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Curb That Screech: Minimize Tire Noise and Stay Safe on the Road

tires leaving marks on the circuitWhile driving in downtown American Fork, you hear loud noises you can’t pinpoint. The sound could be due to misplaced sound-reducing car parts, malfunctioning interior systems, or the design on your tire treads. Regardless of the reason, you need to drive your vehicle to the nearest tire shop in north-central Utah for repair because the noise could indicate car trouble.

Identify the exact cause of the noise for your safety and peace of mind, and resolve it.

The Different Kinds of Tire Noises

Some tire noises are normal and depends on the type of tire you’re going to buy. Noises could arise simply from the tire material impacting the pavement. Visit your local tire shop and ask for the best kind of “quiet” tires suited for your vehicle.

Noises not caused by tire type could be a result of:

    • Over and under-inflated tires
    • Uneven treadwear
  • Tread design
  • Improper tire and wheel maintenance

Over and Under-inflated Tires

Over or under-inflation of your tires is a common cause of tire noise. When the inside and outside edges of a tire wear out more than the central part, it’s probably underinflated. When the center part of the tire wears faster than the edges, it’s usually over-inflated.

One way to solve under-inflated tires is to increase cold tire pressure. This reduces flat tires and spots from occurring frequently. You need to properly inflate your tires before driving and check them after every trip. Rough terrain can cause your tires to puncture. Just a slight change in air pressure from your tires prompts unwanted squeaks.

Uneven Treadwear

Uneven tires impacting the road causes noise because it isn’t uniform. The unbalanced tread depths cause tires to emit loud noises while driving. Squealing and squeaking can also be a sign of uneven tire treadwear.

With high usage, tire treads break down and may even peel off the surface of your tire. This causes noise each time your worn tire rolls over the road. Aside from the noise, uneven tire treads also makes it more difficult to brake and turn as you drive. To fix this and avoid the probability of a road accident, have your tires rotated and balanced regularly.

Tread Design

The grooves in your tire, or tread style creates different noise levels. Curt, repetitive tread pitch patterns like the lug or block type patterns create a “whining” sound, while rib tread patterns make the least amount of sound. Those with variations, such as the rib-lug lug tread patterns, stand in the middle when it comes to noise levels.

tire tracks marking on the road by supercar

When you’re aiming for quieter tires, look for ones that have different tread block patterns. Since every block pattern produces different tones, the combined effect of these patterns becomes a neutral white noise. This process is called pitch sequencing and is vital for maintaining quiet tire noise.

Improper Tire and Wheel Maintenance

Noise can also arise from improper tire and wheel maintenance. Loose tires, improper wheel alignments and a lack of tire rotation can all cause squeaky noises. Imbalanced, loose tires not only produce loud vibrations, but can also cause damage on the suspension parts of your car. As tires wear, the weight distribution changes and the prior balance becomes useless.

Get your car on a regular maintenance program to avoid noise due to improper tire positions. Rotate your tires every 5,000-8,000 miles. You should also balance the weight on your tire, putting small weights opposite the stiffer spots in your tire.

Maintain your tires regularly and enjoy noiseless, safe road trips.

couple being handed keys to their first car

6 Tips for First-time Car Buyers

couple being handed keys to their first carPurchasing your first car is a milestone. However, buying one does not only involve the car’s color, model, and make as the basis of your decision. It should comprise thorough and detailed research and consideration to affected aspects of your life, especially in terms of your finances.

A car is more than a luxury that only some can afford; it is also considered an investment. When properly taken care of, it can provide long-lasting transportation means to its user. Before getting one, what you need is to prepare and consider how you can make your purchase a good experience. Read on below to know the best ways to buy a car in Utah or in any other state:

Examine your financing options

It’s essential to think about what type of financing means you will utilize to obtain your car. The purchase might be through a car dealership, a quick cash loan for the down payment and for the interests, or through a carefully saved amount of money. Whatever it is that you have at your disposal, examine if such option is advantageous to you.

