of sugar to poor oral health habits or genetics, teeth and gums can develop disease and infection if not properly treated. Some people take their oral health for granted, but things can slip away from their control very quickly. Visiting the hygienist for regular cleanings and check-ups is the least they can do to ensure that their dental health is not compromised.

pearly white teeth

Teeth Whitening in Camden

pearly white teeth

In Camden, teeth whitening is one sure fire way to attract attention. Done right, by a trained dental professional, this simple cosmetic procedure can give the smile just the right amount of lift to turn heads.

Many high street dental practices offer teeth whitening in Camden, including Ace Dental. It’s a quick and easy procedure and a great way to prepare for a big event such as an anniversary party, a wedding or presentation at work. But it’s not only the dentist in the high street who provides teeth whitening in Camden, it can also be found in the chemist and at the beauty parlour. And while over-the-counter whitening kits certainly are cheap, they aren’t the best option for patients who want to brighten their smile and here’s why.

Does it work?

Not all stains can be removed with teeth whitening in Camden, and only a dentist can say which are which. Some stains are ingrained in the tooth enamel and ain’t going to budge.

Stick to the professionals

Shop-bought whitening kits are only legally allowed to contain 0.1% active ingredient. Dental professionals can use kits with up to 6%. So, at best, an over-the-counter kit isn’t going to make much of an impression compared to what the cosmetic dentist can do. It’s also illegal for a beautician to give a whitening treatment without a dental professional present to make sure everything is okay for the patient’s oral health.

Bleeding gums

At worst, a shop bought kit could cause the gums harm. Patients who go to the dentist for their teeth whitening in Camden wear custom-made whitening trays if they decide to do the treatment at home. The gel used is a lower concentration than if they were receiving it in the dental chair, but still above the level in the chemist kit. This is fine as they are under dental supervision for the treatment, and they have these trays that have been specially made to measure, just for them.

The risk with a shop bought kit is that, because the trays are one size fits all, the gel could leak and irritate the gums. Even with the low concentration of hydrogen peroxide, this can still cause problems.

Wellness: A Timeline from Ancient Roots to Modern Usage

Woman whose arms are openHow did the concept of wellness become so popular? The beginnings of wellness practices can be traced to ancient traditions dated as far back as 30th century BC. These historical roots have significantly influenced the wellness movement in the modern age. Wellness centers incorporating holistic and self-healing practices have become mainstream and widely accepted even in medical fields.

Ancient Civilizations

Ayurveda was an oral tradition that originated in 3000 BC. It was a holistic system meant to create harmony between one’s mind, body, and spirit. Routines were tailored to each person’s level of nutrition, exercise, social interaction, and other needs. It involved activities closely resembling yoga and meditation as a way to reduce the likelihood of an illness.

Other approaches like acupuncture, herbal medicine, and tai chi were developed as traditional Chinese medicine in the East. Later, these practices became part of modern wellness and medical approaches around the world.

Medical Movements

The 19th century sparked intellectual movements across the United States and Europe. New medical practices, spiritual philosophies, and alternative healthcare methods were developed. Many of these focused on holistic approaches, self-healing, and preventive care. Others were spiritual and grounded in religious movements.

For a long time, these beliefs were confronted with skepticism and criticism and they were not taken seriously in scientific, medical industries. However, they eventually influenced a birth of ideas focused on lifestyle, exercise, and diet as a way to better manage health. The philosophy of this time, that a healthy body is a product of a healthy mind and spirit, remains a popular idea today.

Proliferation of Wellness

Woman doing yoga on her bedThe first wellness center was created around the mid-20th century. Wellness continued to gain acceptance and popularity among academic, medical, and corporate institutions. It was also at this time that evidence-based scientific articles on wellness approaches were written and were spread throughout the scientific community. These medical validations kickstarted the establishment of a national center for alternative medicine.

Wellness practices were also incorporated into businesses and included as part of their workplace programs. This encouraged the growth of the fitness and spa industries.

Tipping Point

The popularity and establishment of wellness as a mainstream concept came in the 21st century. At this point, the wellness movement had reached a global scale and was widely accepted internationally. Approaches to fitness, diet, and healthy living spread rapidly, changing and improving industries like that of food and travel.

Wellness became a part of the everyday vernacular, used in daily conversation, in medical institutions, and even in the government.

Healthcare Costs

As modern-day medical costs grew costly and unsustainable, governments turned to healthcare methods involving prevention and wellness. They came to rely on traditional medicine. Even the most elite medical institutions included alternative and complementary medicine into their practice.

