Caring for Your Child After Tooth Removal

A child after a dental procedureTooth removal has developed into a routine procedure for both kids and adults. Know how to tend to your young one properly after the procedure with your family dentist here in Indianapolis. This is how you can make sure that they are comfortable and that they properly heal.

Utilize this useful guideline next time your child is expecting a visit from the tooth fairy.

Alleviate Pain and Swelling

For the first few days, expect your child to experience a little swelling and mild discomfort after they get their tooth pulled out. You can reduce these symptoms by placing a cold compress on their face for around 20 minutes. If it gets worse, get in touch with your family dentist immediately.

The Proper Diet

After a tooth extraction, ensure that your child goes through proper hydration, and only consumes healthy and soft meals for 24 hours. Do not let them drink liquids using a straw or avoid serving them hot drinks. The day after, they can begin consuming solid meals as long as they can chew it comfortably.

The next several days, remind them that they cannot chew food on the side of their mouth where they just had the tooth extracted. When your child finally feels comfortable, they can start chewing on both sides again.

Importance of Careful Cleaning

Check on your child and remind them that they should not brush close to where they just had their tooth removed for 24 hours. On the other hand, make sure that they clean their other teeth the right way. On the next day, your child can begin brushing their teeth normally, including near the extraction area.

Advise them to rinse their mouth gently with warm salted water every day to encourage healing and stop infection.

This is not the first time your child got a tooth removed, and he is looking forward for the reward from the tooth fairy every time. Ensure that you take care of him correctly this time.