Evaluate your credit score

There’s nothing more horrifying than seeing that your credit score (which shows your eligibility to obtain a loan) will get you higher interest rates in terms of credit availability. If you want to avail of a loan, consider your credit score. Do some improvements and make it more appealing to your chosen financial institutions.

Research about the car you need, not the car you want

There’s a thin line between shopping for a dream Porsche that looks astounding and dashing and choosing an SUV that will drive you to work every day for a good five years. Picking a car you want will definitely affect your capability to pay. It will also negatively affect your finances in the long run. Look for cars that will suit your needs and will be appropriate in terms of your budget.

couple choosing their first car

Compare prices

Different dealerships offer various prices for their cars. The difference might be due to the fact that each dealership provides different services, warranty options, and other factors.

Take the time to compare price offerings from different car dealerships and look into the services they offer. For example, one dealership might be $2,000.00 higher than another because they offer free monthly check-ups and after-sales service, which the competing dealership may not.

Do a test drive and a mechanical inspection for potential purchase

Once the financial aspect is secured and the dealership has been finalized, the only thing you need to check now is the car you intend to buy.

Take it out for a drive to see if some noticeable rattles and jingles might indicate wrecks and inconsistencies for the dealership’s mechanic to check. This will also assure you that you’re getting the best value for your money.

Know the scope and limitation of your warranty

If there’s nothing wrong with the car and you’re now ready to take it home, read and familiarize yourself with what the warranty offers. You might be surprised to find out that free monthly check-ups and repairs come with the purchase. In the long-run, these freebies can save you a few hundred bucks.

There are many professionals and service providers that can offer you recommendations and guidance if you want to buy a car. Just make sure you have all the resources ready to ensure a smooth transaction.

second hand cars

Four Questions Secondhand-Car Buyers Should Ask First

second hand carsIf you are looking for a new ride but on a tight budget, a used car might be the best option for you. However, finding an affordable secondhand car that still functions very well can be tricky. Bear in mind that each used vehicle vastly differs from one another. For instance, one might have been serviced regularly while the other had been neglected by its owner in terms of maintenance and repairs.

To make sure that you find excellent used cars in Pharr, TX and get your money’s worth, do not forget to ask yourself the following questions.

Can you really afford this car?   

Take note that the money that you will use to buy the car is just a part of the equation. You need to consider your fuel allowance, auto insurance and maintenance costs. Be sure to get a ride that is right within your budget. This way, you will have enough funds to keep it running for longer.

Also, you need to know the grade of fuel that the car needs, how much it consumes and the cost of securing it. One way to find out all this information is by calling your local dealer or doing an online search yourself.

Can you see the service history?   

Next, ask the seller about the entire service history for the vehicle. The paperwork should contain all the maintenance and repair work that the car has undergone. It is an excellent way to know if the previous owner took care of it or not.

However, failure to show the records on the seller’s end should not cause you to worry. There are times when people do not realize the value of these records until they decide to resell their car.

Can the car accommodate your whole family?

family inside the car

Do your kids have enough space in the back seat? Will the car have enough room for other passengers as well as extra gears? You need to consider if the size of the vehicle fits your lifestyle.

You want a car that can accommodate all your needs and has all the basic features that you want. So, if you are planning to buy a vehicle, ensure that you check it thrice so you can guarantee that it meets all your needs before entirely purchasing it.

Do you need an extended warranty?  

Most used car dealers often offer extra-cost warranty coverage that ranges from a few hundred bucks to more than a thousand dollars. It is highly advisable to learn more about the warranty coverage so that you can make a sound decision.

Aside from the price, you also need to learn about the service history and the current condition of the vehicle. Inspect the car thoroughly, so you will know if it needs any further repair. Doing so will guarantee that you will only walk away with a car worthy of your hard-earned money. You can also ask for help from the used car dealership to get more information about your new ride.