The popularity of wellness practices continues to grow and become accepted. With this, the health sector has clearly been able to embrace the shift from its sole focus on modern medical practice to that of a holistic practice involving increased attention to prevention and overall wellness.

A Healthy Heart

3 Easy Tips to Achieve a Healthy Heart

A Healthy HeartSome patients are born with heart conditions, whereas others develop them along the course of their lives. For example, a child may be born with a septal defect. It refers to the presence of a hole in the heart. In such circumstances, the child may need surgery to fix the defect. Other heart conditions may also develop along the way. An example is the accumulation of cholesterol around the heart.

Regular heart checkups

All cardiologists regularly emphasize the need for people to undergo regular heart checkups. There are several licensed cardiology clinics in Gunnison that patients may visit for specialist consultation services. Regular consultations allow for the early detection of possibly developing heart complications. Your cardiologist is then in a better position to make an early intervention in a bid to prevent further heart complications. It is advisable for a person to select a single cardiologist they will be visiting. It allows the cardiologist to keep a file on your health progress. They are also able to notice possible changes in your health on account of the information that they have collected in the previous consultation sessions.

General health

This may be classified into two: physical health and mental health. They both have a direct impact on a person’s heart. Conditions such as diabetes, high and low blood pressure, and blood cholesterol may deteriorate the condition of your heart. They put a strain on the normal functioning of the heart, which puts you at risk of experiencing a cardiac arrest. For instance, the accumulation of cholesterol around the heart may limit the contraction and relaxation of your heart. Cholesterol also affects the supply of nutrients and oxygen through the blood vessels to your heart muscles. On the other hand, good mental health is paramount to achieving a healthy heart. Mental health diseases such as depression have resulted in a significant number of cardiac arrest cases. Patients suffering from mental health are always advised to seek professional help because it does not only take a toll on their mental health, but it also affects their physical well-being.

Taking Care of your heart

Proper feeding and physical exercise

The issue of proper feeding remains to be a serious challenge for many people. A majority of people are not disciplined enough to stay away from food that may put their hearts’ health at risk. They are also not willing to undertake regular fitness exercise as they instead opt to remain indoors binge-watching. Such habits have put a significant number of people, especially the youth, at risk of developing heart conditions. It is important for everyone to adopt a healthy diet. Healthy food will not only preserve your healthy heart but will also earn you an overall healthy body. The same applies to regular exercise. It is crucial in preventing the accumulation of cholesterol around your heart.

Whereas some of the heart conditions are unpreventable, everyone has a lifetime duty to keep their hearts healthy. They can do that by regulating their feeding habits and undertaking routine physical exercise. Such simple habits may prevent the accumulation of cholesterol around your heart maintaining it in its right condition.

Three Ways to Make Students More Physically Active

kids sitting on chairs

The studies are clear about it: Physical activity significantly boosts academic performance. The statistics are straightforward as well: Almost a third of England’s children population, aged 2 to 15, are obese. While parents are primarily responsible for encouraging healthy lifestyles to kids, teachers and school administrators are equally accountable too. Given that children spend more than half of their waking hours in schools, it’s important that they’re physically active in such settings.

That said, promote physical activity in your school, and that means going beyond your regular physical education programs. Here are ways you can make students more active.

Provide avenues for physical activity

You already have a gym, a basketball court and a football field. These are good facilities for physical activity, but there are far more venue options. For instance, building a bike shelter for your school would encourage children to consider cycling to get to the campus. Adding more recreational gears in your playground, like slides, monkey bars, merry-go-round, playhouses and mazes, would also help improve children’s muscle and bone strength.

Inside classrooms, some schools swap desks for stationary bikes. Others have standing desk stations. This would be a drastic move if you go this route, but it’s worth considering. Be aggressive in promoting the use of these facilities mentioned. No use to having them if students won’t use them. So, encourage until physical activity becomes a culture in your school.

Make exercise a community effort

The reason most kids aren’t into physical activity (when it’s not part of their PE requirements) is that it’s just never the norm. They see their parents and teen siblings working out, but not their peers. Now, you can change that in your school community. Let the children exercise together outside their PE classes. Just for sheer fun.

kids playing

For instance, you can assign walking or biking buddies when children go to and from school. You can also have teachers hold their classes outside classrooms at least twice or thrice, incorporating physical activities in their lessons. Pick a few students from each batch to be part of the core leadership team of health and fitness clubs. Encourage students to join fun run charity events in your local community. All these would solidify the fact that exercise can be fun and ‘cool’ for their age.