Why Regular Vehicle Maintenance is Necessary

Man driving the car

A busy lifestyle may be the reason why many people forget about regular car maintenance. Just like how you take your time in planning any routine activity, planning the schedule of the inspection of your vehicle is equally essential.

After all, you would not want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere. What could be even worse than that is if a breakdown happened in the middle of the night (particularly, past office hours) and you have no one to call for help. 

Here are some proven reasons why you should consider regular car maintenance:

Enhance safety

Truly, safety always comes first. It’s obvious that if your car is not inspected regularly, then you are increasing the chances of breakdowns and being involved in an accident.

This is mainly because there are various problems, such as engine and braking issues, that could often lead to breakdowns and accidents. Taking your car to an expert for inspection makes it easy to detect such problems (before they become too problematic) and therefore, enhances safety.

Extends your car’s life

One of the ideal ways to ensure that your car lasts longer is through regular inspection. Rush Diesel & Automotive explains that an inspection ensures that minor problems are detected early and fixed.

Remember that minor problems may end up becoming major problems if not fixed on time. For example, a small crack can become a huge one if not fixed right away and this may lead to a major breakdown. Inspection helps minimize such risks.

Improve performance


No matter how tough your car is, its performance reduces if there's no regular maintenance. Some engine parts may be affected by harsh weather and severe terrain, leading to decreased functionality. A regular inspection ensures that all parts are functioning as expected.

Saves money

Yes, regular car servicing will save you money. It helps avoid minor engine issues from becoming big problems that may require a lot of money to fix. Therefore, this ensures that you don’t spend a lot of resources on either major or minor repairs.

Enhances reliability

Do you want to take your friends or family on a road trip, but is scared that you might end up getting stranded in the middle of the road? You wouldn't want that to happen. After all, what's the use of volunteering your vehicle for this activity if it doesn't deliver its purpose.

To avoid such an embarrassment, you need to consider a regular inspection. Checking your vehicle before hitting the road will do, but it would be best if you do it for a long term even if you don't plan to go anywhere far, An inspection makes it easy to detect and fix problems that would lead to an engine breakdown, and this enhances reliability.

These are only some of the reasons why taking your car for regular inspection is truly unavoidable. Experts are fully committed to ensuring that you get the best vehicle maintenance services. Therefore, as a responsible car owner, you need to play your part and consider making vehicle maintenance a routine habit.

car shipment

Ensuring the Security of New Company Cars

car shipmentWhen you’re in a business that involves some form of transport, an excellent fleet of vehicles is a must. For your company to keep working with those vehicles, however, they have to be well maintained and safe from danger. Purchasing your company’s first vehicles will already involve quite a lot of money and effort on your part, and it will be frustrating if any of them get stolen or destroyed. The latter might be inevitable, but you can safeguard yours from the former with these suggestions.

Pick the Right System

You’ll have to do some research beforehand to find out which kind of vehicles will suit your company best. While you’re at it, try to look up possible security systems. Of course, you can still opt to do this after you have the actual items, but knowing that information still gives you an advantage. Some dealerships even include them with their commercial vehicle sales, so you might want to learn about those packages as well. You don’t have to worry too much about compatibility nowadays since more security systems now cater to more and more kinds of units. However, it’s ideal to read up on the best ones for your particular vehicle’s model.

Brush Up on Your Security Knowledge

Knowing is half the battle, even with this particular subject of vehicle security. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend as much effort in doing so compared to back then, since the information you need is more accessible thanks to the Internet. The knowledge that you can access is constantly updated, from which vehicle is most prone to theft to the areas that have the highest number of reported incidents. Thus, you won’t have to worry about a lack of information. Of course, you should still look for reliable sources and check if what you’ve read, seen, and heard are all true.

happy couple with car dealer

Assess Your Dealer

Getting a “steal” should only mean so figuratively, and not literally. You can place your company in serious trouble, if you learn that the vehicles you’ve purchased are faulty or smuggled from somewhere else. With that in mind, you should only buy from reputable dealers of the brands that you prefer. Before you go to seller, don’t forget to do some background checking and make sure that they are certified by the said brands. You can also see if they offer insurance as well as security options for your vehicles.

In the end, making sure that your company vehicles will be secure from the time you purchase them is much better than realising too late that they’ve been stolen. The additional security features that you can add can cost you quite a bit more money, but that’s small compared to the amount that you can lose if any of the units ever get taken. You should exhaust all possible options and ensure that your vehicle will last long with you. If you need help, feel free to consult experts or professionals in vehicle security.

Man renting a car

Car Rental Insurance: What Are Your Options?

Man renting a carA rental car offers one of the best transportation solutions when you want to explore a new city but give your own vehicle a break. Vehicle rental services also work perfectly for companies looking for a convenient means of transport for their clients and employees without the expense of car maintenance. Most people, however, steer clear of car rentals since they believe they are exorbitantly expensive.

The secret to an affordable car rental in Manila is knowing what services to pay for and which ones are just cosmetic. This way, you can keep your costs to a minimum. One of the essential charges other than the daily rental rates is insurance. Some crooked companies, however, take advantage of this legal requirement to sell you coverage you don’t need or already have.

The following are the essential car rental insurance categories.

Collision Damage Waiver

This is sometimes called a physical or loss damage waiver. With this coverage, your car rental company waives part or all of its expenses if the car you rent is stolen or damaged. This is only if, at the time, it was being carefully driven by an authorized driver.

Though it makes perfect sense to get CDW insurance, this might already be covered in your primary car insurance. Some premium credit cards also provide this coverage with some limitations if you use them to pay for your rental. As such, check with your credit card company and car insurer before buying it.

Supplemental Liability Protection

Woman signing a supplemental liability protectionThis is also called liability insurance supplement coverage. It’s designed as an add-on to the legally required liability insurance, which the company provides for all renters. It protects you from lawsuits in case of an accident with the car and pays the victims’ compensation.

Those with primary car insurance with above minimum coverage might already be covered. SLP coverage, however, offers higher liability protection compared to your primary insurance. It’s therefore prudent to get it even if it’s covered in your primary policy.

Personal Accident Insurance

This covers your death benefits and medical and ambulance expenses and those of your passengers in an accident. The amount you can claim in PAI differs among insurers. Most policies, however, duplicate the death, medical and ambulance coverage you have under your life, health or primary auto insurance policies. A few will give you the minimum amount required by the state.

Personal Effects Coverage

This provides compensation in case your personal effects or those of your passengers are robbed. Though it might duplicate what you might already have on a homeowner’s insurance, PEC pays you in addition to the other policy. The primary policy that covers theft of your personal effects will pay you first and then the PEC will cover whatever the other policy could not because of its coverage limit.

Like in life, there are no guarantees when driving a rental car. Though optional, the above insurance policies can ease your mind and allow you to enjoy your driving experience. Your car rental company typically sells them, so you don’t need to worry about walking around looking for an insurer.

a woman with her new car

Car Care and Maintenance FAQs From First-Time Owners

a woman with her new car

Proper car care and maintenance are essential for every vehicle owner to follow. So, before you start your search for a ride in stores like Isuzu Utes NZ, learn first about the answers to the following most commonly asked questions about car maintenance.

1. How long do the car’s wiper blades last?

The car’s wiper blades can last for at least three to four years in general, depending on the heat. Yet, it is recommended that you replace your vehicle’s wiper blades once a year or every other year to ensure that they will work properly. Since the wiper blades located on the windshield get exposed to the sun’s heat, they are prone to sun damage.

2. Do you always need to check the air filter?

a man checking the car's engine

Faulty air filters can cause several car problems. This is why experts suggest changing it every year or after the car reaches 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. Ignoring your car’s air filter can cause problems in your AC, which, in turn, can affect the air quality inside your car. You can either go to a mechanic to replace it or do it yourself if you know how.