Celebrate physical activity

Keep doing your sports events. But make sure they’re inclusive, which means everyone in your student body should participate, not only the sports-inclined pupils. A lot of obese students dread sports weeks, precisely because it highlights their body issues. That’s an unfortunate reality given that they’re the very ones who would need to be more physically active.

So aside from your regular sports competitions, design activities where all children would feel comfortable participating. For instance, have everyone do mazes, hula-hoops or Zumba dances in groups. Give proper acknowledgement to everyone who joined. Aside from awarding at sports events, celebrate the active lifestyle by rewarding the tiny wins, like riding bicycles to schools or achieving a particular number of steps going to the cafeteria.

Physical activity is crucial for the mental and emotional well-being of students. Unfortunately, a lot of kids live sedentary lifestyles, resulting in weight issues. Start the change now and get your students moving with these mentioned tips.

Baby boy brushing his teeth

A Good Clean, Scale and Polish

Baby boy brushing his teethSome people are afraid to visit the dentist for their regular check-ups and cleanings; the reasons are varied, from a bad childhood experience to fear of dental pain, even with routine procedures such as a clean, scale and polish. However, modern dentistry has evolved and dental cleanings are no longer a thing to dread. As a matter of fact, the best way for someone to avoid any dental discomfort is to visit the dentist routinely for a good deep clean.

Waiting too long between check-ups and cleanings allows the build-up of plaque and tartar, a hardened form of plaque. Tartar, in particular, is difficult to remove from the teeth and can only be done at a dentist in Erskineville, such as Healthy Smile Centre.

Continuity is key

Patients who wait along time between dental visits (sometimes even years) are more likely to develop tartar on their teeth and gums, even if they brush and floss every day. Some areas in the mouth are hard to reach and bacteria tend to settle down into them and can only be effectively removed with the help of a dentist in Erskineville.

Failure to remove plaque can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. For this reason, regular dental cleanings are a must. Cleanings tend to be more uncomfortable when they are postponed because tartar will have had more time to build up on the teeth and around the gum line. This also means it will take longer to complete cleaning of the teeth and patients may have to return for another visit to do so.

Is it possible to make teeth cleanings a positive experience?

The short answer: yes. Patients who are afraid of the dentist in Erskineville should consider talking about their fears in advance. People with sensitive gums can have the option of topical anaesthesia to numb any pain. This can make their teeth cleaning a far more comfortable experience. Patients can also talk to the dentist about how to deal with any sensitivity of their teeth as well as how to improve their oral hygiene routine, so their next scheduled cleaning will go by even faster.

Dentist and Patient

What to Look for in an Emergency Dentist

Dentist and PatientIt is a good idea to be registered with an emergency dentist in Mackay, so that if a dental emergency arises there is no need to search for a dentist in a panic. It can be easier to get emergency treatment when already registered with a dental practice.

There are a number of things to consider when choosing an emergency dentist in Mackay. Dentists such as Walkerston Dental in Walkerston GP SuperClinic, Queensland, have an alternative practice so there is more chance of getting an appointment at busy times.

Choose a dentist close to home

Location plays a big part when choosing an emergency dentist in Mackay. While some dental emergencies happen away from home, it is more likely that the need for an emergency dentist will occur when at home. A dentist that is easily accessible is important – is there good parking available, does the practice have wheelchair access if required?

Emergency procedure

Different dentists have different emergency procedures. The most important thing is to be seen quickly, so when choosing an emergency dentist in Mackay, make sure it is one who will do their absolute best to see emergency patients on the same day. Some practices have knowledgeable staff who can also offer advice over the telephone in the event of an emergency. Some dentists have more than one practice, increasing the chances of being able to get an appointment quickly.

The number of dentists working at a practice will make a difference to the chance of being seen on the same day. If there are three dentists working in a practice, there is more chance one of them will have time to attend to an emergency. It is a horrible feeling to be in a lot of pain with a damaged tooth, so it is important to find a dentist who is committed to ensuring their patients are seen as soon as possible and will be sent home pain free.

Treatments on offer

It is a good idea to ensure an emergency dentist in Mackay is equipped for a full range of dental treatments. It would be frustrating to attend a dentist in an emergency, only to find they aren’t able to perform the necessary procedure.