3. How will you know if the timing belts need replacement?

You will not exactly know when it is time to replace a belt. In fact, it is difficult to tell the difference between an old belt and a new one. So, every manufacturer has their own recommended mileage or date time to replace it. The mileage or date time is between 5 years or 6,000 miles, and 10 years or 105,000 miles.

These are a few of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to car care and maintenance. It is best to book a service from your dealer to get the right care that your car needs. You can also ask them for more tips to better maintain your car in the future.

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Vital Questions to Ask Yourself When Purchasing a Used Vehicle

driving in a curve

Just because a vehicle is previously used doesn’t mean that it can’t perform as well as a brand-new one. Sometimes people sell their vehicles simply because they need the money or don’t have the space. If you’re set on saving money in your vehicle purchase, then availing of what’s already used can be a good choice. Finding the right unit may seem quite the challenge given that you have to practice a certain amount of caution, but don’t fret. To make the search easier on your part, here are some important questions that you can ask yourself and your possible dealer in Utah:

Will I Be Ready?

There are many responsibilities attached to owning a vehicle that you need to be aware of, and maintenance is one of those that is of particular importance when it comes to pre-loved vehicles. Normally, you’d want to go for the cheapest one or at least the make and model that most people will recommend to you. However, what if you want to purchase that classy-looking old vehicle instead? Whatever you decide to buy, it’s best that you have relatively easy access to its parts and maintenance such as when you buy a used Freightliner Sprinter from Warner Vans of Utah. Getting a vehicle for a cheap price won’t matter much if its parts will cost a lot more or if a proper service center will be too far from you.

Why Is It Being Sold?

buying a car
This is one factor that tends to slip past most people’s notice but is equally important, sometimes even more so, as the others. If a car is being sold for reasons such as the previous owner looking to upgrade his mode of transportation or not being able to afford maintenance or storage of the vehicle anymore, then there’s usually nothing to worry about. However, if it’s being let go due to reasons such as malfunctioning brakes, steering issues, or other mechanical problems, you’re better off purchasing a different vehicle. It might cost you more to fix it than buy it, and that’s never a good deal.

What Will You Be Using It For?

Any kind of vehicle is made with passengers and cargo in mind, but you should consider the number of people who will be riding it, as well as any other loads that it’ll be carrying. Also, take into account if it will be driven by any person other than yourself and what kind of routes you’ll be taking. These factors are usually set by your purpose for the vehicle. For example, if you need it for transporting cargo from one place to another, then you’d want to get one that’s on the large side. Naturally, you’d want something that will be convenient for everybody and everything.

Of course, it will all boil down to what kind of vehicle you ultimately want. Keep in mind, however, that since it will be a huge part of your life as well as your work, you need to choose one that has every feature that you need. Since this will be a long-term investment, you might as well go all out, provided that you can handle it. Being careful when purchasing a vehicle now will more or less ensure that you have one to use for a long time.

"Man looking for spares at a warehouse

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Automotive Equipment

Man looking for spares at a warehouse

If you want to boost production and expand your business, you ought to buy quality automotive equipment. However, some of the most critical aspects of making equipment purchases are the financial decisions that you make. Here are crucial financial mistakes that you must avoid when buying your equipment:

1. Failure to do comparison shopping

Buying automotive paint booths for sale from the first shop that you come across can be a costly mistake. Always take time to research and shop around. Consider reading online reviews. Get to know different dealerships and their reputation. The most appropriate supplier is one who sells equipment that doesn’t just address current auto service needs but ones that can be upgraded to suit future demands better. Another advantage of comparison-shopping is that you are likely to get a better deal regarding pricing and save some money at the end of the day.

2. Failure to arrange for financing

When you don’t have sufficient funds, your focus will be on pricing alone. Therefore, it’s essential that you arrange for financing even before you make buying decisions. Remember that many banks are willing to support your investment projects. All you have to do is select your lender with due diligence. Private investments are general purpose loans. You can regularly use the money at your discretion, but some banks will limit what you do with the cash. They are usually more challenging to get compared to credit cards. Sometimes, they come with complicated qualifications or requirements. Avoid looking at the rates only. Consider other aspects. For instance, get to know if they can cover the entire cost of purchase, which might include shipping and installation.

3. Buying equipment for a one-time project

Man buying auto parts

Another essential thing to look into before you buy automotive equipment is the purpose for which you want to buy it. For entrepreneurs running businesses round the clock, the best option is buying new equipment. Otherwise, it won’t be a prudent idea to buy one only to damage it a few days later. If you want it for a short-term project, the most informed option is to hire, as it’s cheaper compared to buying a new one.

A cost-benefit examination is an essential decision-making tool that can help you decide whether a proposed action or investment is worth the cost. The study can be used to help determine almost any course of action. However, its most common use is to decide whether to progress with a significant investment. This tool is also known as “running the numbers” because it involves combining positive factors and deducting negative ones to get a net result.

In the end, buying automotive equipment for your business or project needs is a significant undertaking. However, it can prove to be a nightmare, given the fact that there are so many dealerships and brands to choose from. Fortunately, the tips above can help you narrow down your choices. If you still feel unsure about what to do, you should feel free to seek the advice of business professionals or experts.

Thief stealing a car

Car Safety: Security Tips for Your Vehicle

Thief stealing a carThe technology used in vehicle systems has advanced over the years. Unfortunately, car thieves have also become smarter. There is a high rate of car theft the world over, as burglars also keep up with emerging trends, from a passive immobilizer system to GPS-based tracking systems.

Having your car stolen or vandalized can come with a host of inconveniences. New technology can be pricey to install in your car and keep it away from jackers. But you do have other options that don’t require you to spend too much. For the most part, these only call for making smarter choices and practicing caution.

Install anti-smash and tinting film on your car windows

Installing window tint is simple way of protecting your car. In areas like Arizona, window tints are essential. The film not only blocks harmful UV rays but also keeps your valuables hidden from prying eyes. Vehicle privacy is crucial whether you’re on the road or parked somewhere.

Certain tinting films can hinder the visibility of your car’s interior, allowing you to protect valuables inside from attracting unwarranted attention. A tint can be dark from the outside and lighter from the inside so that you’re able to sVehiee everything.

In addition, car windows with tint are harder to break; the film can hold the glass together, preventing anyone from smashing your windows and getting at your valuables. The tint film could also give you enough time to act if someone tries to break your window while you’re stuck in traffic.

But before you get tint film installation, make sure you’re following the law. Car window tint laws call for a certain percent of visible light to pass through your vehicle. For front side windows on sedans, for example, Arizona requires 33 percent of visible light transmission.

Always remember to lock your car

Car locked by the ownerThieves are always ready to act in a split second. Always double check to ensure you have locked your car doors, even if you are only leaving for a few minutes. Close all windows and the sun roof, and don’t leave the key in ignition.

Cars get stolen because owners tend to leave their keys in the vehicle. A study from the National Insurance Crime Bureau reveals that most cars are broken into because they were unlocked or the keys were left inside.

Park securely

Avoid parking in remote and poorly lit areas that encourage thieves. Find well-lit areas and, if possible, park in areas with security cameras or security officers. At home, install security cameras in your parking space ad keep monitoring activities around the parking lot.

Install a car immobilizer

car immobilizer deters the car from starting if the wrong key is used. It may not stop a burglar from breaking in, but it will prevent a thief from getting away because it would take a long time to start the vehicle. Most cars come with installed immobilizers, but some models may not. If yours isn’t, consider having it installed.

You can also install anti-theft devices to help recover you car in case it is stolen.

Anyone can be a victim of car theft. Take the initiative to keep your car safe by tinting windows, locking your car, parking safely, and installing extra security systems.